Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Articles written about Dental / Dentistry topics ? Online Creative ...

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

I?m looking for a GOOD NATIVE English speaking writer to write articles for a website for a Dental Clinic. Articles must be really well written and well researched and must be [obscured] words long each.

Topics will be on things such as:
Cosmetic Dentistry
Six month smiles
Inman Aligners

I need at least 10 articles to start with up to 30 articles if you are good and I?m happy with your work and price.



Online Creative Writing Jobs a Lucrative CareerTo be able to create magic with words and then not be able to share it with the world can beyond doubt kill your spirit. I have always been inclined towards creative writing. I always liked to rhyme but I had no idea how to get paid for doing what I love. I couldn?t take up a full time job since I was taking care of my two sons. So then someone recommended that I get into online creative writing jobs. And so I did. And it worked! Now I write not just for fun but also get rewarded for it. I select my topics and put forward the ones that I am passionate about.

Online creative writing jobs have much to offer. It can range from writing rhymes for kids to articles about varied topics. It?s entirely you choice which projects to take up. I love taking up projects where I have to be creative and use my imagination to the fullest. I would like to give you a glimpse into what I love to do.

Online creative writing jobs I can let you know
Is the way to go
If you have a creative streak in you
And would like to pursue it too
Sit at home and take your time
You can do just fine
There is no hurry
Keep writing and there will be no worry

If you want to get into online creative writing and have the goods to back it up then now is the time. I would definitely call this the boom period for all kinds of online creative writing jobs. There is no dearth of employers out there all over the world looking for good creative writers to pursue online creative writing full time or part time. So if you think that you have it in you then get set and get going!


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