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IKEA stops selling all minced meat products from main supplier

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - IKEA stopped selling all minced meat products from its main supplier, two days after taking its trademark meatballs from the same Swedish supplier off menus over concerns they contained horsemeat.

The world's No. 1 furniture retailer, known also for restaurants at its huge out-of-town stores, said on Wednesday it had withdrawn Familjen Dafgard's IKEA-branded wiener sausages from stores in France, Spain, Britain, Ireland and Portugal, as well as stuffed cabbages and veal burgers in Sweden.

Tests in the Czech Republic on Monday showed a batch of meatballs from Sweden's Familjen Dafgard contained horse.

"Based on some hundred test results that we have received so far, there are a few indications of horsemeat," IKEA said in a statement. "We are now, together with our supplier and third party experts, reviewing how we can reinforce routines to avoid similar situations in the future."

A scandal erupted last month when tests in Ireland revealed some beef products contained horsemeat, triggering recalls of ready-made meals in several countries and damaging confidence in Europe's vast and complex food industry.

Familjen Dafgard is the only Swedish firm so far to confirm undeclared horse in its meat products amid the scandal. On Wednesday it said its own tests confirmed the batch tested by Czech inspectors, and three other batches, contained horse.

All these samples contained 1-10 percent horsemeat, said Lennart Nilsson, a veterinary inspector at Sweden's National Food Agency of the tests run by Familjen Dafgard.

The supplier said it was still trying to establish where its own meat suppliers had sourced the meat in the four batches.

Nilsson said Familjen Dafgard buys meat in Sweden and elsewhere in the European Union although the meat may well originate from third parties outside the union.

IKEA stopped meatball sales in stores across most of Europe, and in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and the Dominican Republic, all supplied by Sweden's Familjen Dafgard. No food sales have been stopped in IKEA stores that have other suppliers, such as in the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia and Japan.

(Reporting by Anna Ringstrom; Editing by Louise Ireland)


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Welcome to The Cascade Team Fredrick Lekanoff


  • Office Phone 425.313.4752

With a background in Real Estate Investing, I have had tremendous experience with purchasing and sales in the real estate industry in many parts of the country. When the opportunity arose to represent The Cascade Team, I jumped at the chance. The innovated marketing strategies, tools and information used are setting new trends in real estate improving how the client is always informed. This makes me very proud to be a part of a winning team that provides ?Simply Outrageous Service!?

I have a background in Real Estate Investing from owning my own real estate investing company as well as Real Estate Development. I sat on a board of directors at a very young age for an Alaska Native Corporation that specializes in property management, development, acquisitions and investing. Knowing the markets and trends from the investment level has given me a great insight to helping buyers and sellers move forward with confidence. I also have a background in mortgages and insurance. I have had to do all aspects of the real estate process from remodeling, building, contracting and selling my own properties. All this has given me great experience for handling all aspects of your needs.

With that being said, I am from a small town in Alaska known for hosting the ?Deadliest Catch? TV series called Unalaska/Dutch Harbor. I have lived in Seattle for over 15 years and I couldn?t think of a better place to call home. I spend time involved in Alaska Native politics in the region promoting growth for youth in the region and educating them on opportunities outside of the region, as well as how to contribute to their home towns. Paying it forward and helping others is an inspiration to me in all aspects of my work and it will show in how hard I work for you!

I look forward to using my experience to help you move forward in this exciting time.

Fredrick Lekanoff

Cascade Team Real Estate agents spend their time serving customers, studying the market and touring homes, so they can provide the most accurate housing market data for their client. This helps you better understand the competitive environment, pricing strategies and provides an edge in the negotiation process. In the end, you save thousands in commissions and get better service. It's what we call Simply Outrageous Service.


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Snaptee Gets $600K In Seed Funding To Turn Smartphone Users Into T-Shirt Designers

Snaptee logoWith just a few taps on the screen of your iOS device, Snaptee lets you turn your photos into a stylish graphic T-shirt. Ten thousand designs have already been created by the app's users since it went live in July and now the Hong Kong-based company's founders have secured $600,000 in seed funding from a group of Hong Kong and Singapore investors, including Yat Siu of Outblaze Management Team and Animoca, Chris Lee of 6waves, Mikaal Abdulla from 8 Securities (a Techcrunch Disrupt Beijing finalist), Singapore-based angel investor Emanuel R. Breiter and Hong Kong-based investor Tytus Michalski of Fresco Capital.


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Mamaa: Reflection of Ethnomathematics February, 20th 2013.

Rachma Hanan Tiasto


International Mathematics Education


Life is fluid, flexible and soft. Life is fluid and relative. Today you get zero point to know that zero point should not be obtained from integral, calculus, differential and etc. but from ethnomathematics you can get zero point. This proves that in the social sciences if you are not diligent to read, it will be difficult to get a good mark or score.

The element of ethnomathematics is innovative. Get zero point was fair because everything need process not instant. But everything need signs. If a person has no sign, there is no manners, there is no culture, there is no science. Signs in here is the guidelines to want to read. Then don?t ever rely on gambling or speculation. Because if you only memorized the science and not understand, it will be useless.

Ethnomathematics is mathematical contextual in ethnicity. Like street math of Theresia Nunes from San Paulo, Brazil.

Question :

1.????? Hildegradis

How teacher do implement innovative learning methods without having collided with a system- oriented education with a national exam?

Answer :

That should be innovative is yourself, which traditionally is yourself, which is your own authoritarian, democratic is yourself. And so mathematics is yourself, my students. So I will not give ethnomathematics because ethnomathematics is myself. Then each instance or use the online reference for reference. Problems got fortune that one or more of each if it endeavor.

Mathemathics should not be enforced, so please read the references or the articles on my blog. If I associate with the ideology before, mathematics is your activities, students.

So here teacher facilitate students to implement mathematics activities, here I also do ethnomathematics activities and also apllies to all sciences.

This means, whether in teaching to be seen by the minister, there should be CCTV or by the school principal. So if given two hours lesson, then use it to show who you are and based on may articles, you are the student recognition.

Education system that is not conductive to innovative, it is a test for teachers or people who have a strong vision and mission. How liberating education as an investment or education as needed. Just ask elementary school students, junior high school if they think the investment? Of course not. People who think about it are the parents, the owners of capital and etc.

2.????? Nawangwulan

What should be used to evaluate student learning outcomes, if only the national exam cause failure in these areas or in the city? In fact one can not at school graduating students. It's called complications. Our society is experiencing complications. Experiencing an anomalous situation since our society mismanagement. Why are mismanagement? ?Because the leader not think about how Indonesia next 100 years. The first president was temted to become president for his entire life, the second was temted by his children and grandchildren and etc.

President Obama when his inauguration and speech ? Hei my brother, there is still a lots of stars that you will find and they waiting you to get name?. With this speech, he directly invites people to continue to move forward. That is the difference with Indonesia. Now the condition of Indonesia is complicated. The teacher Teachers can not be trusted. Instead of teachers, officials or ministers could not be trusted. We become confused. So now we need a revolution. Required buzz from national figures who know about education, psychology and dare to continue to move forward.?

The destruction of this nation because they do not have a vision as to what Indonesia 100 years. As a result, we are struck by the progress of other nations, capitalism. Usually people who suffer are the people who live on the border or in the suburbs. We are in the estuary between Australia and Asia. This resulted in us confused or do not have a concept for building country.? Especially with the inconsistent leadership and legislative.

So the ideal school graduation should be submitted to the mechanism. Now this impressed all corruption because corrupt otherwise deemed fair.

3.????? Dyah Purboningsih

????????? What is the basic concept of ethnomathematics?

????????? What is the purpose of ethomathematics?


????????? The basic concept of ethnomathematics is contextual based on ethnicity.

????????? The purpose of the study is you can use mathematics contextually for innovative learning. Ethnomathematics self just for innovative teacher.

4.????? Venti Indiani

What is street math ?


Street math, theresia Nunes performed by observing researching ang publishing. On the street of San Paulo, Brazil apparently there are traders who use mathematics in their own way with fast and accurate result in the calculation. This is be expressed by using a case study.


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Taliban kill 17 Afghans in attack in east

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) ? Taliban insurgents poisoned and then shot to death 17 people in an overnight attack on a government-backed militia post in eastern Afghanistan, an official said Wednesday.

The militants somehow poisoned those inside the outpost, incapacitating them, before gunning them down Tuesday night, said Abdul Jamhe Jamhe, a leader of the Ghazni provincial government. The method of poisoning was unclear, he added.

The dead included 10 members of the government-backed Afghan local police, and seven of their civilian friends, said Provincial Gov. Musa Khan Akbarzada. He says there was a conspiracy of some sort but declined to confirm if poison was involved.

The lightly trained Afghan Local Police, a village-level force backed by U.S. troops and overseen by the Ministry of the Interior, is tasked with helping bring security to remote areas. But President Hamid Karzai has expressed concern that without careful vetting, the program could end up arming local troublemakers, strongmen or criminals.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack. He told The Associated Press by telephone that the attackers shot the men dead in their sleep but that no poison was involved.

In the capital, meanwhile, a suicide bomber slid under a bus full of Afghan soldiers and blew himself up, wounding 10 in an attack that underscored the insurgency's ability to hit even heavily guarded Kabul.

The man, wearing a black overcoat, approached the bus purposefully in heavy morning snow as soldiers were boarding, set down his umbrella and went under the chassis as if to fix something, according to a witness.

Watching from across the street, office worker Ahmad Shakib said he thought for a moment the man might have been a mechanic.

"I thought to myself, what is this crazy man doing? And then there was a blast and flames," that engulfed the undercarriage, he said. "It was a very loud explosion. I still cannot really hear."

Kabul police said the attack, which was the second this week, wounded at least six soldiers and four civilians. The bomber also died. Bakery owner Mirza Khan said the blast shattered the windows of his nearby shop where people were waiting to buy bread, leaving six wounded.

The Afghan government uses buses to ferry soldiers, police and office workers into the city center on regular routes for work, and the vehicles have been a common target for insurgents, who were also behind this attack.

Mujahid, the Taliban spokesman, also claimed responsibility for the Kabul bombing.

The attack comes three days after a would-be car bomber was shot dead by police in downtown Kabul. That assailant was driving a vehicle packed with explosives and officials said he appeared to be targeting an intelligence agency office.

It also comes as the U.S.-led military coalition in the country is backing off from its claim that Taliban attacks dropped in 2012, tacitly acknowledging a hole in its widely repeated argument that violence is easing and that the insurgency is in steep decline.

Some 100,000 international troops are helping secure Afghanistan at the moment, but most, including many of the 66,000 Americans, are expected to finish their withdrawal by the end of 2014.


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Pick a Bundle Lets You Choose 10 Mac Apps for $49.99

Pick a Bundle Lets You Choose 10 Mac Apps for $49.99OS X: This is a great idea for software bundles?build it yourself. Pick a Bundle gives you 30 Mac apps to choose from. Add any ten to your cart and buy them all for $49.99 (so, $5 each). Music and system utilities, web development tools, games, and other types of apps are featured here.

Although the selection isn't loaded with the most popular Mac apps, there are many useful and well-regarded apps available, such as volume-boosting Boom (normally $6.99), musical alarm clock and timer Awaken (normally $6.99), and desktop personal finance tool MoneyWell (normally $49.99). If you're a web developer/designer, you can grab visual design tool Flux for a fraction of its $144.99 retail price or Rapidweaver, also heavily discounted from $79.99.

Head over to the sale to check out the full list. Note that the promotion ends on March 18th.

Pick a Bundle


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What else could I write? I don?t have the right. (Unqualified Offerings)

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'Sequester' on president's agenda at meeting with governors

President Barack Obama on Monday is expected to implore the nation's governors to put pressure on Congress to avoid the sequester as Obama speaks to the nation's governors at the White House.

Members of the Obama administration, heads of federal agencies and others have been issuing severe warnings to Congress regarding the sequester-- $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts that will go into effect March 1 absent a budget. Warnings have been released threatening fewer responders to handle wildfires, reduced food safety inspection, less help for vulnerable Americans and on Friday, widespread flight delays and cancellations.

"Travelers should expect delays. Flights to major cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco and others could experience delays up to 90 minutes during peak hours, because we have fewer controllers on staff. Delays in these major airports will ripple across the country," Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told reporters at Friday's White House press briefing after announcing that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) plans massive furloughs and closing air traffic control towers if the sequester goes into effect.

The White House on Sunday night released state-by-state reports detailing what they say would be "devastating" impacts on each state as a result of the sequester, but the?topic of the sequester was notably absent from Obama's speech Sunday night to the governors, who are in town for the National Governors Association's (NGA) annual winter meeting.

Instead, the president at the White House dinner struck an appreciative tone, commending the governors for steering their states through tough times.

Democratic Gov. Jack Markell of Delaware, chair of the NGA, followed Obama's address Sunday night by emphasizing the absence of politics from the night's celebration. "On this one night it?s a relief -- politics doesn?t drive the conversation. We don?t speak of partisan issues or presidential aspirations," Markell said.

But Markell did note the sequester.

"One thing for sure is certain -- you don?t let issues fester.? You get to deal with education and health care, and even the sequester," Markell said to laughter and applause from the audience.

Republicans such as Speaker John Boehner have publicly stated their opposition to the sequester, though others have threatened they are willing to let it go into effect.

Some Republicans over the weekend continued to accuse the administration of exaggerating the sequester's impact.

"They have plenty of flexibility in terms of discretion on how they spend money. There are easy ways to cut this money that the American people will never feel," Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma said on Fox News Sunday.

The president is slated to address the governors at 11:05 a.m. ET from the White House State Dining Room. Vice President Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama and Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden are also scheduled to speak.


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Why can't Washington compromise? They're too human

WASHINGTON (AP) ? Turns out politicians are people, too, only worse.

Just ask pros who make their living in the trenches of everyday human drama such as divorce, family feuds or schoolyard scraps. They recognize in Washington's bitter budget standoff a hint of human nature as they know it, but with the crazy pumped up to absurd levels.

"We're seeing middle school behavior here," says Barbara Coloroso, who crusades against childhood bullying. Psychologist Piers Steel, an expert on procrastination, says Congress has the worst case of it he's seen. Divorce attorney Sanford Ain's assessment is blunter: "It's nuts!"

A sampling of conflict-savvy professionals and scholars interviewed by The Associated Press finds dismay that the nation is in political stalemate after two years of showdowns and near-misses for the economy. Not that these they have any easy solutions, either.

Some dream of locking up President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner. R-Ohio, together until the nation's tax and spending issues are settled.

"That's my fantasy: To go into a room and tell them what to do, right or wrong, and make them do it," said Marvin McIntyre, a prominent financial adviser in the District of Columbia who writes political novels on the side.

With lawmakers and the president on the brink of yet another compromise-or-else deadline Friday, the nonpoliticians shared their take on the all-too-human behavior in Washington.

Historian Altina Waller is reminded of the Hatfields and McCoys. Of course, she would be: Waller's an authority on the deadly 19th century feud.

Despite the myth, the Hatfield-McCoy conflict wasn't primarily about clan hatred, Waller said, and she doesn't think today's acrimony between Republicans and Democrats is fully explained by partisanship or ideology.

The Appalachian feud grew out of economic anxiety as farming declined and logging and coal moved in, she said. These days, Democrats and Republicans worry about the economy and the loss of American jobs and influence to foreign competition, and blame each other.

"Like the Hatfields and McCoys," Waller said, "they are personalizing a problem brought about by larger economic forces."

Coloroso, author of "The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander," sees too many politicians acting like the mean girl who taunts unpopular classmates in the cafeteria.

"Bullying is about contempt for the other person," Coloroso said. "Do you see how that fits with some of the people in Congress? Utter contempt, bullying, wanting to bring somebody down. You cannot resolve a major issue like a budget with name-calling, with disdain for the person you're supposed to be working with."

Ain says the political fight illustrates something he's learned in 40 years of striving to keep family law cases amicable: "If you have extreme views and won't compromise, you can't get anything done. It's going to go to war."

Yet a sudden switch to civility will not guarantee that tough decisions get made.

Human brains are wired to put off the unpleasant, says "The Procrastination Equation" author Steel.

We postpone starting a diet, put off going to the gym, keep meaning to write those thank-you notes. Congress members are masters of this.

"They're pretty much the worst, hands down, of any group we ever investigated," said Steel, who has researched procrastination for more than a decade. "They're worse than college students."

What finally gets people moving? A deadline. The paper must be written to pass the class. The house is tidied because company's coming. The expense report is finished because the boss demands it by 5 p.m.

So it makes sense to set deadlines for solving the nation's pressing fiscal problems. Only it isn't working.

Congress and the White House have lurched from the brink of default or government shutdown or "fiscal cliff" to the next potentially disastrous deadline, this time automatic budget cuts known as the "sequester." They've only achieved temporary fixes without resolving the big disagreements over the deficit, taxes and Medicare and Social Security spending. Obama calls it "drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next."

Why aren't the deadlines working?

Pushing the limits isn't always procrastination; sometimes it's strategy.

Negotiation expert Robert Mnookin points to labor disputes resolved just before the strike deadline and lawsuits settled on the courthouse steps on the eve of trial. Bargainers tend to play "chicken" like two drivers speeding toward each other in hopes the other will swerve first.

"It's often believed that you won't be able to extract the very best concession from the other side unless you are on the brink of something that's very bad," said Mnookin, chairman of Harvard's Program on Negotiation and author of "Bargaining with the Devil."

Both the Republicans and Democrats have die-hards pushing to keep charging ahead.

"It's a hugely dangerous game to play," Mnookin warns, "because people aren't always rational in their behavior."

What happens if Democrats and Republicans collide head-on this time? Some $85 billion in automatic federal budget cuts over the next seven months, with more in following years.

Obama says that would weaken the military, disrupt programs Americans rely on, eliminate jobs and weaken the economy. Boehner calls it "an ugly and dangerous way" to reduce spending. These cuts were designed to be so distasteful that politicians would agree on more rational budget-cutting to stop them.

But there's another way out. Lawmakers and Obama could agree to block the cuts, before or after they kick in, and once again postpone making big fiscal decisions that might cost some of them re-election.

That's a problem with artificial deadlines: They're hard to enforce.

Economist Christopher Kingston, whose research ranges from 19th century dueling to modern game theory, says what lawmakers need is a strong "commitment device." He cites the story of William the Conqueror burning his ships after his invading army landed in England, ensuring his soldiers couldn't retreat.

A less reliable commitment device: A shopaholic cutting up his credit cards. That works unless he gets new ones and start running up debt again.

"It's really hard to create a commitment device artificially, particularly if you don't have an external power that's going to enforce it," said Kingston, an associate professor at Amherst College.

Congress and the president have no judge, no referee, no board of directors. Washington won't hear from the voters again for two years, and even then the message may be unclear.

With human nature against them, how can politicians escape gridlock?

A few tips from the pros:

?Shock them with kindness. "Try to do something unexpectedly nice for the other side," advises Ain, and your surprised opponent may reciprocate.

?Avoid the "zero-sum" trap. Just because something is good for one side doesn't mean it's bad for the other. "There are all kinds of deals that the president and the Congress could make that would be better for the economy and the nation as a whole and in that sense would benefit them all," Mnookin says.

?Get a mediator. Maybe the special 2011 deficit committee could have reached agreement with the help of a trusted outsider. It's worth a try, Ain says, because "that works in major litigation and all sorts of situations."

?Shame the bullies. If politicians denounced their fellow party members who display contempt for the other side, Coloroso says, it would squelch the mocking tone.

America's citizens also are mostly silent bystanders right now, the author said.

"What are we going to do about it?" she asked. "Do we just stand by and shrug our shoulders?"


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OPTiM outs wireless smartphone-to-smartphone screen sharing and remote control app for Android

OPTiM outs wireless smartphonetosmartphone screen sharing and remote control app for Android

One of the more notable features of BlackBerry 10 is built-in screensharing, but here in Barcelona at MWC 2013, OPTiM has just one-upped Waterloo with a new app for Android. It not only lets users share screens, but it also allows them to remotely control devices over WiFi. Called Optia for Android, it works with handsets running Android 2.3 and up, and has a built-in chat function for facilitating communication while screensharing. Naturally, the app's a boon to IT pros who manage devices from afar, but it should also prove useful for helping you teach mom and dad how to use the fancy new smartphones you got them for Christmas. The app's currently free from Google Play, though only for a limited time. Head on past the break for a video of Optia in action, and you can grab the app at the source link below.

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Source: Google Play Store


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Afghanistan: US special forces must leave province

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) ? Afghanistan's president ordered all U.S. special forces to leave a strategically important eastern province within two weeks because of allegations that Afghans working with them are torturing and abusing other Afghans.

The decision Sunday seems to have surprised the coalition and U.S. Forces Afghanistan, a separate command. Americans have frequently angered the Afghan public over issues ranging from Qurans burned at a U.S. base to allegations of civilian killings.

"We take all allegations of misconduct seriously and go to great lengths to determine the facts surrounding them," the U.S. forces said in a statement.

Also Sunday, a series of attacks in eastern Afghanistan showed insurgents remain on the offensive even as U.S. and other international forces prepare to end their combat mission by the end of 2014.

Suicide bombers targeted Afghanistan's intelligence agency and other security forces in four coordinated attacks in the heart of Kabul and outlying areas in a bloody reminder of the insurgency's reach nearly 12 years into the war.

Presidential spokesman Aimal Faizi said the decision to order the American special forces to leave Wardak province was taken during a meeting of the National Security Council because of the alleged actions of Afghans who are considered linked to the U.S. special forces.

He said all special forces operations were to cease immediately in the restive province next to Kabul, which is viewed as a gateway to the capital and has been the focus of counterinsurgency efforts in recent years.

The Taliban have staged numerous attacks against U.S.-led coalition forces in the province. In August 2011, insurgents shot down a Chinook helicopter, killing 30 American troops, mostly elite Navy SEALs, in Wardak. The crash was the single deadliest loss for U.S. forces in the war.

Afghan forces have taken the lead in many such special operations, especially so-called night raids.

"Those Afghans in these armed groups who are working with the U.S. special forces, the defense minister asked for an explanation of who they are," Faizi said. "Those individuals should be handed over to the Afghan side so that we can further investigate."

A statement the security council issued in English said the armed individuals have allegedly been "harassing, annoying, torturing and even murdering innocent people."

Ceasing all such operations could have a negative impact on the coalition's campaign to go after Taliban leaders and commanders, who are usually the target of such operations.

Faizi said the issue had already been brought up with the coalition.

The U.S. statement said only that the announcement was "an important issue that we intend to fully discuss with our Afghan counterparts. But until we have had a chance to speak with senior Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan officials about this issue, we are not in a position to comment further."

The brazen assaults, which occurred within a three-hour timespan, were the latest to strike Afghan forces, who have suffered higher casualties this year as U.S. and other foreign troops gradually take a back seat and shift responsibility for security to the government.

The deadliest attack occurred just after sunrise ? a suicide car bombing at the gate of the National Directorate of Security compound in Jalalabad, 125 kilometers (78 miles) east of Kabul.

Guards shot and killed the driver but he managed to detonate the explosives-packed vehicle, killing two intelligence agents and wounding three others, according to a statement by the intelligence agency. Provincial government spokesman Ahmad Zia Abdulzai confirmed the casualty toll and said the building was damaged in the attack.

A guard also shot and killed a man in an SUV filled with dynamite that was targeting an NDS building on a busy street in Kabul, not far from NATO headquarters. The explosives in the back of the vehicle were defused. Blood stained the driver's seat and the ground where security forces dragged out the would-be attacker.

Shortly before the Jalalabad attack, a suicide attacker detonated a minivan full of explosives at a police checkpoint in Pul-i-Alam on the main highway between Kabul and Logar province. One policeman was killed and two others were wounded, along with a bystander, according to the NDS.

Also in Logar province, which is due south of Kabul, a man wearing a suicide vest was stopped by police as he tried to force his way into the police headquarters for Baraki Barak district, said Din Mohammad Darwesh, the provincial government spokesman. The attacker detonated his vest while being searched, wounding one policeman, according to Darwesh and the NDS.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the Jalalabad attack and two others in the eastern province of Logar in an email to reporters. He did not address the attempted assault in Kabul.


Associated Press writers Heidi Vogt, Rahim Faiez and Kim Gamel contributed to this report.


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Sports ? Fans hurt as crash mars NASCAR race


A frightening, fiery crash sent Kyle Larson?s car airborne and debris spinning into the stands injured dozens of race fans Saturday at the NASCAR stock car Nationwide Series season-opener.

Joie Chitwood, president of Daytona International Speedway, said 14 injured fans had been transported from the circuit for treatment at local hospitals and 14 more were treated at the track?s medical facility.

He said he could not confirm reports that at least two people were seriously hurt and that one was taken immediately for surgery.

?It?s not appropriate for me to comment on that,? Chitwood said in a press conference held at the circuit some three hours after the wreck.

Various media reports put the number of injured at more than 30, with ESPN reporting that one adult had life-threatening head trauma and a 14-year-old was in critical but not life-threatening condition in hospital.

The wreck, which occurred almost as Tony Stewart was taking the checkered flag for victory, began when race leader Regan Smith turned sideways and a dozen cars bunched behind him.

?My fault,? admitted Smith. ?I threw a block.?

Larson, a Japanese-American driver who was making his first start in NASCAR?s second-tier series, was launched into the catch-fencing.

?I was getting pushed from behind, and by the time my spotter said, ?Lift,? it was too late,? said Larson, who was able to climb out of what remained of his vehicle.

?I had some flames come in the cockpit. I was alright and could get out of the car quickly. It was definitely a big hit.?

Larson?s car tore a hole in the fence separating the track from the stands. His engine sheared off with at least one tire and other debris flying into the grandstand.

?I looked in the mirror and that?s the worst image I?ve ever seen in a race in my life,? Stewart said.

A fan who identified himself only as ?Tyler? sent amateur video to ESPN and spoke with the sports network about the scary scene.

?I saw a tire about 10 feet from me, just a row above me with a man under it and people yelling for help,? he said in a telephone interview.

?Our prayers and thoughts are with everybody they are working on,? NASCAR President Mike Helton said of those being treated by medical personnel.

None of the drivers involved in the crash was injured, but driver Michael Annett was hospitalized with chest bruising after hitting a safety barrier in an earlier crash in the race.

?We?ve always known since racing started this is a dangerous sport,? a subdued Stewart said. ?As much as we want to celebrate, I?m more concerned about the fans and the drivers right now.?

Chitwood said speedway and NASCAR officials responded appropriately and according to their safety protocols, with emergency personnel in place and able to begin work promptly.

Steve O?Donnell, NASCAR?s senior vice president for racing operations, said the entire incident would be reviewed to see what, if any, changes could be made to improve safety.

Until then, he declined to speculate on what went wrong or right.

?We need to take the time to really study it and see what we can improve on,? O?Donnell said.

The race came on the eve of the season-opening event in NASCAR?s top-flight Sprint Cup series, the Daytona 500.

Both O?Donnell and Chitwood said they expected Sunday?s race to start on schedule.

?We expect to go racing tomorrow with no changes,? Chitwood said.

Danica Patrick will start the Daytona 500 from pole position after becoming the first woman to top qualifying for a NASCAR race.

Patrick had also picked up a ride for Saturday?s race, driving for Turner Scott Motorsports. She suffered engine failure early on and wasn?t involved in the late-race chaos.

? 2013 AFP


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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mathematics After The Fall ? Blog Archive ? Relentless Pursuit

Unlike the fall 2012 reading list, Perspectives from the Age, my spring 2013 reading list concentrates on two groups I find generally positive: Teach For America and Knowledge is Power Program. I think they practice social justice. As those two words, ?social justice?, mean very different things to different people, I should state my interpretation. I believe in the Roman Catholic definition, unsurprisingly, in the tradition of Rerum Novarum. I own a book of selections by Monsignor John Augustine Ryan, PhD, whose 1906 doctoral dissertation was published as A Living Wage. I don?t think my dissertation of teacher knowledge of conditional probability will have anywhere near that influence, by the way. It?s a different age. And I wonder what the Occupy movement would say if they knew the development of their term, which didn?t just burst forth from John Rawls? head like Athena from Zeus.

The first book, Relentless Pursuit by Donna Foote, is about Teach For America, which burst forth from the mind of Wendy Kopp, Princeton class of 1989. The book includes history, which can be found elsewhere. I want to focus on the original material of the text, the chronicle of Locke High School in Los Angeles. Originally built in 1967, by 2005 things had degenerated to the point where three employees had full time jobs painting over graffiti taggers (p. 92). About two-thirds of students were Black and one-third Hispanic, with major racial tension.
The main story focuses on four TFA teachers during the first year, Rachelle, Phillip, Hrag, and Taylor, plus their TFA supervisor Samir. Other people, including principal Dr. Frank Wells, also appear in the narrative. The TFA college graduates were part of the 12% accepted in 2005 from an applicant pool that included 8% or more of the students from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, and Amherst. Looking through my book notes, there are a lot of small records:

  • TFA has a belief-based structure like the army or missionary work. Teachers comprise the Corps, for example. There are lots of acronyms.
  • TFA engages in corporate style marketing. They advertised Millenial style like ?An Army of One?, with lots of pictures of TFA Corps members in classrooms. Then they switched to look a little less corporate, because their surveys pointed to desires for positive impact and ?giving back? along with challenge and personal growth. Potential corps members worried about their own ability, TFA?s organization, and individual issues of lack of money and sidetracking their own careers.
  • TFA members tended towards Battlefield relationships, including Ms. Kopp, who married a founding staff member at TFA. Rachelle begins to date another Locke teacher. Taylor and Hrag become at least BFFs, if not FWBs. (Internet slang counteracts my earlier reference to Rerum Novarum.)
  • Principal Wells thought that 35% of the teachers at Locke did not have the skills to be in a classroom, as cited on page 211. Even worse, better teachers tended to leave Locke for safer, better organized environments. The book describes one group?s departure for a Green Dot charter school. Students cried. Locke got worse. Green Dot charters took over the school three years later, in 2008. According to recent news, things have improved relative to other nearby poor schools, but overall achievement remains low.
  • Samir, as TFA supervisor, has a cold unsupportive demeanor with his charges. He definitely followed the word of Matt Kramer, former McKinsey consultant and eventual TFA President. On page 189, Kramer downplays being nice: ?Civility and humility are there, but that?s not the same thing as nice. Nice is saying it matters more how people feel than how they perform, and whether they deliver results. ? It?s not about you, it?s about delivering results. You don?t let your personal emotions get in the way of results.?
  • Sharita?s story on pages 159 and 160, well, is bleak. Cold cold bleakness. ?The earth may just as well have opened up and swallowed her whole.? I?ve reached a point in life, through personal effort, that I don?t show outward effects from such tales. That doesn?t mean I ignore them.

After reading this book, I realized that the Teach for America organization and I do not share a vision of social justice. I detest the term ?give something back? because it implies that TFA Corps members do not share community with those around Locke High. That?s not the preferential option for the poor; that?s not the righteous of Matthew 25.

I don?t oppose Teach for America, unlike much of the ?Educational Community?. The book mentions Linda Darling-Hammond, now at Stanford. Reading her writing, it makes me happier that I didn?t apply to Stanford. In her 1994 argument against TFA, she claims ?in 1990 graduates of teacher education programs had higher levels of academic achievement than the average college graduate.? (Phi Delta Kappan, September 1994, p. 24) Evaluating evidence becomes crucial. Looking at footnote 17 on page 34, support comes from one study, where ?50% of newly qualified teachers earned a grade-point average of 3.25 or better, as compared to 40% of all graduates.? What?s insufficient about this claim?

I?ll go watch a Harlem Shake meme video to give you 30 seconds.

Grade-point averages are set by faculty. They?re not comparable across departments or schools. I have little idea how an education faculty member awards an A, though I suspect it?s at a much lower level than how Statistics, Mathematics, and other Science faculty do.

TFA was making the same error, as described on page 294. They defined mastery as 80% scores on teacher-developed and teacher-scored exams. I could make and score a test where almost everyone got 80%, or I could make and score a test where almost nobody got 80%. Neither shows much of anything. TFA eventually decided to determine performance against state tests, a metric outsiders could evaluate.
TFA administration showed other instances of improvement. For instance, this book shows how new teachers suffered from lack of support. They were not given lesson plans or much lesson guidance. After complaints, new teachers now receive toolkits and curriculum binders. As Ms. Foote writes on page 326, ?New CMs were still being taught how to fish; the difference was, now they were being served some, too.? This helped address one of TFA?s problems, the lack of experience of its members. It wasn?t a permanent solution, though.

Perhaps the most important quote comes from TFA dropout Dave, on page 140. ?The TFA lifestyle is not sustainable,? he said as he left Locke to return closer to his betrothed after several months with four class preps. It?s not. It?s a stopgap to address the severe lack of teachers in bad areas, particularly in math and science. Unsurprisingly, the book notes that TFA had no problem placing people in math and science positions, but much more resistance in the over-staffed and academically easier elementary ranks.
An ideal world doesn?t need Teach For America. Monsignor Ryan?s world doesn?t, given the Catholic church?s extensive education structure. Maybe even Linda Darling-Hammond?s world doesn?t. But that?s not the current world, and as long as persons capable of high school math want to sign up, even for a little while, I want groups like TFA to find places to use them. For a potential longer term solution, perhaps my next topic, KIPP, will yield an answer.


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Jeter resumes on-field running drills in Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) ? Yankees captain Derek Jeter has practiced on-field running and agility drills for the first time since breaking his ankle last fall.

Jeter worked out at Steinbrenner Field on Saturday with players that didn't travel for the Yankees' spring training opener against Atlanta.

The 38-year-old broke his left ankle lunging for a grounder in the AL championship series opener against Detroit on Oct. 1 and had surgery a week later. He expects to be ready for opening day against Boston on April 1.

Jeter had a resurgent season in 2012, leading the American League with 216 hits and batting .316 with 15 homers and 58 RBIs. He first injured his ankle in mid-September and fouled balls off his foot several times after that.


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Oscars 2013: Meet The Presenters

Kristen Stewart, Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will take the stage at the Academy Awards.
By Amy Wilkinson

Kristen Stewart
Photo: Getty Images


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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Southwest Florida Food & Wine Fest in full swing

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Obama, Japan's PM signal solidarity on N. Korea

President Barack Obama shakes hands with Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Friday, Feb. 22, 2013. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

President Barack Obama shakes hands with Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Friday, Feb. 22, 2013. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

President Barack Obama meets with Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Friday, Feb. 22, 2013. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, center, arrives at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013. The Japanese prime minister is meeting President Barack Obama on Friday. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrives at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013. The Japanese prime minister will meet with President Barack Obama on Friday. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, arrives at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013. The Japanese prime minister will meet with President Barack Obama on Friday. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

(AP) ? Signaling solidarity, President Barack Obama and Japan's new prime minister said Friday that North Korea's recent nuclear provocations would not be tolerated and pledged to seek strong action against the isolated nation.

Following an Oval Office meeting, Obama said he and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were united in their "determination to takes strong actions" in response to North Korea's nuclear test launch earlier this month.

Abe, speaking through a translator, said the two leaders have agreed to deal "resolutely" with North Korea.

"We just cannot tolerate the actions of North Korea, such as launching missiles and conducting nuclear tests," said Abe, adding that the two leaders also agreed to push for tougher U.N. Security Council sanctions against North Korea.

Other regional tensions in Asia served as the backdrop for Friday's meetings, most notably Japan's dispute with China over the Japanese-administered Senkaku islands.

The dispute flared after Tokyo nationalized some of the islands in September. China also claims the tiny islands, which it calls Diaoyu. It has stepped up patrols into what Japan considers its territorial waters, heightening concern that a conflict could be sparked. The tensions highlight the rivalry between China, the world's second-largest economy, and Japan, which is the third.

Tokyo accused China last month of locking weapons-guiding radar on a Japanese destroyer and a helicopter, in what it viewed as a dangerous escalation. Beijing accused Tokyo of fabricating the reports to smear China.

The U.S. has treaty obligations to help Japan in the event of a conflict, obligations Abe said were a stabilizing factor in ensuring peace and stability in the region. He pledged that Japan would continue to deal with the China dispute in a calm manner.

Abe is the latest in a revolving door of Japanese prime ministers, underscoring the Asian nation's prolonged economic malaise. He is the fifth prime minister since Obama took office.

Friday's meeting was an opportunity for the U.S. to gauge Tokyo's intent to join negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a regionwide free trade pact being pushed by Washington. Abe held back from such a commitment, which is opposed by most of his party and Japan's small but politically powerful farming lobby, at least until after key elections in July for the upper house.

In a joint statement following the meeting, the two leaders agreed to continue their talks about Japan's "possible interest" in joining the trade pact, known as the TPP. But they agreed that concerns remained, particularly with respect to the automotive and insurance sectors.

The newly elected Japanese leader is a nationalist and a keen advocate of stronger relations with Washington, which have assumed more importance for Tokyo. It has locked horns in recent months with emerging power China over the control of unoccupied islands in the resource-rich seas between them.

Abe, who arrived Thursday afternoon and will depart early Saturday, had been anxious for the meeting since a convincing election victory in December returned him to power for his second stint as prime minister. He had resigned for health reasons in 2007 after serving for one year.

The U.S. partnership with Japan, which hosts about 50,000 American forces, is an enduring one and a cornerstone of Washington's Asia policy, but establishing a personal rapport between leaders has been difficult.

Abe's market-pleasing moves to stimulate Japan's economy ? dubbed 'Abenomics' ? have fueled hope of a recovery and were expected to be featured in a policy speech he was to deliver at a Washington think tank Friday after his meeting and working lunch with Obama at the White House.

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Loyola University Maryland for Firefox

This is a Firefox and Google Chrome theme especially designed for serious Greyhound fans. It brings all the latest news from Loyola athletics and it integrates with Twitter and Facebook.

The Loyola University Maryland add-on is designed to work with the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers.

This add-on does not require a browser restart.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

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Aus Hilfe_ProMan

Satellite tv or satellite television is television delivered through orbiting communications satellites located 37,000 km above the earth's surface.

cardsharing server - The initial satellite tv signal was relayed from Europe for your Telstar satellite over The united states in 1962. The initial domestic United states of america satellite to carry television was Canada's Anik 1, which has been launched in 1973.

Satellite TV, like other communications relayed by satellite, starts with a transmitting satellite antenna in an uplink facility. Uplink satellite dishes are targeted at the satellite what has signals will probably be transmitted to, and they are large, up to 9 to 12 meters (Thirty to forty feet) in diameter. The greater the dish, the harder accurate positioning and improved signal reception around the satellite. It signals is transmitted to devices located on-board the satellite called transponders, which retransmit the satellite signal back towards the Earth using a different frequency.

The satellite signal, quite weak after traveling through space, is collected with a parabolic receiving dish, which reflects the weak signal for that dish's center point and it is received, down-converted to some lower frequency band and amplified by way of a device known as a low-noise block down converter, or LNB.

A whole new kind of satellite antenna, that won't utilize a directed parabolic dish and can be utilized on a mobile platform say for example a vehicle, was recently announced through the University of Waterloo. On popularly known as car satellite system.

The tv signal, now amplified, travels to some satellite television receiver box through coaxial cable (RG-6 or RG-10; can't be standard RG-59) and is also converted using a local oscillator to the L-band array of frequencies (approximately). Special on-board electronics inside the receiver box help tune the signal then convert it having a frequency a standard television could use.

As you known, tv business in Usa are generally covered with two companies, Dish Network and DirecTV. If you wish to get yourself a satellite television on pc in your house, your options mostly are restricted to the disposable tv packages that made available from each one Dish Network or DirecTV.

This can be a quick take on United states tv industry: Hughes's DirecTV, the first high-powered DBS system, went online in 1994 called the first Us DBS service. In 1996, Echostar's Dish Network went online in the united states and possesses gone to similar success.


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The Union Minister for Culture, Smt. Chandresh Kumari Katoch lighting the lamp to inaugurate an exhibition ?The World of Khusrau?, in New Delhi on February 22, 2013.

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Clive James on the week's TV: Africa, Nashville and Spiral

The Americans have gone stark crazy for Downton Abbey but have they ever seen Gosford Park? In most cases, probably not: it is an old movie by now. But as well as the best thing by Julian Fellowes, it was the best thing by its director, Robert Altman.

Fans of Altman might say that his best thing was the movie Nashville, but I don?t believe they are right. It had too many strikes against it. Too many of its singing stars couldn?t sing; and the script was such an approximate mess that it referred to the British Broadcasting Company. Watching the movie again, you can easily believe that Altman was later responsible for Pr?t-?-Porter, a dismal example of taking a riveting real-life subject (the Paris fashion industry) and removing every rivet. It was transcendentally lousy. How did the same director ever make Gosford Park?

As we ponder these questions, the Nashville theme has returned as a TV serial called Nashville (Channel Four). Prodigies of invention in that choice of title: but, irony aside, it looks like being a winner. The knock-down, drag-out, lions-hunting-wildebeest ruthlessness of the country music business is well brought out on two levels. On the level of the upper echelon executives, a phalanx of hard-faced bean-counters have their pace set for them by corporate mogul Powers Boothe, who will obviously do for this show what Larry Hagman did for Dallas: i.e. provide a pitiless set of bared teeth.

On the level of performance, the top singer Rayna (Connie Britton) must ward off the challenge from upstart Juliette (Hayden Panettierre). After 21 years at the peak, Rayna has now been offered the choice of opening for Juliette on the next tour or else being dropped by the label. Rayna?s perhaps inadvisable line of defence depends on reiterating that she has spent all these years as a headliner. Thus she goes on reminding everybody of the truth: she is too old.

Blatantly sexy in a way too often reminiscent of Madonna in mating mode, her rival Juliette is not too old. She is very young, and very twisted, with a juice-head of a mother screaming down the other end of the phone. But the apparently dew-fresh Juliette can afford to make every possible mistake. Rayna has to do everything right.

Rayna is a a bit of a Shania Twain type, but Connie Britton?s performance would be easier for the viewer to appreciate if she really could sing like Shania Twain. Still and all, this is good stuff, and you can easily see why it was such a hit in America. To see why Downtown Abbey was such a hit in America, you have to realise that they long for a story full of social nuances, provided that the nuances are underlined.

There?s nothing subtle about Spiral (BBC Four), but nor is there a mystery about why, in its fourth season, it has become such a hit. No more nuanced than the Arc de Triomphe falling on your head, it?s got subtitles like the Scandinavians, it?s got pace like the Americans, and above all it?s got the violence and corruption of every French policier story since that marvellous movie La Balance.

In La Balance everyone was for sale, and so it is here, with the possible exception of the heroine, Laure (Catherine Proust), who doesn?t bend the law except to catch the bad guys. For this season, the leading bad guy is a lethal young twerp called Thomas, a version of Andreas Baader dipped in slime. Can nothing rescue the adorable Sophie from his clutches? After all, Sophie has done nothing except help a few psychopaths build and deliver a bomb.

Perhaps the sharp lawyer Josephine Karlsson (Audrey Fleurot) will help Laure to straighten everything out. Not that Josephine doesn?t need straightening out herself. Tall, red-headed and with a startling bosom, she is a reminder that the French often do sex quite well, even in the crime context. Every male character in the cast is switched on by Josephine. I speak as one of the male viewers who is switched on by Laure. It?s her basic integrity that gets me in. She has a tendency, however, to pose with her mouth. I think it?s called a moue, or is that a cow?

At the Bafta Awards (BBC One), deftly hosted by Stephen Fry at Covent Garden, Quentin Tarantino and Ben Affleck proved that neither owns a bow-tie. Haven?t they been watching Downton Abbey?

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