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The Rural Stops: The Reasons Why Outsourcing HR Services ...

Employees are the lifeblood of any company. They can make or break the company and in today's global economy, only the truly outstanding workers can keep companies afloat. So you attempt to seek out the suitable workforce for plum positions in your beginning company. This usually takes time, money, and a lot of effort, all of these could be better used to developing your company. Moreover, hiring the right applicant for the job needs expertise. How do you find a way to get the right people while still having ample time and money to build-up your new business?

Outsource your HR services instead of having an in-house department. This will save you a big amount on business cost and the time and effort in creating a department that your business may not have a necessity for internally. There are absolutely renowned companies that specialise in managing human resources necessities for each kind of company. From private companies to government sectors, from small and medium enterprises to charity organisations, a prominent human resources firm should be able to design and give the best HR solutions.

A human resources agency can offer your company the basic and fundamental HR support. This could consist of hiring and selection, required paperwork (e.g. application form, employment contracts, employment handbook, and company policies and procedures), guidelines on essential employee needs such as days off from work and training, plus, managing termination. You can have your human resources demands tailored to meet the size of your company. You can either acquire your entire personnel through the HR firm or benefit from their expert guidance on daily employee matters.

Recruitment and hiring can be challenging but so is tracking employees. In case you outsource your human resources requirements, you need not be concerned about the small yet integral details in keeping your workers happy and fruitful. A trustworthy HR firm will not only manage your recruitment and hiring process, but it will likewise provide administration assistance and performance management. The HR firm can maintain employee data and skillfully deal with whatever employee correspondences you need to send out such as pay review letters or invitation to disciplinary proceedings.

Developing your own company doesn't have to be full of challenges because of insufficient number of competent and good employees. You don't need to be troubled by preparing your company's appropriate documentation, policies, and procedures so to conform to government guidelines and be legally protected as a business. You don't need to setup an in house human resources department from the ground to manage and keep your employees. These can be outsourced with the aid of expert and trustworthy HR consultancy or support.

Acquire the professional assistance you need for your company. Whether it's recruitment or training, outsource your human resources requirements now. Run your company without any fears.

Getting the ideal key individuals for your business can be daunting and it demands required expertise in evaluating and recruiting workforce. Subsequently, outsourcing HR services is quite an important thing to think about. Learn how from

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Signs Your Vehicle's Tires Need to Be Replaced ASAP - www ...

Last updated 3 hours 21 minutes ago

Even at extreme speeds and in adverse weather, a good set of tires gets you from place to place. Tires can take a lot of abuse, but over time, they wear out, and unsafe tires need to be replaced. Here are some signs you need to replace your tires immediately:

Exposed Tread Wear Indicators
Most new tires are manufactured with tread wear indicators just below the outermost layer of the tire. These bands of hard-rubber lie crossways against the tire tread and become visible when enough tread wears away. If you see tread wear indicators in more than two places on the tire, replace it as soon as possible.

Excessive Wear
Excessive tire wear is another sign that it is time to replace your tires. Inspect your tires for wear by gauging each tire?s tread depth. If one or more of your tires has less than 1/16th of an inch of tread remaining, replace immediately. You can test tread depth with a tread-depth gauge or a one-cent penny.

Tires Fail the Lincoln Penny Test
The penny test is an easy way to check tread wear. It?s done by placing a penny with the top of Lincoln?s head pointing down in one of the tread grooves. A safe amount of tread should cover part of Lincoln?s head. However, if you can see the top of Lincoln?s head, then you don?t have enough tread to drive safely. Replace the tire immediately in this case in order to avoid losing control of your vehicle.

Frequent Deflation
If you have to refill one or more of your tires more than once a week to maintain proper tire pressure, you likely have a small leak and a reason to replace. Pin-sized leaks expand over time anyway and put you more at risk for tire failure, so it?s best to replace leaky tires promptly.

Whether you need tire replacements, rotations, or wheel alignments, we?ve got you covered at Piedmont at Lindberg Exxon. We?ll replace your bad tires and get your wheels all straightened out. Give us a call for auto repair in Atlanta. Our number is (678) 500-8102.


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Georgia says armed raid was in "enemy's" interests

TBILISI (Reuters) - Georgian officials said on Thursday gunmen who took hostages on its territory were Russian nationals and suggested they acted in the interests of the "enemy", while stopping short of blaming Moscow for the raid.

Georgian forces shot dead 11 gunmen and three of its soldiers were killed in an operation on August 29 to free hostages near the frontier with Russia's Dagestan region.

"We understand quite well in whose interests it was, it can only be in the interests of our enemy," President Mikheil Saakashvili was shown on Georgian television as telling residents of Lapankuri village, from where people were taken hostage.

Russian security officials denied there had been any illegal border crossings in the area.

Pro-Western Saakashvili, in power since 2004, is facing growing competition from a newly-created opposition group ahead of parliamentary elections in October.

Georgia fought a brief war with Russia in August 2008 after which Moscow recognized Georgian regions Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent countries and increased its military presence in the regions.

Visiting Lapankuri, Saakashvili said "the enemy" was testing the combat-readiness of the Georgian army and assured Georgians they were well protected.

Parts of Georgia's porous border with Russia lie in remote areas of the Caucasus mountains and there have been reports in the past of fighters from Russia's turbulent North Caucasus infiltrating Georgian territory.

During its second war with Chechnya, launched in 1999, Moscow said Georgia's Pankisi Gorge on the border with Chechnya was being used as a shelter for militants. Georgia says there are no longer any militants from Russia there.

Georgia's Deputy Defence Minister Nodar Kharshiladze said the Lapankuri gunmen were Russian nationals from North Caucasus.

"As a result of the operation we have identified those combatants were Russian citizens," he told reporters in Tbilisi.

"Their origin is Northern Caucasus," he added.

"We hope that after apprehensions of some terrorists alive we will have more information. Investigation will be continued in this direction."

(Reporting by Nino Ivanishvili writing by Gleb Bryanski; editing by Andrew Roche)


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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yosemite shuts cabins at center of rodent probe

(AP) ? More than 90 cabins in Yosemite National Park were closed several days after the site was found to be at the center of a mouse-borne virus that has been blamed for the deaths of two people, officials said Thursday.

Park officials said the double-walled design of the 91 cabins that were closed Tuesday made it easy for mice to nest between the walls. The disease is carried in the feces, urine and saliva of deer mice and other rodents.

Over the past three weeks, two people have died of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome after staying in one of the so-called "Signature" cabins of curry village. Another person is confirmed ill and one more likely has the virus that kills 36 percent of the people it infects.

Mike Gauthier, Yosemite chief of staff, said the design allowed for rodent infestation.

"We just weren't aware that design would lead to it," he said.

A report obtained earlier in the day said the National Park Service was warned in 2010 that efforts should be stepped up to inspect for rodents in Yosemite and prevent them from entering areas where people sleep.

The 2010 report issued by the California Department of Public Health was commissioned by the park service.

"Inspections for rodent infestations and appropriate exclusion efforts, particularly for buildings were people sleep, should be enhanced," it said.

"We worked with Yosemite to evaluate risk and make recommendations to reduce the possibility of transmission to people," added said Vicki Kramer, chief of the vector borne disease section of the health department. "That included reducing the number of mice, and excluding them from structures."

This past spring the department gave Yosemite a cleanup plan, Kramer said, similarly outlining how to appropriately deal with mouse excrement.

"Yosemite, to their credit, has taken quite a few steps to address this," she said. "But it's a wilderness area and these buildings aren't going to be tight. It's impossible to get rid of the deer mice, so there is going to be some risk to being in a wilderness area."

Further details were not immediately available. The health department said it was preparing a statement.

The report was commissioned after two park visitors fell ill after staying in Tuolumne Meadows, about 4,000 feet higher than Yosemite Valley. It said that 18 percent of mice trapped for testing at various locations around the park were positive for hantavirus.

"The identification of the second case ... underscores the ongoing risk and need for dutiful adherence to a rodent exclusion and control program," the report said.

Gauthier said he had not yet seen the report.

Meanwhile, public health workers sent warnings to more people who visited Yosemite this summer, saying they could have been exposed to the deadly rodent-borne disease. They also handed out warnings to people entering park gates.

Officials sent emails and letters on Wednesday to another 1,000 people who stayed in tent cabins in Curry Village. That was in addition to 1,700 Curry Village guests who had previously been sent such warnings.

The rustic tent cabins of historic Curry Village are a favorite among families looking to rough it in one of the nation's most majestic settings.

Park employees removing insulation have found mouse nests and droppings in some of the 91 so-called Signature cabins they had been attempting to shore up to make entry more difficult.

The deer mice most prone to carrying hantavirus pulmonary syndrome can squeeze through holes just one-quarter-inch in diameter.

The guests being warned stayed in Curry Village's tent cabins in June, July or August. So far all victims who have fallen ill stayed in the cabins in June.

The illness begins as flu-like symptoms but can quickly affected the lungs. It can take up to six weeks to incubate.

In issuing the new warnings it was unclear whether authorities expanded the boundary of potential exposure or extended the dates.

In 2011, half of the 24 U.S. hantavirus cases ended in death. But since 1993, when the virus first was identified, the average death rate is 36.39 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Most of the nearly 600 cases reported since 1993 have been in New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, Arizona and California. Most often they are isolated, so having this cluster of cases from a small area in Yosemite has perplexed public health officials.

The federal government has two epidemiologists working in the park. They are trapping mice and rodents in an effort to determine how much of the population carries the virus and to see whether there are more mice in Yosemite Valley this year than in other years.

Deer mice are distinguished from solid-colored house mice by their white bellies and gray and brown bodies.

Kramer warned people never to sweep or vacuum mouse droppings. Instead spray them with a mixture of bleach and water then wipe it up with paper towels or a mop.

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Driver claiming he's 101 hits kids outside school

Police in Los Angeles, Calif., are investigating whether bad brakes caused an elderly driver to reverse his car into a crowd near a school, injuring 11, mostly children, and leaving one in critical condition. The man said he was 101, but gave a birthdate that would make him 100. NBC's Mike Taibbi reports.

By NBC News staff and wire services

Updated at 9:25 p.m. ET: A driver who said he was 101 years old jumped a curb and crashed into a group of pedestrians Wednesday afternoon outside a south Los Angeles elementary school, injuring 11 people, mostly children, officials said.

The accident occurred about 2:30 p.m. just after Main Street Elementary School let out for the day, reported.

"I was backing out of the parking lot (of a grocery store) to go home and lost control," Preston Carter, the driver of the powder blue 1990 Cadillac,?said.

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"It was not on purpose, because I?love everybody," Carter told "I put God first."


A car hopped a curb near a south Los Angeles school just after classes let out Wednesday. Several people were injured.

His daughter, Rose Jenkins, told the station?that she had wanted Carter to stop driving for the past year.

"I think this is a wakeup call for him and I don't think he will be driving any more," Jenkins said.

After saying he was 101, Carter gave his birthdate as Sept. 5,?1911, making him only 100.

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Carter has a current driver's license valid until 2013, the Los Angeles Times reported.?He?was required to wear corrective lenses while operating a vehicle but had a clean driving record, according to the DMV, the Times said.

Eleven pedestrians were injured when 100 year-old Preston Carter backed into them with his Cadillac. KNBC's Michelle Valles interviewed Carter and his daughter after the accident.

Aerial footage provided by the station showed a child in a pink t-shirt being loaded into an ambulance as firefighters and police officers interviewed witnesses at the scene.

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Los Angeles County USC Medical Center said six accident victims, including five children and one adult, were brought there. The adult was discharged, four children were stable and one child was in critical condition.?

Related stories:

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Newsweek: Finding famous ghosts walking the streets of Rome

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Joss Whedon To Write, Direct 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' TV Pilot

ABC has ordered a pilot from Whedon for the Marvel-related series.
By Gil Kaufman

Joss Whedon
Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty Images


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The Microwaves are portion about the electromagnetic spectrum during which time the wavelength falls backward and forward about some form of millimeter and thirty centimeters. Microwave frequency bands extend back and forth from about a minumum of one gigahertz to explore a couple of hundred gigahertz and are picking enchanting short time range,and there reliability radio and a short while ago links. Systems operating at microwave frequencies are radar,click of a button radio,, satellite communications, terrestrial strip regarding eye and troposphere links. Microwaves travel whereas in the essentially straight lines all through going to be the atmosphere, are by no means affected on such basis as the ionized layers, and are affected ach and every not too much on the basis of temperature inversions and scattering. However weather side effects limit the distance forwards and backwards going to be the transmitter and the receiver to a multi function a small amount of miles Repeater stations placed along going to be the propagation path extend going to be the distance above these all communication can tough A microwave repeater is the fact a multi functional receiver/amplifier/transmitter combination which they can use for relaying microwave signals and then in far distance, overland communication links. As frequencies increase distance backward and forward repeaters have to decrease. The primary mode of propagation in your microwave range is the fact that short period regarding loving The range of strip to do with little brown eyes communication is around going to be the height having to do with the communicating antennas and going to be the nature regarding the terrain to and fro them. The line concerning face range is always limited to learn more about going to be the radio horizon. Line having to do with eyes microwave repeaters i always.okay radio link within the body carry large quantizes to do with voice and data traffic and are subject for more information about transmission impairments thereby limiting going to be the distance back and forth relay points. Most radio link in your system carry analog signals principally frequency modulated, although a multi functional a modest amount of carry digital signals. Terrestrial radio link elsewhere in the body bring to the table the top rated directional, point for more information regarding point transmission relating to voice and date signals. Satellite radio link in the body provide a couple of path transmission as well as these signals as not too long ago broadcast. Frequencies with your microwave spectrum are normally transmitted all the way through waveguides,going to be the wall regarding these all are highly polished and sometimes specially plated for more information regarding get rid of the resistance and consequently an outlet losses. Waveguides may be the case are put together about brass,nike nfl uniforms, copper or perhaps aluminum and are made also in sections concerning a lot of unique lengths. These business units may be the case straight, bent, twisted well multi ? purpose The the majority of people common form having to do with waveguide could be the rectangular and go over section although round waveguides may be the case to use Within certain limits microwaves can be the case transferred based on co axial cable, micro strip,cheap jerseys, strip line and optical fibers. Transmission concerning light weight modulated signals from start to finish optical fibers is the model course of action Because going to be the waveguides allow you to have the answer shielding and to a minimum problems and for that reason they can transmit greater amounts to do with an outlet so that you have less homemade solar power system ruins than in colorado axial cables. To be an powerful transmission strip an all in one rectangular waveguide need to bother about have going to be the mobile phone industry?s measuring at least 0.five lambdas and an all in one circular waveguide need to panic about be at least 0.six lambdas as well as in diameter. Microwaves can be the case propagated plus in waveguide in the transverse gas and electric or at least transverse magnetic approach Interior walls to do with waveguide have to settle for be the case kept clean and cost free both to and from condensation. Swine Flu Symptoms_2 www.highestqualitynfljersey.com9lG6M3O92E5 cheap jerseys


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Japan says time to address China relations

Japan's foreign minister Tuesday said it was time to address relations with China which have soured over a territorial dispute as an incident targeting the Japanese ambassador added to tensions.

Monday's incident in which the national flag was ripped off a car carrying the Japanese ambassador in Beijing came amid widespread anti-Japan demonstrations over a disputed East China Sea island chain known in China as Diaoyu and in Japan as Senkaku.

Describing the incident as "very regrettable", Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba said he would send an envoy to deliver a letter to Chinese President Hu Jintao.

He declined to elaborate on the contents, but said it was a good opportunity to address ties that have soured over the island dispute.

"I believe that we must exchange opinions now on the situation of Japan-China relations, on the situation of the region as a whole, including the Korean peninsula, as well as the global situation," Gemba said.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura, the government's top spokesman, hinted at the wider diplomatic issues at play, saying the letter to Hu was about "developing stable Japan-China relations based on a broad view".

Despite their large and mutually important trade relationship, ties between Tokyo and Beijing are often blighted by historical animosities, especially war-time atrocities carried out by the invading Japanese army.

Japan's Finance Minister Jun Azumi, who last week hinted Japan may freeze its plan to buy South Korean government bonds amid a separate diplomatic tussle with Seoul, added: "I hope that (China) will avoid inviting a situation that would worsen" relations.

Ambassador Uichiro Niwa was not hurt in the Beijing incident and there was no other damage to his diplomatic vehicle, according to the Japanese embassy.

Senior Vice Foreign Minister Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi was expected to leave for Beijing later on Tuesday to deliver the letter from Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda to Hu.

The United States, a close ally of Japan, reacted to the flag incident by saying on Monday that it was "concerned" more broadly about relations between Japan and China, Asia's two largest economies.

Tensions between the neighbours flared earlier this month after pro-Beijing activists landed on one of the disputed islands, which are controlled by Japan.

They were arrested by Japanese authorities and deported.

About a dozen nationalists raised Japanese flags on the island days later.

Thousands of Chinese citizens in more than 20 cities have protested over the last two weeks. Japanese businesses, restaurants and cars were targeted in some cities.

Japan was also embroiled in a territorial dispute with South Korea amid tense relations over issues tied to Japan's 1910-1945 occupation of the Korean peninsula.

Some analysts have voiced concern that the flare-up between northeast Asian allies has set back broader interests in the region, where concerns remain high over North Korea and China's rising clout.


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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Video: RNC now in full swing

>>> ago. meanwhile, msnbc's david gregory , the moderator of "meet the press" is joining us live from the convention site. david, you talked to someone no stranger to rnc conventions.

>> that's right, johnson is an outspoken campaigner for the republican campaign. i talked to him earlier today. this is someone who is no stranger to the conventions. former white house chiefs of staff . and it was a pretty lively discussion for the romney campaign at this convention. here's part of this conversation conversation. if this is a successful night, what things will we see out of the two speeches?

>> one will be hot, one will be cool. governor christie will talk about what's wrong with america today and focusing on the governor's capacity to fix problems and underscoring the need of a failed presidency to be repaired by somebody who knows how to repair it. and ann will talk about mitt romney the person, i suspect. i haven't seen either of the speeches, by i suspect she'll talk about mitt, the person, and try to give a more personal context to why mitt romney decided to go through what is really a grueling process, running for president and then serving and fixing the country.

>> it seems like governor romney has twin challenges. there's something mysterious about him to a lot of people, he's not an easy guy to get to know. on the other hand, is he a likable guy, somebody you can identify with? the president seems to have an advantage on that. do you think that's something she can address or does he have to address it himself?

>> that's talk about why likable is an issue at all. you have a broken pipe in the kitchen, you have a choice between two plumbers, one is likable and incompetent, the other is dryer in his conversation and knows what he's doing. who are you going to hire? competence over likable.

>> competence doesn't always sell but --

>> that's a different debate.

>> but that is interesting, it seems to be the thrust to say, look, he may not light up this room, but he's a fix-it guy.

>> look, people are hurting. people have no jobs. people are underemployed. they see their kids and grandkids graduating from college and not finding any work. they don't want that to continue. there are lots of nice people i have never hired to run a lemonade stand , and that's president obama . i wouldn't hire him to run a lemonade stand .

>> the issue that this comes down to, obviously governor romney wants to talk a lot about the economy. and just what you're talking about, who can turn it around, and yet there seem to be, they are not side issues because they are core demographic issues affecting the party. i spoke to former governor jeb bush about standing among hispani hispanics , a real liability for the party, among women, the gender gap is obviously hurting the republicans right now. what can ann romney do to address those things? what can mitt romney do to address the issues?

>> the party understands we have to continue what's been a long effort to reach minority groups like the hispanics . the hispanics are very entrepreneurial. to their credit, they probably have a better record of being entrepreneurs than some second, third and fourth-generation americans here. they like to create jobs for themselves and they are willing to take the risks. and they came to this country for a reason. the party is trying to focus on that aspect. and i think it's beginning to resonate.

>> where is it resonating? obama has two-thirds of the vote.

>> there is going to be a better turnout for hispanics than president obama , to the republicans than president obama realizes. they will cash their vote and then we'll talk about the numbers.

>> based on what? rupert murdoch says romney has to come out with a path for citizen ship . that's not where the republican party is right now.

>> that is not true. we have to do a better job on guest passes for workers and the expansion and commitment to really expand that. there's the aspect of the platform that addresses easing the process on visas so we retain talented folks who come to study and encourage them to stay here. so the party is moving in the right direction. you're not going to solve the immigration problem in the hot rhetoric of a presidential campaign . and the travesty of all of this is that president obama sat on his hands for four years before he did anything as a president to make it easier for some of the young people who through no fault of their own are in the united states and by virtue of education and service in the military, a lot of us fail that they have earned the right to stay here.


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Chimpanzees create 'social traditions': Unique handclasp grooming behavior reveals local difference

ScienceDaily (Aug. 28, 2012) ? Researchers have revealed that chimpanzees are not only capable of learning from one another, but also use this social information to form and maintain local traditions.

A research collaboration between the Gonzaga University and the Max Planck Institute shows that the way in which chimpanzees groom each other depends on the community to which they belong. Specifically, it is the unique handclasp grooming behaviour that reveals this local difference.

The specific behaviour that the researchers focused on was the 'grooming handclasp', a behaviour where two chimpanzees clasp onto each other's arms, raise those arms up in the air, and groom each other with their free arm. This behaviour has only been observed in some chimpanzee populations. The question remained whether chimpanzees are instinctively inclined to engage in grooming handclasp behaviour, or whether they learn this behaviour from each other and pass it on to subsequent generations.

Edwin van Leeuwen and Katherine Cronin of the Comparative Cognitive Anthropology research group of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics led by Daniel Haun conducted their observations between 2007 and 2012 at the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust in Zambia. At Chimfunshi, a mix of wild- and captive-born chimpanzees live in woodlands in some of the largest enclosures in the world. The Max Planck team collaborated with students from Gonzaga University led by Mark Bodamer, a team of local chimpanzee caretakers, and Roger Mundry of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in order to collect and comprehend the detailed chimpanzee data.

Previous research suggested that the grooming handclasp might be a cultural phenomenon, just like humans across cultures engage in different ways of greeting each other. However, these suggestions were primarily based on observations that some chimpanzee communities handclasp and others don't -- not whether there are differences between communities that engage in handclasping. Moreover, the early observations could have been explained by differences in genetic and/or ecological factors between the chimpanzee communities, which precluded the interpretation that the chimpanzees were exhibiting 'cultural' differences.

The present research shows that even between chimpanzee communities that engage in the grooming handclasp, subtle yet stable differences exist in the styles that they prefer: one chimpanzee group highly preferred the style where they would grasp each other's hands during the grooming, while another group engaged much more in a style where they would fold their wrists around each other's wrists.

"We don't know what mechanisms account for these differences," van Leeuwen says. "But our study at least reveals that these chimpanzee communities formed and maintained their own local grooming traditions over the last 5 years. Our observations may also indicate that chimpanzees can overcome their innate predispositions, potentially allowing them to manipulate their environment based on social constructs rather than on mere instincts."

Apart from the different style preferences of the chimpanzee communities, the research team also observed that the grooming handclasp behaviour was a long-lasting part of the chimpanzees' behavioural repertoire: the behaviour was even transmitted to the next generation of potential handclaspers.

"By following the chimpanzees over time, we were able to show that 20 young chimpanzees gradually developed the handclasp behaviour over the course of the five-year study. The first handclasps by young individuals were mostly in partnership with their mothers. These observations support the conclusion that these chimpanzees socially learn their local tradition, and that this might be evidence of social culture," Bodamer explains.

"Continued monitoring of these groups of chimpanzees will shed light on the question of how these group-traditions are maintained over time and potentially even why the chimpanzees like to raise their arms up in the air during social grooming in the first place," van Leeuwen adds.

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The above story is reprinted from materials provided by Max-Planck-Gesellschaft.

Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal Reference:

  1. Edwin J. C. van Leeuwen, Katherine A. Cronin, Daniel B. M. Haun, Roger Mundry and Mark D. Bodamer. Neighbouring chimpanzee communities show different preferences in social grooming behaviour. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, August 29, 2012

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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Comparing Simple Methods For Successful Product Launches ...

New launches are introduced on the internet on a daily basis. Some of them do terribly, but others do very well. The day that the product launched is the most important day because it is the first time that you have to impress your customers. This is the day that you product can utilize the product launch to its benefit and make tons of money in internet sales. In addition, the launch day is the day that you can make tons of money, if you know how to do it. Does that make you realize how important it is to have the right launch for your product? Below are a few of the items that you should keep in mind when you prepare to launch your product.

Using the Influence of Others: Seth Godin has a special name for the popular members of a niche whose word of mouth promotion can cause anything to go viral; he calls them ?sneezers.? Make sure you are in touch with these people. Do some work to figure out who the most influential people in your niche are and then make sure that those people are interested in the product that you will soon be launching. You need to make sure that people actually hear you when you launch a product of your own. The reason why you need to do this is because nothing comes close to a personal recommendation by someone who is well known in the market. Success is going to depend upon how well you can network with the professionals in your field. Gather Feedback: Try emailing your customers a survey to find out what their needs are, if you already have a list. You will ensure that your product is actually in demand when you learn about the interests of your target audiences through your existing customers. Thank your customers for their time after you get the feedback, then tell them about the product you?re developing and how it will address their needs. In this way, your current customers are kept in the loop about the new products you want to launch. Your customers will be more likely to buy your product when you let them know about upcoming products and how they will benefit. Navigate to for quality tips.

Leverage Social Media: If you?re launching a product on the Internet and not using social media to create a stronger buzz then you?re leaving a lot of money on the table. With social sites like Facebook and Twitter it?s become much easier to reach out to your prospects/customers and provide them with regular updates. Keep everyone updated about the product you?re going to launch using social media sites. These social sites will provide a massive response when you do launch your product and it may even go viral.

In order for your product launch to be successful, it will mean hard work and a huge commitment from you. It is imperative that you do whatever it takes to make sure that your product launch is successful. Once your product has been released to the public, you should get a lot of new sales because of the preparation you did before launching the product. The tips that were made in this article will help you to have a launch day that is very successful.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Video: Tropical Storm Isaac gains steam

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Source: baylor sofia vergara april 9 albatross louis oosthuizen phil mickelson

Syria regime accused of 'massacre' near Damascus

Syrian opposition activists accused the regime on Sunday of a gruesome new "massacre" after several hundred people were reported killed in a town near Damascus in a ferocious five-day army assault.

Grisly videos issued by opposition militants showed dozens of charred and bloodied bodies lined up in broad daylight in a graveyard, and others lying wall-to-wall in rooms in a mosque in the town of Daraya.

At least 320 people were killed in the five-day onslaught on Daraya by troops battling to crush insurgents who have regrouped in the outskirts of the capital, according to a toll from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Local Coordination Committees, a network of activists on the ground, described it as a "massacre" by President Bashar al-Assad's regime and said many victims had been summarily executed and their bodies burnt.

"The shabiha (pro-regime) militias... have been transformed into a killing machine that threatens the Syrian people and our future," it said.

The Daraya killings could prove to be one of the bloodiest episodes of the increasingly brutal conflict that has convulsed Syria for more than 17 months and shows no signs of abating.

Human rights groups have accused the regime of committing many atrocities since the uprising against Assad's rule erupted in March last year, and a UN panel said earlier this month it was guilty of crimes against humanity.

"Bodies were found in fields, basements and shelters and in the streets," Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP.

He said 200 bodies had been identified so far, including 15 women and 14 children, and that many of the victims had died in shelling or were summarily executed.

In the first reaction by a world power, Britain said that if confirmed, the Daraya massacre "would be an atrocity on a new scale."

Assad, whose regime has been hit by a number of defections as the violence intensifies, vowed Sunday that Syria would continue to resist "at any price" what he said was a conspiracy against it by Western and some regional powers.

And Vice President Faruq al-Shara -- the regime's top Sunni Muslim official -- made his first public appearance in over a month at talks with an Iranian official, following opposition claims he had tried to defect and was under house arrest.

Activists issued graphic videos of the scenes in Daraya, one showing dozens of bodies in dimly lit rooms, with a commentary referring to "an odious massacre committed by the gangs of the Assad regime in the Abu Sleiman Addarani Mosque."

In another LCC video, Daraya's dead, among them at least two children, were shown being prepared for burial, their bodies lying in a hastily dug trench covered with blankets and strewn with palm fronds.

State media said Daraya, a conservative Sunni Muslim town of some 200,000 people, was "purified of terrorist remnants."

-- Bloodied bodies in streets --


Pro-government television Al-Dunia said "terrorists" carried out the attacks, as it interviewed residents including traumatised children and showed a number of bloodied bodies lying in the streets.

"Our valiant armed forces cleared Daraya of the remnants of armed terrorist groups which committed crimes that traumatised the citizens of the town and destroyed public and private property," government newspaper Ath-Thawra said.

Activists described the offensive as a bid to crush "once and for all" the insurgency in Damascus after rebel Free Syrian Army fighters regrouped to the southern outskirts following an army offensive to retake the city last month.

The LCC accused the regime of blockading Daraya to choke off supplies and indiscriminately bombarding the town with heavy weapons and warplanes, and carrying out door-to-door raids.

"Afterwards the gangs of killers entered the town and carried out summary executions, before dismembering and setting fire to the bodies."

Reports by activists cannot be independently confirmed because of severe restrictions on media operating in Syria.

Meanwhile, the head of the Iranian parliament's foreign policy committee, Aladin Borujerdi, vowed that Tehran will "stick by our Syrian brothers".

"We see Syria's security as our security," he said in Damascus, where he met both Assad and Shara, Iran's state-owned IRNA news agency said.

Tehran -- Damascus's staunchest ally -- has said it will submit a plan for ending the conflict to a Non-Aligned Movement summit it is hosting on Thursday and Friday.

The Iranian initiative comes as its foes in the West ramp up the pressure on Damascus, with Washington and London threatening action if it uses its chemical weapons and Paris voicing support for a partial no-fly zone.

The Observatory also reported shelling or air strikes in other parts of the country on Sunday including the battered northern city of Aleppo and Daraa in the far south, the cradle of the uprising.

A report by UN investigators this month said government forces and their militia allies had committed crimes against humanity and that rebels had also carried out war crimes, although on a lesser scale.

In particular, it held government forces responsible for a massacre in the central town of Houla in May when 108 civilians, including 49 children, were killed in an atrocity that shocked the world.

August is already the deadliest single month of the conflict with at least 4,000 people killed, according to the Observatory, while around 25,000 have died since March 2011.

The United Nations puts the death toll at more than 17,000 and has warned of a major humanitarian crisis with more than 200,000 refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries and 2.5 million in need inside Syria.

New international envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, who takes over from Kofi Annan next month, said on Friday he was "scared" of the enormity of the task he faces to try to end what he describes as civil war.

Syria warned Brahimi on Sunday not to follow the same path as Annan, with Ath-Thawra accusing the former UN chief who quit this month after the failure of his peace plan of "bowing to US and Western pressure."

Damascus said last week it would cooperate with Brahimi to try to pave the way for "national dialogue," while also suggesting it was ready to discuss Assad's exit as part of any negotiated solution.


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Typhoon Bolaven Hits Okinawa (Voice Of America)

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

You May Be Surprised At How Many People Are Making Money Online

Saturday, August 25th, 2012 at 10:26 am ?

making money online is one of those things where the total influence it has primarily rests on other considerations.

These days you are going to discover that more and more men and women are turning to the Internet in an attempt to make money simply because times are tough for everybody. With regards to making money online there are ways that men and women can actually become rich. To find the appropriate facts, you have to learn as much as possible about the latest Internet advertising information. There are tons of scams on-line today so you need to be careful when buying programs. Something you need to keep in mind about online opportunities is that there are a lot of scammers out there.

Many folks are becoming wealthy online, in fact there will be more millionaires being made on the web than in any other industry. Bear in mind the you need to have the appropriate information if you want to make cash on the internet and when you?ve got the appropriate information this can be accomplished. And when you?ve got the right information it will not take you as long to make money on the web as it does without this information. You can never expect to receive something out of nothing, since building a web based business will take hard work and time. A web based business can be built faster than one in the offline world, and considerably cheaper, but it won?t happen overnight.

It is trusted what you have been reading already with respect to getting money on the Internet, together with additionally the info about online business, is going to be useful for you. Please keep reading a bit more for added info to do with this topic.

Finding a method that is profitable for you and sticking with that strategy will lead you to online success. Don?t keep buying the latest sure thing, but stick with a proven system that you enjoy, until it is making money. One more thing individuals do is expand too quickly so make certain you?re proficient in the technique you are currently using before you expand. Don?t think that your business will grow automatically without getting any training first. If you?ve ever made an effort to put together something without directions you know how difficult something like that can be. You will need to know basic skills before you start building your Internet business, no matter how much time it?s going to take, or exactly how much it costs. Getting the right information to be able to get started is rather simple, but if you would like to earn the big cash you need to realize that your training should never end. Once you get to this point, the sky is the limit, and exactly how much you make is up to you.

There are some individuals out there who tell you that you don?t need a web site in order to produce an income, but in my experience a site is necessary. By having your own website you are going to be able to begin to brand yourself as a professional in whatever field you decide to enter. One of the benefits of having your own website is in time you?ll continue to get more and more visitors to this web site. Developing your own website is something that you can do on your own so you don?t have to pay other folks to do this for you. There are lots of free places, that will help you figure out how to build your own website.

There are hundreds of different systems available on the web today to show you how to make cash, but you have to do research before you buy any of them as many are scams. Take your time to find the correct business, simply because most men and women fail, and you don?t want to be one of them.

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On Writing Short Fiction (FWE Friday Writing... | Gather

?Writing short fiction is definitely my comfort zone.? Years ago I started out writing song lyrics, ad copy, and jokes.? These, like short fiction, are short, so when I?tried short fiction, I was?right at home.?

The following are my thoughts on?writing short fiction.? I?shall use Andrea Pearson's prompt questions as a guide.? ??

  • What are the steps - to you - in writing good short fiction?

The main concept behind short fiction is make a long story short.? The fewer steps involved, the better.?? I usually think of my story's ending first.? Of course, a lot of novelists do this as well.? But unlike a novelist, I want to take the quickest route to that ending.? One way to do that is to make the ending the focus of?the story.? The beginning and middle are just the means to that ending.?

When you're writing the short story, pretend that your readers are extremely busy and extremely impatient.??They will only allow you?a few seconds to grab their interest.? Consider yourself?lucky if you can?keep their interest for more than five minutes.? In short, pretend you are writing an?advertisement. How many people like long ads?? None!? The?same is true for jokes and song lyrics.? Imagine a joke?that is 200 pages long before it reaches the punchline.? Not a pretty sight!?

So your steps might be 1) Quick hook or setup, 2) Skim through the middle (or cut it out if your ending won't suffer), 3)?Hit the reader with your cool ending, punchline or bottom line.? Always remember that?step 3 is the most important.? It is the reason the impatient reader is reading your short story.? ???


  • What exactly is short fiction? (Length, etc.)

In track and field, there are sprinters and there are long-distance runners.? Short story writers are sprinters, and short fiction is the 100-meter dash.? The novelist, by contrast, is the long-distance runner, and the novel is the marathon.??

The same story can often be told?as a short story or in a novel.??Short fiction is?the disapline of communicating as much information with the fewest words possible.? ?By contrast, a novelist tries to stretch out the story without losing the reader's interest.??

  • Do you feel this is an inborn talent for people, or something that can be achieved through practice and hard work?

I feel it's a combination of talent, practice and hard work.? I've heard writers complain that short fiction is difficult, but for me, holding a reader's interest for 200 to 1000 pages seems like a daunting task.?

Again, some of us are?naturally sprinters and some are natural long-distance runners--but hard work and?determination can make any novelist a short-fiction writer.? ??

  • Have you seen short fiction translate successfully to the big screen?

If memory serves, Rudyard Kipling's "The Man Who Would Be King" was a short story that made an excellent action-adventure film.? Interestingly enough, screenplays are about the same length as most short fiction, so I would imagine that any short story could easily be translated into a screenplay.?

  • What is your favorite piece of short fiction? Why?

"The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe.? It has all the intensity, suspense and drama you will find in a thriller novel, but you can read it in one sitting--that leaves you time to play golf.?

  • Who is your favorite short fiction author? Why?

O. Henry!? I love his twisted endings!?

  • What makes good short fiction?

If it is not too long, it's good short fiction.?

  • What is the most difficult part of writing in this genre?

Cutting all those scenes you are hopelessly in love with, but do nothing to move the plot forward.?


Not having to fill hundreds of pages with more words than you really need.?






This weeks challenge:

Let's focus on short fiction.?

You have until Thursday, August 30, 2012 at midnight to write and post, and it can be in any format.

I will read, comment on, and feature your responses a week from today.

* Have your title say FWE or Friday Writing Essential, and have the initials "LFSF" (Let's Focus on Short Fiction) in it.

* Make sure to post to the Writing Essential Group.

* Put FWE or Friday Writing Essentials and the initials "LFSF" in your tags. (I won't find your post without these tags.)

Have a great week! :-)

Please provide details below to help Gather review this content. If it is found to be inappropriate and in violation of the Gather Terms of Service, action will be taken.

You have successfully submitted a report for this post.


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How do I end the twin soul separation and struggle phase?

Even though you have met your twin soul, there are no guarantees that everything will work smoothly from that day on. (Luckily, there?s also no guarantees that it won?t!) The separation phase is often explained by karmic debt, but we have a different idea on that. This post applies to both twin souls who have already met and those who haven?t met yet.

The old school new age teaches that to make it possible for twin soul couples to be together, they have to be free of all karma. That is a troublesome concept for two reasons. One has to do with non-automatic reincarnation which makes karma unnecessary, secondly, and more importantly, if you look at twin soul couples who are happily together? Do we trust all of them have ?made good? all their bad deeds? I can?t even begin to imagine the amount of bad karma the normal smugness of having found your twin soul the thinking pattern ?this is the reward for my good deeds and high soul age level? would rake up. Your twin soul isn?t a reward for good behaviour or ?enlightenment?, you better get away from that thinking because it?s simply not healthy. If you understand karma in the context that you don?t exactly have to do anything to clear it, but just ?live it through? this makes you sit and wait for some indefinite time frame until you feel it?s right? Or not.

What happens has everything to do with psychology and the law of attraction. If you understand the basis of the law of the attraction, in short, in this context, it can be summed up as ?you get what you believe you deserve?. If deep down you think that you don?t deserve to be loved, the settling karma -thinking would allow you to get around it by ?I have now suffered enough to deserve happiness in the end.? Your time would be better spent on self-improvement, self-empowerment, and clearing your mind from defeating attitudes and negativity. You don?t need to do this in the context of twin souls, but any normal psychologist will be able to help you here. If you are not that way inclined, any life coaching resource might help you, self-help books and simple self-reflection as to what are the reasons that you feel your twin soul doesn?t, can?t or won?t love you, or why you can?t find him in the first place. (It sounds like a different thing if you have met your twin or not but both situations are related. If you haven?t met your twin soul yet, it?s simply because you believe things like this don?t happen to people like you.)

?Get ready for love? does sound a lot simpler than ?align myself with my twin soul? doesn?t it? When you think about it this way, you may have a bit of a chuckle. We do like to mystify things, don?t we? :p The truth is that the twin soul relationship is mysterious and complicated enough as it is, we don?t need to complicate it further. I believe the mystification comes from the need to explain to others that ?my love is bigger than your love?, and although all of us know the difference when it?s your true twin, we also know that people who haven?t experienced this have absolutely no clue. Sorry I am rambling.

What we must do for ourselves before our twin soul relationship can work we need to get rid of any insecurities, doubt and bitterness we might harbour. These things don?t obstruct normal relationships because we are not as afraid of screwing it up and being told that we are no longer loved. There?s nothing more mysterious to it than that. The twin soul connection will freak out even the most confident of us, and put us face to face with our own failures. We must work on our self-esteem, to learn exactly what is keeping us from either giving love or accepting love. Please note that if one of you is perfectly fine with who they are, the other one will have SO MUCH EASIER TIME accepting your relationship even if they hadn?t worked on their issues yet. This happens, because a person who is happy within themselves will never have to retort. They can take rejection, blow ups, fuck ups and all the fury of Hell from their twin flame and not blink, and unless the twin soul is absolutely torn to pieces by their personal experiences, this is usually enough to keep them together and the hurting twin will be able to heal themselves with the help of the whole one.

To fast track your own healing, it would be a great idea to seek counselling from a relationship life coach or a psychologist. These are very practical solutions to what seems to be a mysterious problem but really isn?t. Remember that all-consuming love is not the privilege of only those who hold new age beliefs. There is also nothing telling that you shouldn?t seek couple?s therapy if you are struggling to hold onto each other.

For the cheap, ;) the DYI folk and those who like things mysterious, you need to be very courageous in looking into your own psyche and finding out your own issues for yourself. I would highly recommend you contacting your soul and ask help in clearing out your internal drama. If you ask this, remember that the answers you hear will be what you NEED to hear, not what you want to hear, and even if it didn?t make sense, keep going and TRY to make sense out of it. I would suggest the pendulum for this as a tool.


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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Irish woman prepares to marry an American man she's only met ...

IRELAND: Vulgar men, sleazy emails -- why I gave up my quest for online love Read more...

BORNEO: Women, especially single mother and government servants, are those who have fallen victims to online dating scam/ Police have received a total of 154 of such cases since 2009 until July this year, with Kota Kinabalu recording the highest number with 76 cases. Read more.....

DENVER: Greeley woman conned by online suitor saying he's a top secret soldier. Read more....

JAPAN: Online Dating Game Lets You Steal Other People?s Virtual Girlfriends (And Lets Them Steal Yours) Read more....

AMERICA: Online Dating Fraud Bilks Monroe Woman Out of $4,000. Read more....

AMERICA: "Catfish: The TV Show," which premieres in November, will follow people who have been in passionate online relationships as they meet their would-be soulmates in person for the first time. Read more...

HOUSTON: They were supposed to go out on a date, but the man she met online showed up at her apartment with movies and liquor instead and allegedly ended up raping her. Read more....

SOUTH AFRICA: A survey by among its 96,000 members revealed that Randfontein was leading in infidelity followed by Pretoria. Read more....

TEXAS: Scam Alert - alias "CRISTIANO FAHAD". Do you recognise the individual in the photographs? Read more...

SOUTH AFRICA: Prof turns drug mule for model (South African article about British Professor Paul Frampton) Read more....

ONLINE: How to stop sexual predators on online dating sites. Read more...

AMERICA: More background checks for online dating sites. Read more....

AMERICA: 30-year-old Justin McMahan arrested for murder of Arizona community college football coach Land Jacobsen. The couple had met online and were meeting for the first time. Read more...

AMERICA: Trial begins for teen, Ryan Ray, accused of strangling 39 year old Jamin Coyle who he met online. Read more...

UNITED KINGDOM: ?Drug smuggling? British Professer Paul Frampton duped in fake online romance with model. Read more....

AMERICA: Colorado Mass Shooting Suspect James Holmes had online dating profile on, OkCupid and Adult Friend Finder Read more....

AUSTRALIA: Victim of Romance Scam speaks out against scams online. Read more....

ROCHESTER: Father outraged by daughter's access to online dating site at school. Read more....

CANADA: Signs to identify a professional online dater. Read more....

AMERICA: Police say man made fake dating profiles of ex-girlfriends and posted on prisoner dating sites. Read more....

CANADA: Durham police public advise regarding online dating scam. Read more.....

KENTUCKY: Murder victim met suspect through an online classifieds site, Read more...

CALIFORNIA: Court Documents of Online Dating Crimes. Male charged with robbery, attempted robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and firearm, and shooting at an occupied vehicle. Read more...

CANADA: Online Dating Etiquette: Ten Fabulous Tips for Guys. Read more....

AMERICA: Better Business Bureau warns dating site users not to get scammed. (Video) Read more....

DATING PROFILES: Women should wear Red in their Dating Profiles as men perceive women who wear red as more attractive Read more....

ARAB WOMEN ONLINE: Online Romance Scams: Digital Lotharios Take To The Web. Read more....

AUSTRALIA: An educated Doctor found herself scammed of $13,000 by a romance scammer. Read more....

ETHIOPIA: When Facebook proposals go wrong...requesting marriage for a place to stay when you travel overseas. Read more....

AMERICA: In Case of Lies and Free Speech, Supreme Court Skirts Law of Online Dating Read more....

TANZANIA: Internet crooks who target your soft spots Read more....

FAKE PROFILES: Ten fake OkCupid profiles show that men face extreme competition on digital dating websites. Read more....

LAS VEGAS: A former Las Vegas-area school technician will serve six months' home confinement and five years' probation for laundering money for a woman he met on the Internet. Read more...

WIKI-MOVIE?: German filmmaker wants to make movie about Wikileaks creator Julian Assange love life. Assange had been involved in internet dating using the screen name of Harry Harrison. Read more....

AMERICA: A man accused of stealing items including a car and dog from the home of a dead South Pasadena man he met on the Internet received a jail sentence. Read more....

HOLYOAKE: Man pleads guilty to manslaughter for stabbing a New York City man he met online. Read more.......

AMERICA: Man stalks fake Internet girlfriend. Online Hoax Prompted Man's Revenge Plot Read more.....

MARYLAND: Police arrested a 21 year old man after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman he met on the internet. Read more.....

DENVER: A Brighton mother-daughter team stands accused of helping steal more than $1 million from hundreds of women in an elaborate, multi-national online dating scam. Read more....

COLORADO: A local political attack email came from an address implicated in an online dating scam. Read more....

CANADA: Man wanted in fatal heist ?very laid back,? dating profile says. Read more.....

UNITED KINGDOM: A part-time glamour model was strangled to death by an ?infatuated? cyber-stalker whose marriage proposal she rejected. Read more.....

NEW ZEALAND: A man has been charged by Police after setting up a false dating profile under his ex-partners name, stating she was available for "sexual liasons." Read more....

LADIES: We'll save you the CupidScreen report on these guys... DON'T go there! Read more.....

CANADA: A young woman has apologised for the pain she caused by assuming a fake identity in an online romance. Her male suitor tragically died after abusing alcohol and the painkiller Dilaudid. Read more...

GWINNETT COUNTY: A man's date failed to work out as well as he perhaps may have hoped after the woman, who he met online, allegedly stole his car. Read more.....

HAMILTON: Police arrested a 45 year-old man for sexually assaulting a woman in her 30s with a weapon. They originally met through an online dating service and had agreed to meet for a first date. Read more....

AMERICA: Woman posing as boy uses fake genitals for sex with underage girl Read more....

INFIDELITY: Is an online affair cheating? This study makes it clear that to most, the answer is yes. Read more....

AMERICA/CANADIAN RESIDENTS: Are you having an online relationship? Aged between 18-30? MTV want to hear from you for their new reality show! Read more....

DATING DISASTERS: Would you date these men? The world's weirdest dating website profiles. Read more....

FLORIDA: Fears for mother-of-three who vanished after she went to meet man from online dating website Read more....

UNITED KINGDOM: The lead guitarist of a rock band called Criminal Suicide has been jailed for losing his temper after discovering his girlfriend had been in contact with other men online Read more...

TAIWAN: Police yesterday renewed a warning to love-struck people in Taiwan to be wary of fraudulent foreigners aiming to cheat money out of them through marriage scams. Read more.....

ONLINE DATERS: Online dating site eHarmony has confirmed that a massive list of passwords posted online included those used by its members. Read more....

ONLINE DATERS: Online romantics targeted by dating site phishing attack. Read more.....

AMERICA: Online dating scam leaves woman out $25K, but still confident Read more.....

AMERICA: Oregon woman gets $900K in online dating herpes lawsuit Read more....

AMERICA: A Colombus man has been charged with stealing from a woman he met online Read more....

AMERICA: Two women claim run-ins with man charged in murder. They met online shortly before he killed girl. Read more....

AMERICA: Columbus Police say a man used online dating websites to rob at least one Central Ohio woman. Read more.....

AMERICA: A Wilton man was arrested last week, accused of assaulting a woman he met through an online dating site. Read more...

SCOTLAND: Meeting a male prostitute through online dating led to lecturer's murder Read more....

AMERICA: A 26 year old woman created a fake dating profile to see just how far men would go for a good time...with some hilarious responses. Read more....

NORWAY: Mass killer Anders Behring Breivik had allegedly been dating a woman he had met on the internet. After their relationship broke up his world apparently "fell apart". Read more....

UNITED KINGDOM: A woman has been sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty of murdering a man she met on the internet. Read more....

GLOBAL: What cheating looks like online Read more.....

INDIA: A 23 year old male took his own life after his online girlfriend broke up with him. The saddest part of this - his "girlfriend" wasn't even a real person. Read more....

AMERICA: A Court ruling will not allow a woman to sue another woman for deceiving her in an 18 month online relationship. Should have done a CupidScreen! Read more....

WORLDWIDE: What men and women really look for when online dating Read more.....

UNITED KINGDOM: A woman who is accused of killing a man she met on the internet told a jury: ?I?m not a murderer.? Read more.....

AMERICA: Brokenhearted and broke: Online dating scams revealed. Read more....

WORLDWIDE: Social media is making infidelity easier: It's fun to reconnect with old friends on Facebook. But for some couples, it has threatened their marriages. Read more....

WORLDWIDE: How to tell if your online date is really a criminal. Read more.....

AMERICA: When Rachel Gillett met a prospective boyfriend online, his profile said he was widowed ? the first of many lies she claimed Robert Bashara told her. Read more...

NEW YORK: "Amazing kisser" back in custody after being caught out using dating sites for a second time to defraud people by lying, cheating and misrepresenting his background. Read more.....

IOWA: 58 year old woman loses $138,000 of her life savings to romance scam Read more....

CHINA: Jealous boyfriend forces wire into Henan man's urethra after Internet date Read more.....

AMERICA: Cheating Site?s Second-Biggest Enrollment Day is Post-Mother?s Day Read more....

AMERICA: Online romance fraud totalled $50M last year Read more....

UNITED KINGDOM: A woman was locked in a bedroom and raped on her first date by a man she met on the internet.Read more...

UNITED KINGDOM: Second woman 'raped in motel room during raw egg spiritual cleanse by man she met online'. Read More

AMERICA: A male has been charged with domestic assault after allegedly trying to force a woman he met online into sexual acts Read More

UNITED KINGDOM: Daniel Olley, 35, of Rubens Gate, Chelmsford, tricked four women he met online into thinking he loved them before making off with their money and jewellery. Read More

NEW ZEALAND: A mother of two who invited a Canadian internet friend to live with her in Taranaki realised within days that he was violent. Read more....

AUSTRALIA: Businessman Geoffrey Edelsten has been the victim of an online dating scam, with his photo being used on a fake profile on an international match-making site. Read more.....

AUSTRALIA: Online Daters and the Use of Technology for Surveillance and Risk Management (Published in International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society ) Read more.....

AMERICA: A man who arranged a date with female he met on the Internet was attacked and robbed by a male and female at their designated meeting place. Read more.....

UNITED KINGDOM: A city financier found guilty of a string of rapes of women he met on the internet and in bars may have struck many times previously, police warned yesterday. Read more.....

JAPAN: Romance scams are reported to be increasing rapidly across Japan. Read more.....

TASMANIA: A woman has lost $380,000 in an elaborate online romance scam. A family home is likely to be lost and a family member is now likely to end up as an age pensioner renting rather than a self-funded retiree.Read more.....

AMERICA: A male was beaten in Oklahoma City motel after arriving with a woman he met online. Read more.....

AMERICA: Police advise Ohio woman who was stabbed, suffocated and dismembered in her bathtub met two of her assailants on the Internet. Read more....

AMERICA: A Newburgh jewelry thief has been caught using dating sites under a false name to find his next victims. Read more...

UNITED KINGDOM: Love-sick Britons cheated out of ?37bn by fraudsters Read more...

ONLINE: Online daters who lie in their profiles leave subconscious clues to their deception in their writing, according to a new study. Read more...

UNITED KINGDOM: A jilted lover set up false profiles for a woman who rejected him on ?no strings? dating websites and gave her personal details to strangers Read more....href>

AMERICA: Hackers broke into the database for a military dating Web site and stole passwords, e-mail addresses, and other information from nearly 171,000 accounts. Read more....href>

ARGENTINA: British Scientist, 68, arrested in Argentina for trying to smuggle cocaine after allegedly being set up by his 'girlfriend' he had met on the internet Read more....href>

AMERICA: Online dating sites, eHarmony and Spark Networks agree to screen new users against sex offender registry Read more...href>

UNITED KINGDOM: A legal secretary was left ?unrecognisable? after being beaten by a rapist she met on popular dating site "Plenty of Fish". Read more...href>

AMERICA: A Pennsylvania couple and two other suspects have been charged with beating and setting fire to a woman they met on a chat line Read more...href>

AMERICA: Case of fake online relationship argued before state Supreme Court Read more...href>

NEW ZEALAND: Glen Mills, the man otherwise referred to as the "HIV Predator" reportedly found his victims through internet dating sites. He faced 28 charges relating to 14 people - 11 men and three women of whom he knowingly had sex with without disclosing his HIV status. Read more...href>

CANADA: The growing spread of sexually transmitted disease in Canada may be at least partly the result of the Internet dating boom, and the rapid intimacy that can develop before online couples even meet, some public-health experts say. Read more...href>

MISHAWAKA: An 18-year-old Mishawaka woman told police a man she met online sexually battered her in a parking lot. Police say it was likely the first meeting between the two. Read more...href>

AMERICA: 47 year old Springfield man charged with extorting 76 year old eldery man he met online for sex. Read more...href>

NEW ZEALAND: Internet dating conman jailed. Male befriended four women he met on a dating website and duped them out of money,or had taken laptops or cars from them. Read more...href>

AMERICA: A murder trial has been postponed for a Leesburg teen accused of strangling to death a Kentucky man he met on the Internet. Read more...href>

UNITED KINGDOM: A man jailed for viewing indecent pictures of children broke a court order after his release by spending nights with a woman he had met via internet dating. Read more...href>

AMERICA: One in ten sex offenders use online dating to meet people Read more...href>

UNITED KINGDOM: "Clare's Law" soon to be trialled in parts of UK which will allow police to tell individuals if their partner has a history of domestic violence. The law was named after Clare Wood, murdered by her boyfriend who she met on the Internet and was unaware of his violent history. Read more...href>

UNITED KINGDOM: Male jailed for 18 months under new anti-stalking laws after stalking a woman he met through an online dating site. Read more...href>

AUSTRALIA: Thousands of lovelorn Australians are enlisting private investigators to do background checks on the potential partners they meet online. Read more...href>

AMERICA: A 3-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by a male whom her mother had moved in with only four days after meeting him online. Matthew James Salinas was charged with Aggravated Assault of a Child and his bond was set at $40,000. Read more...href>

ALASKA: A public health bulletion has been issued after the majority of new individuals infected with HIV and/or syphilis involved men having sexual relations with other men they met online. Read more...href>

AMERICA: Police are looking for two robbers who found their five victims via social network website, Read more...href>

WALTHAM, USA: A 54 year old man has received 6 years in prison after stealing more than $200,000 from women he met online. He deceived four victims into thinking he was romantically attached to them and in need of financial assistance, only to have taken advantage of their generosity. Read more...href>

AMERICA: A 2-year-old is dead after her mother met a man on an online dating site without realising he was a sex offender. A simple search reveals he was convicted of criminal sex abuse of a teenage victim in 2008. Read more...href>

CANADA: A Toronto man has been charged with false impersonation and fraud after posing as a professional online and claiming to his victims he could wipe their debts in exchange for $15,000 Read more...href>

AUSTRALIA : 19 year old Brisbane man found guilting of fraud after posing as a female online and obtaining $57,000 from his victim. Read more...href>

PHILADELPHIA : Female claims that the male she met online and had a child with tricked her into signing documents giving up her rights to her baby. The woman further claims the father of her child made several claims about himself which were later proved to be lies. Read more...href>

UNITED KINGDOM: Dream of a new life with Soldier was just an internet woman in Swadlincote has found out the hard way. Read more...href>

CANADA: Female claims she was forced into prostitution after meeting a man online. Police said Broecker, who also goes by the name Dominic Brooker, is from Michigan and also faces unrelated charges in the United States. Read more...href>

AMERICA: An American female has been charged with embezzlement after sending $137,000 from her employers bank account to a South African based male she had been romantically involved with online. Read more...href>

UNITED KINGDOM: Woman raped in front of son, 3, by man she met on an online dating site. Read more...href>


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