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Sorrentino's Next Film to be Set in Rome; Could Feature Angelina Jolie

ROME ? Paolo Sorrentino, who won two Cannes jury prizes in the last five years and whose last film, This Must Be the Place, was his first project set outside Italy, will return to Rome for his next project, which he says will feature Angelina Jolie in a small role.

Sorrentino is the 42-year-old Neapolitan director behind Il Divo, the film that told the story of Italy?s polarizing political icon Giulio Andreotti, which won the Cannes jury prize in 2008. He followed with This Must Be the Place, which starred Sean Penn as an ageing rocker out to avenge the man who revealed that his father had been a Nazi and won Cannes? Ecumenical Jury prize in 2011.

Two earlier Sorrentino films, Amico di Famiglia (Family Friend) from 2006 and Le Conseguenze dell?amore (The Consequences of Love) from 2004 also screened in competition in Cannes.

Sorrentinto said his next film, La grande bellezza (The Great Beauty), will be set in Rome. The film, which he said will have a cameo role for Jolie, will star Toni Servillo, who will play a La Dolce Vita-style reporter. It is tentatively scheduled for release in 2013, though it is not clear whether it will be finished in time to become Sorrentino's fifth consecutive film to screen in competition in Cannes. ?

The film will be Servillo?s third collaboration with Sorrentino: he played a small role in Conseguenze dell?amore and played the central role of Andreotti in Il Divo.



Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/awards/~3/m2J0IUhLkH0/sorrentinos-next-film-be-set-355798

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The mighty Kuratas gets assembled on video

DNP Kuratas

It'll cost you $1.35 million to own one, but putting together a Kuratas isn't any easier. The latest video of the monstrous mech shows it being transported and assembled. That means flatbeds, cranes and a whole lot of socket wrenches. Of course, at the end of the day, you've got a 13-foot tall robot you can climb inside. Certainly puts that Ikea bookshelf project into perspective, huh?

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Clash of the titans, day one: Apple and Samsung patent dispute lands in U.S. court

Samsung versus Apple

Apple's epic case against Samsung for allegedly copying the iPhone and iPad finally hits a U.S. court room today. What's at stake for both companies, and what does it mean for other smartphones and tablets?

After more than two years of conflict and a myriad of lawsuits, hearings, and injunction proceedings spanning several continents, Apple?s legal battle against Samsung ? and, implicitly, against nearly the entire Android ecosystem ? gets underway today in a U.S. federal courtroom in San Jose before Judge Lucy H. Koh. The process starts with the selection of a 10-person jury, to be followed by a complicated presentation of evidence that?s expected to take a month or more.

Apple is seeking some $2.5 billion in damages from alleged infringement of its patents and designs. If Apple wins, that award would be the largest patent infringement damages award in U.S. history ? and the judge could triple that figure if she finds Samsung engaged in willful misconduct.

Damages aside, the case could be a turning point for the industry. If Apple prevails, it bolsters claims by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs that Android is a ?stolen product? and puts the company in a commanding position to extract settlements from other players in the Android industry. Even Google may find itself targeted. If Samsung prevails, it?ll mark another instance where Apple disrupts an industry with an innovative product, only to find other companies borrowing many significant elements ? and not paying Apple a dime.

How we got here

Apple and Samsung are already?suing each other in courtrooms around the world. The specifics of each case vary with the patents the companies have on file in each jurisdiction as well as with local law. However, the guts of the cases are similar: Apple accuses Samsung of more-or-less copying its iPhone and iPad products outright; Samsung says that while Apple may have refined the work of others, there?s nothing unique about Apple?s designs. Further, Samsung insists Apple is actually infringing on its technology patents.

As this U.S. case goes to trial, Apple is asserting Samsung violates seven patents related to user interface and trade dress. Samsung asserts Apple is violating five patents, two of which are standards-essential 3G patents.

Apple?s position

Apple?s claims take two forms. One set involves violating specific Apple patents on user interface and technology elements. An example would be the ?rubberbanding? feature that bounces content on an iPhone or iPad to show a user they?ve reached the end (or beginning) of content. Apple?s other set of claims center on design elements, or what?s often called ?trade dress? ? the way a product looks and is even packaged.

On the interface front, Apple asserts Samsung infringes on patents covering the overscroll ?bounce? above, as well as a scrolling API that controls the behaviors of frames in a screen. Apple also asserts Samsung is violating an Apple patent covering covering the use of taps to zoom and navigate content that Apple introduced with the first iPhone. It?s worth noting that Samsung has already shifted away from some of these alleged infringements. For instance, when you overscroll on a current Samsung device, you just get a blue highlight. No bounce.

Apple - Samsung phones before and after iPhone

Apple bases some of its damages estimates on violation of these user interface elements, but the bulk of Apple?s claims against Samsung actually rests on those aesthetic design and ?trade dress? issues. Apple says Samsung ?slavishly? copied many of the visual and design elements of the iPhone and iPad design, ranging from specific onscreen icons and packaging to the unadorned gloss black frame of the iPad, right down to the one-button design. Apple claims Samsung?s designs created consumer confusion that damaged Apple ? that is, some people may have bought a Samsung product thinking they were actually buying an Apple product.

?Samsung cannot change the central fact that its products are strikingly similar to Apple?s patented designs,? wrote Apple attorney Michael Jacobs in a trial brief submitted last week. ?Nor can it change the novelty and extraordinary success of Apple?s designs.?

Android device before and after iPhone

It?s not an exaggeration to say that Apple changed the face of the smartphone industry when it unveiled the iPhone in 2007 ? and some of Apple?s submissions to the court highlight that disruption. (Consider what Google?s Android devices looked like before and after Apple?s 2007 iPhone announcement.) Smartphones before the iPhone tended to be rather blocky, feature QWERTY keypads, and rarely offered a real Internet experience. If they had Web browsers, they were limited to a small number of stripped-down ?mobile? Web sites. The iPhone, conversely, had just one button and a sleek glass panel where users manipulated content and apps directly via touchscreen. After the iPhone, the touchscreen-dominated smartphone essentially became the industry?s standard design, and that?s still true today. The iPad had a similar impact ? so much so that it?s still nearly meaningless to discuss the tablet market separately from the iPad market.

Samsung?s position

Sasmsung bar/touchscreen designs before and after iPhone

Samsung, of course, refutes Apple?s claims, noting that it has been in the phone business since 1991 and even working on touchscreen-centric bar phones before the iPhone introduction. According to Samsung, Apple is trying to assert overly-broad design patents in an effort to stifle competition by locking consumers into ?Apple?s single, expensive and closed-system devices.? Samsung has also recently claimed Apple?s cherished trade dress elements weren?t even Apple?s: Instead, Samsung says Apple was working off designs originally pioneered by Sony for its Walkman line in 2006.

Samsung alleges Sony design predated iPhone

Samsung also claims that it?s absurd for Apple to claim damages on interface elements because ?no one buys phones because they have a ?bounce back? feature or other manifestations of Apple?s alleged inventions.?

But Samsung is also striking back, asserting Apple violates some of Samsung?s communications patents, including one covering making an integrated device with a phone, camera, and email. Other patents on the table cover running an app while listening to music in the background, bookmarking images, and two two patents essential to 3G mobile technology. Overall, Samsung wants a 2.4 percent royalty on every infringing Apple device sold ? a figure that could translate to a sizable payday for Samsung.

The case so far?

So far, Samsung hasn?t been faring very well in the pre-trial action. Perhaps the most damaging elements to date have been Judge Koh?s decision to grant a preliminary injunction barring sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the United States and a temporary injunction on sales of the Samsung?s Google-branded Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction is too little too late since the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is at the end of its life cycle, but from a legal point of view the injunction is significant: Judge Koh was convinced that, even before the trail, the evidence that Samsung?s tablet infringed on Apple?s iPad was persuasive enough to pull the product from the market.

The Galaxy Nexus ban is more substantial. Although it was introduced last year, it?s still Google?s flagship Android phone. Judge Koh found that the device violates an Apple patent on a ?universal interface? for search. (The patent is widely interpreted as applying to Apple?s Siri voice-activated interface, but the filing actually predates Apple?s acquisition of Siri.) Koh was convinced pre-trial that Apple was being harmed by Galaxy Nexus sales, finding that Apple was likely to ?lose substantial market share in the smartphone market and to lose substantial downstream sales of future smartphone purchases and tag-along products.?

iPhone "purple" prototype design 2005

Judge Koh has also limited the types of material that Samsung can present at trial. For instance, Samsung has been barred from presenting quotes from Steve Jobs? authorized biography, in which the late Apple CEO asserts ?I?m going to destroy Android, because it?s a stolen product.? And Samsung?s assertions that Apple based the iPhone design on Walkman concepts? Judge Koh has ruled Samsung can?t present that information either, thanks to Apple revealing so-called ?Purple? concepts from 2005 that predate Sony?s designs.

None of this is good news for Samsung, but it gets worse: The jury will hear that Samsung failed to live up to its discovery obligations and ?failed to prevent the destruction of relevant evidence.? That assertion doesn?t quite rise to the level of willfully destroying evidence, but the court has found that evidence relevant to the trial was destroyed by Samsung after it should have been clear to the company that it should be preserved for litigation. The jury will be free to decide on its own whether it?s relevant, but may assume the destroyed evidence was favorable to Apple.

But it?s not as if there?s any lack of written material to present: at last count, discovery documents for the case totalled nearly 40 million pages ? and Apple plans to cite internal Samsung documents with assertions its smartphone design ?copied the iPhone too much,? along with an analysis done for Samsung that found its Galaxy S phone was ?too iPhone-like? and strongly aped the iPhone user interface.

Possible outcomes

Apple Samsung Arm Wrestle

A weird aspect to the massive legal battle between Apple and Samsung is that the companies remain major partners in the component business. Apple sources a number of components for its desktop and mobile products (including RAM and flash storage) from Samsung to the tune of billions of dollars a year. Although the litigation between the companies has soured the relationship ? and Apple has been diversifying its supply chain ? the companies still do more business with each other every year than they?ve put on the table in these admittedly high-stakes trials.

So, what can happen?

Don?t expect either company to pull any punches at trial. The North American market is crucial to both firms, and if Apple is serious about going ?thermonuclear? on Android, it must win this fight with Samsung. Although Samsung has won a few sanctions against Apple in other cases, Apple?s position going into in the U.S. jury trial is very strong. Even the most skilled trial lawyers will have difficulty downplaying an instruction that Samsung managed to destroy relevant evidence.

However, there?s no single slam-dunk patent at issue here. The bulk of Apple?s assertions rest on trade dress issues, which are notoriously difficult to litigate. Read broadly, Apple?s patents would seem to give it a lock on any computing device that?s rectangular and has rounded corners ? an interpretation that few jurists would find enforceable. Apple will have to prove that Samsung?s designs were so similar to Apple?s that they caused significant confusion in the marketplace. Fortunately for Apple, right now the court seems to agree. Even if the jury finds differently, Judge Koh can toss out their findings if she feels they made a mistake.

If Samsung wins its patent assertions against Apple, the cost of iPhones and iPads will go up. Depending how the decision falls, it could also have a chilling effect on the mobile industry. Two of the patents Samsung is asserting against Apple are supposed to be licensable to anybody under Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) terms. The thing is, Samsung (and Motorola) want to charge Apple more for those patents than they charge other device makers implementing the technologies. Apple has indicated it?s happy to pay standard licensing fees, but not be extorted. If Samsung is successful in asserting its standards-related patents against Apple, it will likely waste no time asserting them against other 3G device makers ? driving up the costs of most mobile devices.

High-stakes patent disputes like this rarely make it all the way to trial. Most companies prefer controlled negotiations to taking their chances with notoriously unpredictable juries. Nonetheless, patent litigation is often a game of brinksmanship, and the lengthy processes of patent review and validation along with trials and appeals mean there?s almost always something else that can be done before one?s back is against a wall. Back in 2006, Canada?s Research in Motion waited until the eleventh hour in the appeals process before working out a settlement with NTP to keep its BlackBerry network operational. That was long after a jury had ruled in NTP?s favor. And sometimes going to trial proves to be the smart move: Google recently walked away from a mammoth dispute with Oracle with barely a scratch.

If we were to guess ? and we are guessing ? Apple will push Samsung all the way through the weeks-long U.S. courtroom trial in hopes of gaining maximum advantage in future settlement negotiations. If Apple wins any major points in its case against Samsung, it has almost no incentive to settle at all, and billions of dollars in the bank to continue litigating.

Source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/apple-samsung-patent-dispute-goes-to-court/

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Fighting Mesothelioma: Canada Lose a Battle, US Gears for Another ...

Fighting Mesothelioma: Canada Lose a Battle, U.S. Gears for Another

Posted on Monday, July 30, 2012.

Canadian mesothelioma advocates have lost a major battle in their fight against asbestos, while their American counterparts gear up for another battle of their own in Washington.

Despite months of protests by health organizations, mesothelioma activists,?including the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Medical Association, the Quebec government has agreed to extend a loan that will reopen Canada?s largest asbestos mine. The $58 million dollar loan has been on the table since the Jeffrey Mine in the town of Asbestos closed last year due to financial problems, laying off some 500 workers. The loan had been contingent on raising seed money from investors. The mine?s president estimates that the loan will keep the mine open for at least another 20 years.

While it will put about 400 Asbestos residents back to work, the reopening of the Jeffrey Mine will also put them at risk for mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer and a host of other serious diseases associated with asbestos.? The risk may be even greater in the third world countries which import Canadian asbestos, where safety standards are often lax. Ironically, the Canadian media reports that asbestos is rarely used inside Canada and is even being removed from dozens of public buildings, including the Prime Minister?s residence.

At the same time, U.S. mesothelioma advocates, physicians and other experts are gearing up to make their own case against asbestos on Capitol Hill. Among those slated to appear before Congress in late July is Barbara Minty McQueen, the wife of actor Steve McQueen, who died of mesothelioma in 1980. McQueen will join several noted mesothelioma physicians to make the case for a U.S. ban on the use of asbestos.?

Mesothelioma advocates have stepped up their efforts to ban asbestos after a U.S. Geological Survey Report showed a 34 percent increase in U.S. asbestos consumption in 2011. So far, the U.S. has refused to ban the substance, which has been banned by all members of the European Union and is considered a serious carcinogen by the World Health Organization.? The WHO estimates that 100,000 people around the world, including about 2,500 Americans, die of mesothelioma each year.??


Maioni, Antonia, ?Kicking up some dust over Quebec?s Asbestos loan), July 9, 2012, The Globe and Mail.
Roberts, Jeremy, ?Mrs. McQueen goes to Washington?, July 11, 2012, TheExaminer.com.


Article source: http://www.survivingmesothelioma.com/news/view.asp?ID=001343

Source: http://www.odesinc.com/?p=2532

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World Bank Board okays $85m to save Senegal?s energy crisis

You Are Here: Home ? Africa/International ? World Bank Board okays $85m to save Senegal?s energy crisis

Page last updated at Monday, July 30, 2012 9:09 AM //

The World Bank?s Board of Executive Directors on June 26, 2012 approved $85 million to help the Government of Senegal and the Senegal National Power Utility (SENELEC) to reduce its technical and commercial losses and to improve the reliability of electricity services.

In a statement, the Bank said the financing will be used over a five-year period to upgrade and modernize electricity transmission and distribution components; create more transparency and accountability within the energy sector; develop a medium and long-term strategy for the energy sector; and upgrade SENELEC billing systems to reduce high collection costs and losses related to fraud.

The project cost is $93.5 million and aside the the World Bank?s $85 million credit, $ 8.5 million will come from the Government of Senegal.

Senegal is said to be facing an energy crisis and the World Bank says ?this funding will help the national utility, SENELEC to provide reliable electricity supply for economic growth and improve human well-being.?

By Ekow Quandzie


Source: http://www.ghanabusinessnews.com/world-bank-board-okays-85m-to-save-senegals-energy-crisis/

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The iPhone Is The New Doctor's Housecall | mac-talks.com

New trends show health-related apps are changing how patients experience healthcare.

Health related iOS apps are proliferating quickly in the App Store. While the most popular health related apps tend to be focused on diet, exercise, and stress relief, there are some other fast growing trends that show how the iPhone and iPad transforming the healthcare experience for consumers.

According to MobiHealthNews, which provides an annual assessment of the market for mobile apps related to medicine, health, and fitness, three new trends are emerging that could significantly reshape our experience of healthcare.

In its annual study, MobiHealthNews notes that most apps fall into one of 12 general categories (as noted in the chart above) with apps that support cardio-related fitness, diet and meal planning, stress reduction, strength and weight training, and women?s health being the five most common categories.

This year, however, the health news service notes that there is significant growth in areas that it hadn?t identified as distinct categories until now. Its current category chart will likely have to be redesigned to include three new and growing types of consumer health apps: allergy information and management apps, interactive apps for specific doctor?s offices or healthcare groups, and physical therapy apps.

Allergy management is considered a new app category because the majority of apps related to allergies have been launched in the past ten months. The emerging category is largely dedicated to seasonal allergies rather than to most serious types of allergies like those to shell-fish, various types of nuts, and bees ? all of which can be fatal. MobiHealthNews notes that some of these apps have become highly ranked in the App Store. The interesting trend here is that there are multiple allergy management apps produced by pharmaceutical companies, which while providing useful information, can also serve as marketing vehicles for specific drugs. Given that iOS devices in general, and the iPad in particular, deliver a better marketing punch than other types of ads, that could impact how allergy sufferers evaluate treatment options.

The second trend is apps by established health care providers like individual doctor or provider practices, medical groups, hospitals, and insurance carriers. Many healthcare professionals and facilities are embracing consumer-oriented apps as ways to distribute provider information and general health references. Some are also offering direct interaction for things like scheduling appointments and paying bills. A handful even offer the ability to interact with doctors, nurses, or other providers directly through the app. It?s not really surprising to see such a contingent of apps proliferate as many businesses in healthcare and other industries are developing consumer-facing apps. Most major pharmacies already have iOS apps, for example.

The third trend is physical therapy apps. Most of these apps are focused on specific injuries, conditions, and areas of the body. Many provide reference guides to help patients with at home exercises and MobiHealthNews expects to see doctors and physical therapists ?prescribe? these apps.

Ultimately, the message for consumers and healthcare professionals alike is these new growth areas all focus on educating and empowering patients to take more control of their health and healthcare needs. That?s a positive impact for individuals so long as they turn to reputable apps. It is worth noting that accuracy and potentially biased information are big concerns cited by physicians about medical and health apps in general.

Source: MobiHealthNews

Image: MobiHealthNews

Source: http://www.mac-talks.com/55484/iphone/the-iphone-is-the-new-doctors-housecall/

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small woodworking project - How to Use Woodworking Plans for ...

Copyright (c) 2012 TedsWoodWorkingReview.net

Have you ever worked at any DIY woodworking projects before? If you've practice in woodworking, you probably know that good construction needs good planning. On the other hand, if you are just starting and have little or no previous experience, it's essential that you start with simpler projects and gradually move to more complex ones.

To start with, you don't have to come up with your personal woodwork project ideas. It may be a bit tough to create plans at first if you have no practice in woodworking and you can use already existing ones. You will be able to find loads of them on the web and also in magazines and books for woodworkers. You don't even have to purchase all the books unless you need to. You may just go to the library and borrow a few suitable books with simple woodworking projects.

One easy strategy to find a good quality woodworking project plan is to look on the internet. You'll find lots of cool plans and you'll be surprised by how easy it's to find one that seems to be suitable for you. You will generally be able to choose between hundreds, or even thousands of woodworking plans, most of them being actually quite detailed and easy to follow.

Once you've decided what plan you want to use, it's time to take a closer look at it. You may need to search a little on the net in order to learn more about woodworking before you're ready to start.

If you've found plenty of plans on the net but want to get advice on subjects that you think hard to understand, it is you might want to register for a member account on a forum relating to woodworking. You'll find that there are several forums to choose between and that other members will likely be able to help you get an answer to most of your questions.

An important thing in woodworking is safety. You at all times need to be aware of the fact that you may get hurt if you're not careful. That is vital to bear in mind even if you've completed many woodworking projects before. It is really simpler for knowledgeable woodworkers to get hurt since they're often more careless than novices.

As you can see you'll need to do 3 things to start out with. Choose a good and detailed woodworking plan, learn as much as you can about woodworking and be as careful as you can while working at your project.

If you are a beginner, you need to find simple woodworking plans that match your skill levels. The very best thing to do is to start a project that it is possible for you to to conclude. Ending a project will probably make you feel very satisfied and it'll most likely help you build a positive momentum for future projects.

At first, you do not have to come up with your personal woodwork project ideas. It can be a bit tricky to design plans initially if you have no practice in woodworking and you can use already existing ones.

You will be able to find loads of them on the web and also in magazines and books for woodworkers. You don't even have to buy all of the books unless you need to. You can visit the library and borrow a couple of suitable books with simple woodworking projects.

Keywords: small woodworking project,woodworking project,woodworkingproject ideas,woodworking project plan

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Purr Like A Kitten During The Night By Using These End Snoring ...

Couple of things are far more exasperating than hoping to get an excellent night?s sleep when an individual is loud snoring loudly only ins out of your ears. Luckily, there are numerous stuff which can be done to quit heavy snoring. Keep reading for a number of useful information that you can use to stop snoring?your own personal or maybe your partner?s.

Decrease your loud snoring by raising the body when you sleep. To do this, simply use special pillows to increase your upper body and raise your mattress article with obstructs. Getting to sleep inside a side to side method can set stress in the body?s air passage, leading to heavy snoring if you inhale your sleep at night. Raising the entire body eliminates this included pressure and makes it easier for you to inhale, thus eliminating heavy snoring.

In the event the place you rest in is simply too free of moisture, it will be a good idea to invest in a humidifier. When the air flow is way too dry, blockage can occur inside your throat and nasal area, and might even make sure they are enlarge. The blockage and irritation allow it to be more challenging to breathe in to result in anyone to snore loudly. A humidifier can get rid of this challenge.

You are able to minimize snoring loudly by being more conscious of the things you ingest before mattress. You should avoid dairy foods including whole milk, ice cream or fat free yogurt. These types of food lead to the production of dense mucus which may block the tonsils and nose passages. This could cause snoring loudly. So, it is perfect for you to stay away from these meals before you go to bed.

An anti-heavy snoring jaws defend may help you rest far better in case you are troubled by snoring. A health care provider or dental practitioner can provide a perfectly appropriate jaws bit that will maintain your tooth jointly, and thus preventing the muscle tissues in your mouth from relaxing a lot of, which happens to be probably leading to your snoring.

Snoring may also be an indication of something more significant such as hyperthyroidism. This causes the gland inside your thyroid gland to swell in proportions which can filter your air passageways which makes it more difficult to inhale. Talk with a doctor to learn if this can be a likely difficulty, and cause of your snoring loudly. Should it be, it?s something which can be addressed with prescription medication.

If heavy snoring can be a continuous evening struggle for you, you might like to look at getting an air humidifier to add dampness back into the atmosphere and ease the dryness inside your tonsils, making it simpler to breathe in. A simple approach would be to basically manage hot water and keep your skin over the sink to take in the vapor, quickly before you go to fall asleep. This may unlock your airways and also, moisturize your tonsils and nose oral cavaties.

Use sinus strips to assist you sleeping. Sinus pieces broaden the nostrils to aid air movement, which reduces heavy snoring. This will allow not only you to definitely rest nicely, but you also won?t be disturbing your loved ones when you slumber. Buy manufacturer-title sinus strips at the nearby grocery store and utilize them before heading to sleep.

As mentioned over, snoring loudly is a kind of, but annoying problem. It will not go away completely naturally, so the only way to remove it is to get educated regarding it. This article over supplied you with guidance that can make heavy snoring a bad storage through your past.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Astrophile: Glitch boosts value of already rare star

Astrophile is our weekly column on curious cosmic objects, from the solar system to the far reaches of the multiverse

Object: Spinning star called a pulsar
Rotation rate: 7 times a second

A glitch is not normally something to boast about. But when one is found in an already rare type of pulsar ? curious dense, rotating stars that flash regularly like lighthouses ? it's like striking gold.

Such a find makes recently discovered pulsar J1838-0537 among the most precious of this kind of star. Its glitch ? an unexpected change in the tempo of its rotation that occurred in 2009 ? is the biggest ever discovered in this much rarer type of pulsar, which is detected via its highly energetic gamma-rays rather than by its lower-energy radio waves.

"Very few pulsars exhibit glitches," says Holger Pletsch of the Max Planck Institutes for Gravitational Physics and for Radio Astronomy, who led the team that discovered J1838-0537.

Studying glitch pulsars such as J1838-0537 could give us an insight into some of the strange physics thought to go on inside pulsars, from the bizarre, frictionless superfluids thought to lurk at their cores to the starquakes that may occur in their crusts. In turn, this could open up a new way to study extremely dense matter, which is impossible on Earth.

Clock stopped

Finding J1838-0537 in the first place wasn't easy. Using a data analysis method originally designed to detect gravitational waves, Pletsch's team dug through data from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope in the hope of uncovering previously missed pulsars.

Most of the 2000 or so known pulsars emit radio waves. Since the Fermi satellite launched, astronomers have discovered that 60 of them also emit gamma-rays. Another 30 appear to emit only gamma-rays. This is the type that Pletsch's team were looking for.

They found nine of them last year. And now they have a new one to add to the list. But before they could file it away they had to find out where it had disappeared to.

Pulsars tend to be reliable cosmic timekeepers thanks to their regular rotation. This is visible because their intense magnetic field accelerates particles at their surface to produce a beam of radiation along the magnetic field axis. As the pulsar spins, this beam sweeps into view once per rotation, rather like a lighthouse.

Starry weirdness

Pulsar J1838-0537 had been spinning like clockwork, seven times a second, when it seemed to disappear in 2009. Eventually, Pletsch and his team managed to find it again in their data ? and when they did, it was clear why it had disappeared.

The rare pulsar had in fact stepped up the speed of its rotation to about 38 millionths of a Hertz faster than before. As astronomers depend on pulsars' regularity to track them, this made it appear as if J1838-0537 had disappeared.

This might not sound like a big jump, but it is the biggest increase ever seen in this type of pulsar. It hid the pulsar from sight for about a year ? and means the pulsar could be even weirder than we know. "What the pulsar did in between is still unclear," says Pletsch: it could have started spinning even faster than we think it did, or it could even have been through several glitches.

The cause of the glitch is unclear. One explanation could be a starquake. These mysterious disturbances are thought to be triggered by stress in the pulsar's crust caused by the strong magnetic fields inside it.

Extreme heart

Alternatively, the glitch could be caused by a pulsar's frictionless superfluid interior spinning faster than its solid crust. The jury is still out, because so few glitches have ever been seen.

Studying these glitches could give us an insight into the poorly understood workings of pulsars, enabling us to "look at the real heart of these enormously powerful machines", says Pletsch.

That's interesting in terms of astrophysics ? but also to the fundamental behaviour of materials under extreme conditions. "These conditions are irreproducible on Earth," says Pletsch.

Reference: arxiv.org/abs/1207.5333

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Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. being treated in Mayo Clinic

MINNEAPOLIS (Reuters) - U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. has been admitted to the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, to be evaluated for depression and gastrointestinal ailments, the congressman's office said on Friday in a statement released by the clinic.

The statement came more than two weeks after the Illinois Democrat, son of civil rights leader and former presidential candidate, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, was said by his doctor to be undergoing treatment for a "mood disorder."

The younger Jackson, 47, announced in late June that he had taken a leave from office two weeks earlier for treatment of what was then described as exhaustion.

Amid mounting political pressure to disclose more information about his medical condition, Jackson said on July 5 through a statement that his problems were more serious than previously believed, adding he needed extended in-patient treatment for unspecified "physical and emotional ailments."

On July 11, his physician said the congressman was receiving intensive care for a "mood disorder" and was expected to make a full recovery.

The statement on Friday marked the first time that Jackson, who is seeking re-election to a 10th term in the House of Representatives in the November 6 election, acknowledged he was being evaluated for depression.

"Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has arrived at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for extensive inpatient evaluation for depression and gastrointestinal issues," the statement said without elaborating.

It said further information would be released as Jackson's evaluation proceeded.

"Congressman Jackson and his family are grateful for the outpouring of support and prayers that have been received throughout his care," the statement said.

Two fellow Illinois Democrats, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez, said in early July the congressman owed voters from his South Side Chicago district an explanation.

They compared Jackson's situation with those of stricken Illinois Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk and Illinois Democratic U.S. Representative Bobby Rush.

After Kirk suffered a stroke in January, his doctors held news conferences about his condition, and the senator later provided a video depicting his rehabilitation and showing him speaking and struggling to walk on a treadmill.

Rush had surgery for throat cancer, and Gutierrez said at the time, "We knew where to find him."

Jackson's Republican opponent in November, Brian Woodworth, also said earlier in July that Jackson had an obligation to clarify his situation. Woodworth could not immediately be reached for comment on Friday night.

(Reporting and writing by David Bailey; Editing by Steve Gorman and Peter Cooney)

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/rep-jesse-jackson-jr-being-treated-mayo-clinic-025456362.html

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Friday High

Friday High

Tara Reid Out and About in France?[The Frisky] Hollywood’s Most Notorious Womanizing Directors?[HollyWire] Kirstie Alley Sued Over Weight Loss??[Right Celebrity] Dane Cook Makes Tasteless Joke [...]

Friday High Stupid Celebrities Gossip Stupid Celebrities Gossip News

Source: http://stupidcelebrities.net/2012/07/friday-high-9/

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Friday, July 27, 2012

BFD: A Biden Fabulist Dud (Michellemalkin)

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Nc dept of health and human services - HEALTH, BEAUTY & FITNESS

nc dept of health and human servicesWhenever you work spent enough time thinking and when the environment within your office isn? t comfortable you? ll have headache and stress and often can trigger a number of your allergic reactions. Today, health information management programs health are crucial to candidates network ambitious for job options in physicians? offices, residence health care organizations, outpatient treatment centers, hospitals, nursing qualities along with other healthcare amenities. The 3rd and also the wager method of getting the internet insurance quote are through 3rd party means. 1. Seaweed is the foremost alternative for daily supplementation. You will find penile enhancement pills claiming they improve how big your penis while some provide significant enhancement if this human involves sexual stamina, ability to gain harder and dept firmer erection, along with other stuff that nc dept of health and human services are broadly connected to intercourse. I am certain the majority of you who? re reading through this are planning to her ? I wager shes bleached blonde, tan, tall and skinny, with individuals b* tch glasses? ( individuals huge ugly glasses which make everybody who wears them seem like a b ? tch, I understand guess what happens i am speaking about.) On the other hand, of I? m a natural brunette, pale skinned, average height, nc dept of health and human services average weight, and that i dislike b* tch glasses. If baby- sitting costs or reduced pay due to time off work from work are extremely large an economic burden, use of health care also suffers. You employ these benefits to help you with exceptional costs not part of your chief medical policy and also to spend some money for the household charges when you pass though a short disability or perhaps a lump sum payment payment or perhaps a lifetime benefit in case of nc a lasting impairment. The special needs programs are only concerned with individuals with certain health conditions and existence situations and therefore are not open for general enrollment. Are prescription medicines covered? You have access to the Reviews list programmatically with the static Local property from the SPHealthReportsList class, health a subclass of SPList. In The Usa alone you? choice d find about 80% of those with health insurance policies. Don? t allow that to take place. Business Law ? Safety And Health Rules Safety and health laws and regulations are actually an main issue with any services company. Among the primary advantages of meditation is it reduces your oxygen consumption. What exactly does a healthy diet contain? An investigation study also states that having fun with our dogs can enhance human health and mental well- being, individuals are a couple of from the benefits we are able to acquire from your dog. In India, being careful for health insurance and medical health insurance items is only a matter of lack of knowledge together with additional factors for example costly and and time health choice network intensive.

Related Post Nc dept of health and human services

Do organizations among seniors individuals with Diabetes Type 2 help people maintain healthy life styles? If this involves women health, maintaining a great health Whenever you can, attempt to filter the felines water, before putting it within the bowl. As hospitals typically include a lot of mental staff, Fitness news keeps them up- to- professions date about technology entering health world as well as other methods to remain healthy. Need for Health Even once you have bought and policy and also you truly feel that it? s not 2010 that which you wanted, you are able NOTICE: Article( s) might be republished totally free to relevant websites, of as lengthy as Copyright and Author Authors Resource Box are incorporated and

Source: http://curryrecipe-jp.net/health-2/nc-dept-of-health-and-human-services/

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Saints praise Brees' fitness in opening practice

METAIRIE, La. (AP) ? A semblance of normalcy has returned to the New Orleans Saints, who started practicing Thursday with recently re-signed star quarterback Drew Brees back on the field.

Brees even decided his first practice following a months-long contract holdout was as good a time as any to throw deep.

"I said, 'Hey, we're going throw some balls down the field that maybe we shouldn't today, but let's just go make some plays,'" Brees said.

If only the fans who'd lined up to get into Thursday evening's opening training camp session could have seen it.

Lightning in the area led the Saints to move the practice indoors, where space is limited and only so many guests can watch.

For Brees, who recently inked a five-year, $100 million contract, the practice also marked his first chance to work against a scheme installed by new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

It started off well for the offense, with Lance Moore diving to snag a long passed that was tipped by Malcolm Jenkins.

"The receivers caught some long balls on us today," said assistant head coach Joe Vitt, who is also the linebackers coach.

Vitt said the defensive backs were in pretty good position but followed coaches' orders not to challenge receivers too aggressively because players were not in full pads.

"The secondary guys were there, the receivers made some outstanding catches, but now as we get into our padded practices, the DBs have to make the plays on those balls," Vitt said. "And like I said before, Drew (Brees) is going to put those balls in places where he is going to give the receivers a chance to catch the ball, which is great work for our corners."

Brees, meanwhile, expects Spagnuolo's scheme to give him a solid test before training camp is done.

"The fact that we have new defensive system with Steve Spagnuolo and the respect I have for him ... and knowing the mindset he brings, this is going to be a great camp, competitive camp," Brees said. "We will have thrown a lot at each other."

Jenkins meanwhile, said the new defense is a work in progress that will be refined over the course of five preseason games, starting with the Hall of Fame game against Arizona on Aug. 5 in Canton, Ohio.

Asked if defensive players were comfortable with the scheme, Jenkins said, "I wouldn't say comfortable. We're still learning it."

"The good thing is we're putting in a lot of the hard stuff early," Jenkins added. "There will be a little confusion. But it will get easier. I think everyone's trying to learn and settle into what their roles are."

Vitt and several of Brees teammates said Brees seemed as sharp as if he never skipped all of the club's voluntary practices and mandatory minicamp.

"He's made the best of a tough situation ... by coming here in great shape," Vitt said. "He came in today and showed his great leadership qualities that he has, great accuracy on the ball, good zip. He's got a lot of pent up frustration; he hasn't played since (last season's playoff loss at) San Francisco. He was happy to be out there."

Tight end Jimmy Graham said he could tell Brees has had "a lot of time to think and definitely a lot of time to work out," noting that Brees was trying to race him in condition sprints on Wednesday.

"He is definitely in shape. He is definitely ready," Graham said. "He's also come up with some new material for inspiration so I'm excited to hear him. I'm excited to hear all of his little sayings."

NOTES: Before practice, Vitt spent part of the day in federal court testifying on behalf of linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who was asking a judge to temporarily block his suspension in connection the NFL's bounty investigation while his lawsuit against the league plays out. Four current Saints defensive players also were excused from part of the day's activities to testify. They were Roman Harper, Scott Shanle, Sedrick Ellis and Jonathan Casillas. ... Rookie DT Akiem Hicks, who broke his right hand during offseason practices, was the only player who did not practice. Vitt said he could return by Sunday.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/saints-praise-brees-fitness-opening-practice-023811919--nfl.html

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

High Quality Hospitals in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as a heavenly spot having an awesome culture but behind any of these lies the fact that it is one of the rapidly uprisen countries located in Central America. With this, tourists think that Hospital in Costa Rica aren?t of the same quality as other high quality hospitals found in different areas of the globe. However, many mds and tourists discover that this is not the situation for the hospitals here. Most of them were actually traumatized from the first class of services given by these hospitals. There are many elements that contribute to the success of hospitals here and each one is specific in its own way.

Most of the Hospitals in Costa Rica are fully equipped utilizing the latest medicinal equipments. With these equipments, hospitals here will be able to offer the latest lab tests and medical procedures which are only often found in high category hospitals. Whats way more surprising is the fact that these lab tests and operations are offered at lower prices. A heart bypass operation can be up to $ 130,000 in countries including the U.S.A. but this procedure can only be up to $ 24,000 in Costa Rica. Thats a difference and savings here can promptly reach up to 70 %.

The principal language used in the areas of Costa Rica is generally Spanish and not English. This may be very troublesome for tourists or for those who are retiring in this region. However, zones that include San Jose are surrounded with English speaking medical personnel. The use of English in the health related field is very crucial for both the surgeon and the patient. Misinterpretations in this field can promptly cause complications and sometimes even death.

The hospitals here are also years ahead in terms of the health related field. Surrounding countries as well as Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras are no match with the health related services presented in Costa Rica. They have more specialized medical experts which can deal with specific health related conditions. The first rate of health care is also much more modern since mds and nurses here are cultivated with better medical associated courses.

In the end, hospitals in Costa Rica are quite easily compared with other world class hospitals. Whats much better is that patients can actually save extra cash here and still have superiority health related services. However, not all hospitals here are renowned like this. Some public hospitals won?t be of the same quality as other private hospitals since they can be low in funds.Check one of the plastic surgery forums about Costa Rica to find comprehensive information about the hospitals.

Source: http://www.pittsburghwomensforce.com/womens-interests/high-quality-hospitals-in-costa-rica/

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Early HIV Treatment Might Save Livelihoods as Well as Lives

News | Health

People who manage their HIV infections from an early stage are able to work more and keep their kids in school

Fewer sick days: People with higher CD4 counts worked several more days each month than those with more advanced HIV infections. Image: iStockphoto/SimplyCreativePhotography

Showcasing more than fifty of the most provocative, original, and significant online essays from 2011, The Best Science Writing Online 2012 will change the way...

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People can work more when their ailments are treated. And HIV is no exception. Adults who tested positive for HIV in Uganda but had a less severe infection were able to work more hours per week, and their kids were more likely to be in school, according to findings presented July 26 at the 2012 International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C.

If this correlation holds up in further research, more widespread testing and earlier treatment could mean greater earning potential for individuals?and, especially for some countries in Africa where HIV infection rates top 15 percent of the adult population, a better economic outlook for entire regions.

Earlier research suggested that people who take antiretroviral therapy (ART) to manage their HIV feel better and are able to work more. But Harsha Thirumurthy, a health economist at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Gillings School of Global Public Health, wanted to know more specifically if an individual's CD4 (helper T immune cell) counts correlate with how much that person is able to work. If people miss a lot more work not just when they have full-blown AIDS, but even when their counts are only moderately low, it would be more reason to test people more widely?and start them on medication sooner.

Thirumurthy's group launched a weeklong public health campaign in a rural Uganda town of about 3,000 people. Most residents worked on farms. The labor is physically demanding, and illness often prevents a farmer from tending the fields. Not only does that directly impact a family's livelihood, it has an effect on children. When adults are not healthy enough to work, they often recruit any household children between the ages of 12 and 18, who then miss school.

Of the people who were tested, about 7.8 percent were HIV positive, and their CD4 status had a surprisingly large impact on how much they were able to work. Uninfected adults typically have CD4 counts from 500 to more than 1,000 (per cubic millimeter). This number falls during an HIV infection; the lower the value, generally, the worse a person's health. HIV-positive adults in the study with CD4 counts below 350 (the threshold for receiving antiviral treatment in Uganda), had "a big drop off" in hours worked each week, Thirumurthy says. Those who had CD4 counts below 200 worked, on average, 5.8 fewer days a month?the equivalent of more than a full workweek?than those with CD4 counts above 500. "The difference between those with high and low counts is bigger than we thought," Thirumurthy says.

Teenage children living in households where an adult had a CD4 count below 350 were 15 percent less likely to go to school. Missing these crucial years of education could lead, in turn, to reduced earning potential for them in the future. The research was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (at the National Institutes of Health) and was part of the larger Sustainable East Africa Research on Community Health (SEARCH) Collaboration.

The study did not ascertain exactly why some people were less able to work, but the most likely culprits are other infections that sicken those with HIV-weakened immune systems more easily. Other factors might include mental and emotional strain and general malaise.

Other studies also have found that ARTs can improve a person's ability to make a living. Earlier this month, Sydney Rosen of Boston University's School of Public Health and her colleagues presented their research on how people on ARTs in South Africa seem to be doing both physically and economically over time. After five years of therapy, the proportion employed increased from 39 percent to 56 percent (compared to three months before starting therapy). The proportion who reported that their illness impaired their daily activities decreased from 42 percent to 4 percent.

Source: http://rss.sciam.com/click.phdo?i=e36026a1403a2ca1112a7e5672997e9a

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Marriage ? A Relationship for Life | Ajith Kumar. CC

Indian Marriage

I have lived in India and in the US for substantial amount of time to make an observation like this. The US is truly a land of opportunities, if you have a dream and focus you can succeed while in India you need to struggle even to set up a simple business. The main reason being the overall wealth of India has been categorically scraped till the last bit by the invaders and the imperialists leaving the country high and dry. In addition they left us with an age old system of?bureaucracy?which shunts the growth of?entrepreneurs.

However what the invaders and imperialists could not break is our lifestyle and values. In India still relationships are deep, we don?t have mother?s day, father?s day and so on, because we never found the need of having a special day for realizing the importance of relationships. For Indians, parents are the first known Gods and all the ancestors are treated as Gods and they did not need a day to remind themselves about that. In India still women do Sumangali pooja every year, a worship of goddess to prolong the life of their husband, and to die before their husbands? do. I don?t think any other civilization or culture has that kind of depth in relationships. For men too a marriage is an important karma in life where he promises to take care of his wife throughout his life and also promise to give freedom for her to pursue spiritual goals.

Though a lot of these are forgotten today, still there is a lot of emotional security among Indian people even if they are beggars or slum dwellers. The relationships are deep unlike the people of the US, where I find the relationships to be superficial. Not just the?relationship, even the appreciation that comes from the people in the US is superficial. Even wives of rich men are emotionally insecure, fearing a divorce (and the vice versa).?Oprah recently in a TV show covered the perils of a slum dweller in India, but even he and his family members will be emotionally secure?and the father will strive hard to get a good life for his kid, unlike what happened to her in her childhood.

I don?t know which is better; a country with corruption and poverty but with superior values or a country that is economically prosperous but with superficial relationships and superficial values. I saw that picture and that made me to write this.

Tags: indian, marriage, relationships

Category: India

Source: http://www.ajithkumar.cc/photos/india-photos/marriage-a-relationship-for-life/

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Top headlines: Flint police investigating ... - Gambling News Source

Here are some top headlines you may have missed Tuesday: - Ringleaders of illegal Flint-area video poker gambling operation sentenced Flint police officers at the scene Tuesday where bullet casings were found at the corner of Franklin Ave and Delaware around the same time the driver of an suv was shot by a person in another vehicle two blocks away ? (more)

Read the rest >>

Wed, July 25th, 2012

Related Poker News:

Casino gambling facts:

  • Catholics were found to be more likely to gamble than Protestants and other religious groups. Catholics were also found to be less likely to disapprove of gambling than other religious groups.
  • The first airplane flight to Las Vegas was made in May, 1920, with Lieutenant Randall Henderson, editor of the Blythe, California Herald, and Jack Beckley.
  • In 1911, the state of California ruled that "draw" poker was a skill, and thus could not be banned under existing anti-gambling laws. However, "Stud" poker was still considered illegal at the time.
  • During the 1950s, the Senate Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce held a number of hearings on criminal influence in the casino industry. The committee was chaired by Senator Estes Kefauver, and the committee is also known by his name.

Source: http://www.gambling-news-source.com/2012/07/25/top-headlines-flint-police-investigating-76915/

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Bats, a reservoir of resurgent viruses

ScienceDaily (July 24, 2012) ? Measles, mumps, pneumonia, influenza and encephalitis in man, Carr?'s disease in dogs, Ovine Rinderpest (PPR)? all of these diseases are caused by viruses from the same family: Paramyxoviridae. A vast international study(1), carried out in collaboration with IRD researchers and published in Nature Communications has led to the discovery of more than 60 new species of these dangerous infectious agents, almost double the number previously recorded. This family of highly diverse pathogens affects all animals, from canines to fowl, cattle and humans. As a result, it is not always easy to determine which host is responsible for these viruses. Thanks to testing carried across the globe, the research team has recently discovered their source: bats.

All indices agree

Virologists have collected over 10,000 animal samples, including more than 90 Chiroptera(2) species from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe. As a result of blood and organ analysis, researchers have observed a large genetic diversity of paramyxoviruses in these small mammals. This suggests that these infectious agents have had enough time to evolve in bats over the course of history. They have thus been present for a very long time in this order of animals. In addition, scientists have found them in all known species of bat worldwide. This planetary spread signifies that it is the result of movement from continent to continent from a common ancestor and that these flying hosts have been carriers for millennia. Lastly, biologists have found nearly all genera from the paramyxovirus in bats, which has not been the case with any other animal. Such viral representation confirms that they are at the origin of all infection across the animal kingdom. To provide the final proof, researchers investigated the probability that each order -- bats, rodents, birds, humans, canines or bovines -- could be the source of contamination. Using paramyxovirus phylogeny -- the family tree, so to speak -, the probability of transfer is highest from bats to other animals.

The threat is still hovering

Researchers have also made a worrying discovery. Chiroptera might also be a reservoir of certain paramyxoviruses that were thought to be specific to humans. Scientists have found evidence among these small animals of paramyxoviruses that are genetically very similar to those observed in man and which could cause infection in humans once again. Childhood diseases such as measles or mumps, which the WHO considers as having been practically eradicated, in developed countries at least, could re-emerge. Any eradication hypothesis(3) requires all animal reservoirs to be eliminated.

Continents on the brink

Another worrying finding from the study is that certain highly dangerous viruses have been discovered in regions of the world where they were thought to be absent. This is the case for the Hendra and Nipah viruses, two emerging pathogens which have recently been the cause of fatal encephalitis(4) epidemics in Asia and Australia. No other cases have been detected in the world until now. And yet, researchers have found the viruses in the organs of African bats. In Gabon and Ghana, where the study has focused, two infectious agents seem to be highly present, which raises fears for possible emergence on the African continent.

Bats are already recognised as carrying diseases such as Ebola and rabies, notorious for devastating outbreaks, although these are rare and geographically contained. We are now learning that they are reservoirs of a multitude of infections that affect humans and animals worldwide. All epidemiological study on paramyxoviruses should now take into account the ecological data available for these airborne animals.

Notes :

(1) This research has been carried out in collaboration with the universities of Bonn, Hanover, Marburg, Cologne and Ulm, the Noctalis centre, the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine, the Charit? Medical School and the Institute for Novel and Emerging Infectious Diseases in Germany, CIRMF in Gabon, the Czech Republic Academy of Sciences, Strandja national park in Bulgaria, Kumasi University in Ghana, Lubumbashi Univesity in DRC, Bahia University in Brazil and Stellenbosch University in South Africa, Chumakov Institute of Poliomyelitis and Viral Encephalitides in Russia, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, KCCR in Ghana, the Institut Pasteur in Bangui, Central African Republic, the Netherlands Center for Infectious Disease Control, the Mus?um National d'Histoire Naturelle and the CNRS.

(2) Bats belong to the order Chiroptera.

(3) The WHO announced a new strategic plan in April 2012 aiming to eliminate measles in at least six WHO Regions by 2020.

(4)Encephalitis is a swelling of the brain

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Story Source:

The above story is reprinted from materials provided by Institut de Recherche pour le D?veloppement (IRD).

Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal Reference:

  1. Jan Felix Drexler, Victor Max Corman, Marcel Alexander M?ller, Gael Darren Maganga, Peter Vallo, Tabea Binger, Florian Gloza-Rausch, Andrea Rasche, Stoian Yordanov, Antje Seebens, Samuel Oppong, Yaw Adu Sarkodie, C?lestin Pongombo, Alexander N. Lukashev, Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit, Andreas St?cker, Aroldo Jos? Borges Carneiro, Stephanie Erbar, Andrea Maisner, Florian Fronhoffs, Reinhard Buettner, Elisabeth K.V. Kalko, Thomas Kruppa, Carlos Roberto Franke, Ren? Kallies, Emmanuel R.N. Yandoko, Georg Herrler, Chantal Reusken, Alexandre Hassanin, Detlev H. Kr?ger, Sonja Matthee, Rainer G. Ulrich, Eric M. Leroy, Christian Drosten. Bats host major mammalian paramyxoviruses. Nature Communications, 2012; 3: 796 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms1796

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.

Source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/07/120724104258.htm

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SELLING: Apple iPhone 4S, Apple iPad 2

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Source: http://site4business.com/index.php?option=com_marketplace&page=show_ad&catid=61&adid=524&Itemid=3

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to use S Memo on the Galaxy S3

How to use S memo

Samsung has put a bunch of proprietary software on the Galaxy S III (S3) and some apps, like S Memo are particularly useful.

There are lots of note-taking apps for Android.  Some of them sync with cloud servers like Google Drive and others sync with desktop note-organizing apps like Evernote.

Samsung has attempted to create a proprietary note-taking app that syncs with all these services, uploads to Dropbox and allows you to post your notes to your various social media networks. In short, S Memo tries to be all things to all users, and, surprisingly, it does a pretty good job. 

read more

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/androidcentral/~3/_2jnHvJO1x0/story01.htm

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