Sunday, June 30, 2013

Designed by Apple is California: Published in newspapers everywhere

Designed by Apple is California: Published in newspapers everywhere

Apple's going decidedly old world for their newest ad campaign, pushing their "Designed by Apple in California" series onto 2-page spreads in major North American newspapers, including Saturday's Montreal Gazette, pictured above. Nostalgia has been something Apple's appealed to in the past - that sense of better, simpler, more personal times and places, where friends and family, important moments and memorable music, craftsmanship and quality were the things that inspired and empowered us, and were among the values that mattered most.

I've already written about what I think it means in terms of regionalism and responsibility. Some have theorized they're targeted internally at Apple's own, and others have said they're not as effective at reaching mainstream consumers. Allusions have even been made to Apple's classic "Think Different" campaign, claiming "Designed by Apple in California" is to Tim Cook's first act what that was to Steve Jobs' second.

Regardless, they seem to me to be more brand ads than product ads, statements of identity and purpose than sales pitches. Their job doesn't seem to be to sell more iPhone or iPads, iPods or Macs, at least not overtly or directly, but to sell more Apple subtly and pervasively.

"Designed by Apple in California" doesn't seem to have clicked everywhere or for everyone yet, and may not even over time. But it gets "design", "Apple", and "California" linked in people's thoughts, and in their commentary, and that's a change from what the discussions and word associations might have been previously.

You can check out some other variants over at 9to5Mac. If Apple's running an ad in your local paper, throw a link below and let me know what you think about the campaign.

This is it. This is what matters. The experience of a product. How it makes someone feel. When you start by imagining what it might be like, you step back. You think.

Who will this help? Will it make life better? Does this deserve to exist? If you are busy making everything, how can you perfect anything?

We don't believe in coincidence or dumb luck. There are a thousand "no's" for every "yes". We spend a lot of time on a few great things. Until every idea we touch, enhances each life it touches.

We're engineers and artists. Craftsmen and inventors. We sign our work. You may rarely look at it, but you'll always feel it. This is our signature, and it means everything.

Designed by Apple in California


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Gay marriages resume in Calif. with a flurry

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ? Same-sex marriages that were outlawed in California 4 1/2 years ago resumed in a rush after a federal appeals court took the "unusual, but not unprecedented," step of freeing couples to obtain marriage licenses, before the U.S. Supreme Court had issued its final judgment in a challenge of the state's voter-approved gay marriage ban.

Within hours of the appeals court's action Friday, the four plaintiffs who in 2009 sued to overturn the ban had exchanged vows during hastily arranged ceremonies that drew crowds of well-wishers as the news spread that the weddings were back on.

"I was at work," lead plaintiff Kristen Perry said, adding that she rushed home to Berkeley to change into a gray suit so she could marry her now-wife Sandra Stier at San Francisco City Hall.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris declared Perry and Stier "spouses for life" as hundreds of supporters looked on and cheered from the balconies ringing the couple's perch under City Hall's rotunda. The other couple in the Supreme Court case, Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo, was married at Los Angeles City Hall 90 minutes later wearing matching white rose boutonni?res and with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa presiding.

"Your bravery in the face of bigotry has made history," said Villaraigosa, who was pulled from his last day in office tour of the city to officiate the impromptu wedding.

Although the couples fought for the right to wed for years, their nuptials came together in a flurry when a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a brief order Friday afternoon dissolving a stay it had imposed on gay marriages while the lawsuit challenging the ban advanced through the courts.

The legal fight concluded Wednesday when the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that Proposition 8's sponsors lacked standing in the case after Harris and Gov. Jerry Brown, both Democrats, refused to defend the ban in court. The decision lets stand a trial judge's declaration that the ban violates the civil rights of gay Californians and cannot be enforced.

The high court said, however, that it would not finalize its ruling "at least" until after the 25 days the ban's backers have under the court's rules to seek a rehearing. The 9th Circuit was widely expected to wait until the Supreme Court's judgment was official before clearing the way for same-sex marriages to start again.

The ban's sponsors, who like gay marriage supporters were caught off-guard, complained that the San Francisco-based 9th Circuit's swift action made it more difficult for them to ask the Supreme Court to reconsider its decision.

"The resumption of same-sex marriage this day has been obtained by illegitimate means. If our opponents rejoice in achieving their goal in a dishonorable fashion, they should be ashamed," said Andy Pugno, general counsel for a coalition of religious conservative groups that sponsored the 2008 ballot measure.

"It remains to be seen whether the fight can go on, but either way, it is a disgraceful day for California," he said.

Ninth Circuit spokesman David Madden said Friday that the panel's decision to act sooner was "unusual, but not unprecedented," although he could not recall another time the appeals court acted before receiving an official judgment from the high court.

The panel ? Judge Stephen Reinhardt, who was named to the 9th Circuit by President Jimmy Carter and has a reputation as the court's liberal lion; Judge Michael Daly Hawkins, an early appointee of President Bill Clinton; and Judge Randy Smith, the last 9th Circuit judge nominated by President George W. Bush ? decided on its own to lift the stay, Madden said.

Its order read simply, "The stay in the above matter is dissolved effective immediately."

Vikram Amar, a constitutional law professor at the University of California, Davis, said the Supreme Court's 25-day waiting period to make its decisions final isn't binding on lower courts.

"Some people may think it was in poor form, But it's not illegal," Amar said. "The appeals court may have felt that this case has dragged on long enough."

The same panel of judges ruled 2-1 last year that Proposition 8 was unconstitutional, but it kept same-sex marriages on hold while the case was appealed. But when the Supreme Court decided Proposition 8's backers couldn't defend the ban, it also wiped out the 9th Circuit's opinion.

Proposition 8 passed with 52 percent of the vote in November 2008, 4 1/2 months after same-sex marriages commenced in California the first time. The Williams Institute, a think tank at the University of California, Los Angeles, estimates 18,000 couples from around the country got married in the state during that window.

Shortly after the appeals court issued its order Friday, the governor directed California counties to resume performing same-sex marriages. A memo from the Department of Public Health said "same-sex marriage is again legal in California" and ordered county clerks to comply by making marriage licenses available to gay couples.

Robert Meadows and his partner, Craig Stein, were among those who hurried to City Hall to see Stier and Perry tie the knot. They ended up deciding to get married themselves on the spot.

"We came down here just to watch when we heard the news," Meadows said. "But then we saw the lines weren't too long and we went for it. We've been wanting to get married forever."

Hours before Pam Shaheen and Mary Beth Gabriel said "I do" in front of throngs of onlookers and media late Friday afternoon, they were having drinks at a nearby cafe, not expecting marriages to resume so quickly. Twenty years ago they met in New Orleans. Days ago they were on the steps of city hall, awaiting the Supreme Court's decision.

After holding her marriage certificate in the air, Shaheen said she hoped California's example would spread to other states.

Given that word did not come down from the appeals court until mid-afternoon, most counties were not prepared to stay open late to accommodate potential crowds. The clerks in a few counties announced that they would stay open a few hours late Friday before reopening Monday.

A jubilant San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee announced that same-sex couples would be able to marry all weekend in his city, which is hosting its annual gay pride celebration.


Associated Press writers Jason Dearen, Paul Elias, Mihir Zaveri and Shaya Mohajer in Los Angeles contributed to this story.


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Saturday, June 29, 2013

WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: Obama pitches aid in Africa

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) ? President Barack Obama is pitching U.S. foreign aid and, by extension, an image of a new Africa -- not one of malnourished children with hollow eyes and distended tummies, but one of smiles and plump babies.

Obama on Friday toured a series of booths set up behind his Dakar hotel that were designed to showcase Senegalese agriculture with a focus on nutrition and fortified foods.

At one of the booths, a large poster featured a healthy-looking baby in the arms of a smiling mother.

"That's a big, fat and happy kid," Obama said.

At another, he spoke to a farmer who displayed a sweet potato fortified with beta-carotene.

"This is not just your average sweet potato," Obama said. "This is your super-duper sweet potato."

The message was in part meant for an audience back home, where foreign aid in an age of budget squeezes is often first in line for cutbacks. The food programs get help from Feed the Future, a public private partnership initiated during Obama's first term that the administration says has helped seven million small farmers in 19 developing nations, including 7,000 in Senegal.

"When people ask what is happening to their taxpayer dollars in foreign aid, I want people to know that this money is not being wasted," Obama said. "It's helping feed families, it's helping people to become more self-sufficient, and it's creating new markets for U.S. companies. It's a win-win situation."

Speaking to reporters later aboard Air Force One, Obama said the aid serves as an economic development tool by increasing farmer income that in turn builds a new middle class that can support local manufacturing.

"Our foreign aid budget is around 1 percent of our total federal budget. It's chronically the least popular part of our federal budget," he said while en route to Johannesburg. "But if you look at the bang for the buck that we're getting when it's done right, when it's well designed, and when it's scaled at the local level with input from local folks, it can really make a huge difference."

During the agriculture tour in Dakar, he needled U.S. reporters traveling with him, whose questions have focused on recent Supreme Court decisions back home and on the whereabouts of secrets-leaker Edward Snowden.

"I know that millet and maize and fertilizer doesn't always make for sexy copy," he said. He asked a farmer at a display booth to show reporters some of his rice. "These are some city people," he said of the reporters. Then teased them, as if imparting a lesson: "This is where rice comes from."

As for the rice, he said he'd like to see it served at the White House. "We'll have the White House chef whip it up," he said.


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Asia stocks boosted by Japan, US indicators

BANGKOK (AP) ? Asian stock markets were boosted Friday by encouraging indicators from Japan and further proof that the U.S. economy is on the upswing.

Reports showing better-than-expected consumer spending, a jump in pending home sales and a drop in jobless claims emboldened investors to dive into riskier assets like stocks. Wall Street posted its third-straight gain of the week.

Japan got a dose of upbeat economic news when the government said industrial production rose 2 percent in May from April, the fourth straight monthly increase, while the most-watched consumer price index stopped falling for the first time in seven months

Japan's Nikkei 225 index surged 3.6 percent to 13,684.37. South Korea's Kospi added 1.3 percent to 1,859.69. Australia's S&P/ASX 200 gained 0.5 percent to 4,833.40.

Investors were also encouraged by comments from key U.S. Federal Reserve officials. The president of the New York branch of the Fed said the central bank would likely keep buying bonds if the economy failed to grow at the pace expected. Jerome Powell, a member of the Fed's board in Washington, said investors appear to have incorrectly concluded that the Fed will taper its purchases soon.

That brought a sign of relief to markets fearing that a pullback by the Fed would deflate stock and commodity markets, where investors have turned due to the low interest rates created by the bond buying program.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng advanced 1.4 percent to 20,723.89 while mainland Chinese shares also rose as fears eased of a credit crunch in China, analysts said.

The central bank had allowed rates that banks pay to borrow from each other to soar last week, part of an attempt by Beijing to clamp down on massive credit in the informal lending industry. Later, however, when Chinese policymakers softened their stance with the promise to provide "liquidity support" if needed.

The central bank's action was "good for the future because it makes merchant banks turn more market-driven and do more prudent lending," said Linus Yip, strategist at First Shanghai Securities in Hong Kong.

Among individual stocks, Japan's Sharp Corp. soared 8.1 percent after announcing it will set up a joint venture with in China with liquid crystal display panel maker Nanjing China Electronics Panda Group Corp., Kyodo News reported. Panasonic gained 7.6 percent. Nintendo added 6.7 percent.

New York stocks got a substantial boost by the National Association of Realtors, which reported that its seasonally adjusted index for pending home sales rose 6.7 percent last month. That's the highest level since December 2006. Separately, the U.S. Commerce Department said consumer spending rose 0.3 percent last month, nearly erasing a similar decline in April. Income rose 0.5 percent.

The Dow Jones industrial average rose 0.8 percent, to 15,204.49. The Standard & Poor's 500 rose 0.6 percent, to 1,613.20. The Nasdaq composite index rose 0.8 percent, to 3,401.86.

Benchmark oil for August delivery was up 11 cents to $97.16 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract rose $1.55 a barrel to close at $97.05 on the Nymex on Thursday.

In currencies, the euro rose to $1.3062 from $1.3049 late Thursday in New York. The dollar rose to 98.87 yen from 98.36 yen.


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Target cuts ties with Deen; drugmaker distances

NEW YORK (AP) ? Target Corp. said Thursday that it is ending its relationship with celebrity cook Paula Deen as fallout builds from revelations that the Southern celebrity chef used racial slurs in the past. Diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk also joined the companies distancing themselves from her.

The discounter, based in Minneapolis, said that it will phase out its Paula Deen-branded cookware and other items.

"Once the merchandise is sold out, we will not be replenishing inventory," said Molly Snyder, a Target spokeswoman.

Diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk said Thursday it and Deen have "mutually agreed to suspend our patient education activities for now."

The developments are the latest blow to Deen's business.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's largest retailer, said Wednesday that it's also cutting ties with Deen. The world's largest retailer currently carries a variety of products under her moniker, including food items, cookware and health and wellness products, at all of its 4,000 U.S. namesake stores. The retailer began selling her merchandise several years ago. Wal-Mart said it will not place any new orders beyond what's already committed and is working with suppliers to address existing inventories and agreements.

Meanwhile, Paula Deen's name is being stripped from four buffet restaurants owned by Caesars. Caesars said Wednesday that its decision to rebrand its restaurants in Joliet, Ill.; Tunica, Miss.; Cherokee, N.C.; and Elizabeth, Ind., was a mutual one with Deen.

Last week, the Food Network said that it would not renew the celebrity cook's contract. And on Monday, Smithfield Foods said it was dropping her as a spokeswoman. Smithfield sold Paula Deen-branded hams in addition to featuring her as a spokeswoman.

Amid the losses, book-buyers are standing by Deen.

As of Thursday morning, "Paula Deen's New Testament: 250 Recipes, All Lightened Up," ranked No. 1 on The book is scheduled for October. Another Deen book, "Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible," was at No. 13. Several other Deen books were out of stock.

Deen appeared in a "Today" show interview Wednesday, dissolving into tears and saying that anyone in the audience who's never said anything they've regretted should pick up a rock and throw it at her head.

The chef, who specializes in Southern comfort food, repeated that she's not a racist.


AP National Writer Hillel Italie contributed to this report from New York.


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Friday, June 28, 2013

Immigration Officer Charged With Taking Egg Rolls As Bribes

Immigration Officer Charged With Taking Egg Rolls As Bribes
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Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand, South-East Asia, Asia


An immigration officer has been indicted on charges that she took cash and egg rolls as bribes from immigrants seeking citizenship and green cards.

Federal prosecutors say 47-year-old Mai Nhu Nguyen was indicted Wednesday on three counts of solicitation of a bribe by a public official.

Read the whole story at ABC

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Filed by Ana Benedetti ?|?

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    Senate passes sweeping immigration legislation (reuters)

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    Thursday, June 27, 2013

    Snowden still at airport, Ecuador asylum decision may take weeks

    By Alessandra Prentice and Steve Gutterman

    MOSCOW (Reuters) - A former U.S. spy agency contractor facing charges of espionage remained in hiding at a Moscow airport on Wednesday while the prospect grew of a protracted Russian-U.S. wrangle over his fate.

    Ecuador, where Edward Snowden has requested asylum, said a decision could take weeks and asked Washington to argue its case for extradition. Russia said Snowden, whose flight is proving a growing embarrassment for President Barack Obama, was still in the transit area of Sheremetyevo airport.

    Snowden fled to Hong Kong after leaking details of secret U.S. government surveillance programs, then flew on to Moscow on Sunday. There was no sign on Wednesday of him registering for onward flights out of Russia.

    "They are not flying today and not over the next three days," an Aeroflot representative at the transfer desk at Sheremetyevo said when asked whether Snowden and his legal adviser, Sarah Harrison, were due to fly out.

    "They are not in the system."

    The logical route for Snowden to take out - and one for which he at one point had a reservation - would be an Aeroflot flight to Havana and a connecting flight to Ecuador.

    The choice of alternative flights, while the United States presses other countries not to take him in or to arrest him on arrival, would appear to be be limited.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov repeated Putin's stated opinion that he should choose a destination and fly out as soon as possible, state-run Itar-Tass news agency reported.

    But Ecuador's foreign minister indicated a decision on Snowden's asylum request could take two months.

    "It took us two months to make a decision on Assange so do not expect us to make a decision sooner this time," Foreign Minister Richard Patino said in Kuala Lumpur, referring to the founder of anti-secrecy group Wikileaks, Julian Assange.

    He added that Ecuador would consider giving Snowden protection before that if he went to Ecuador's embassy - but Russian officials say Snowden does not have a visa to enter Russia, and the United States has revoked his passport.

    Snowden, with his surveillance information, remains within the grasp of a Russian state clearly not in a hurry to dispatch him from its territory. Ecuador, which has not in the past flinched from taking on Western powers, is similarly not rushing to banish the uncertainty now plaguing U.S. authorities.

    Behind the scenes U.S. officials have been meeting Russian counterparts on a resolution.


    Snowden has not been seen in the transit area - the zone between the departure gate and formal entry into the country.

    Putin denied he was being interviewed by Russian intelligence and said any U.S. accusations that Moscow was aiding him were "ravings and rubbish".

    That prompted a new extradition demand by Washington, which said there was a clear legal basis to do so.

    Putin says he will not extradite Snowden. By declaring that he is in the transit area, albeit unseen, Russian authorities maintain the position that he has not formally entered Russia - a step that would take the dispute to another level.

    The row could, however, further fray ties between the United States and Russia, which have argued over human rights and Putin's treatment of opponents in a third term and have squared off over the Syria conflict in the U.N. Security Council.

    Snowden, who worked as a systems administrator at a U.S. National Security Agency facility in Hawaii, has been called a "traitor" in the United States for revealing its secrets.

    Putin, a former KGB officer, may feel little sympathy for someone who has broken the secrecy code. He has suggested the surveillance methods revealed by Snowden were justified in fighting terror, if carried out lawfully.

    But Snowden could be a useful propaganda tool for Moscow, which accuses the United States of violating rights and freedoms it vocally urges other countries, including Russia, to protect.

    Russia's upper parliament house said it planned to investigate whether U.S. intelligence agencies had violated the rights of Russians by collecting data from Internet companies.

    Snowden was the source of disclosures about U.S. government surveillance, including details about a program that collected emails, chat logs and other types of data from companies such as Google Inc, Facebook Inc, Microsoft Corp and Apple Inc - all widely used in Russia.

    Upper house speaker Valentina Matviyenko said a working group would be formed to look into the Russian operations of Internet companies to determine "whether human rights have been violated, whether there has been interference in the personal lives of citizens," Itar-Tass reported.

    A member of the Kremlin's advisory Human Rights Council, anti-corruption activist Kirill Kabanov, appealed to colleagues to ask Putin to invite Snowden to remain in Russia.

    "We have shown that we are a weak country," state-run RIA quoted Kabanov as saying. "We could provide him with some kind of asylum. Surely we are not weaker than Ecuador."

    (Additional reporting by Gabriela Baczynska in Moscow and Siva Sithraputhran in Kuala Lumpur; Editing by Ralph Boulton)


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    South Africans sing, pray for Mandela

    JOHANNESBURG (AP) ? Members of a South African choir have prayed and sung outside a hospital where Nelson Mandela, the country's former president, is reported to be in critical condition.

    In addition to the choir from the Salvation Army, other people arrived Thursday to deliver flowers and messages of support for 94-year-old Mandela at the hospital in Pretoria, the South African capital.

    Members of the youth league of the country's ruling party, the African National Congress, were planning prayer meetings Thursday to honor the anti-apartheid leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

    President Jacob Zuma canceled a trip to Mozambique on Thursday in an indication of heightened concern about Mandela, whose health deteriorated last weekend.


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    Google Play Books, separate 'Games' section now available in Ireland

    Two new categories arrive in the Play Store for Irish users

    Google Play Store in IrelandGoogle Play users in Ireland should now have access to both the Play Books store as well as a separate "Games" section on their devices starting today. As pointed out to us by one of our eagle-eyed readers, the Play Store in Ireland now offers four different sub-categories for users to choose from, adding to the previous availability of both paid apps and Google Play Music in the country. Unfortunately the Play Store for Ireland is still lacking both Magazines and Movies & TV, but it's a step in the right direction at least.

    The Google Play Help pages, which have been updated today, also indicate that Play Books are now available in Ireland. We haven't tracked down an official post from Google indicating whether or not the full book catalogue will be available to Irish users just yet, but we would guess that the service would not launch without all of the proper deals in place.

    More: Google Play Help; Thanks, John!



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    Wednesday, June 26, 2013

    The IRS scandal: A guide for the perplexed (Powerlineblog)

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    BlackBerry now takes care of business on iPhone, Android | CNET UK

    BlackBerry now separates business and pleasure even if you have an iPhone or Android phone. The BB system for securing your company data is available as an app from iTunes or Google play.

    Secure Work Space is an iOS or Android app that fences off work email and attachments, work calendar and contacts, and work documents from the apps containing your personal information.

    SecureWork Space is built around BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, the latest version of BB's suit-and-tie software, itself a separate app. Your phone is secured at the device, server and network level, like BlackBerry's own phones, but your company has to buy into the software and must pay for a license for each phone or tablet.

    As smart phones become ubiquitous, the folks who build blowers are increasingly looking for new people to buy them, whether it's people in developing markets who haven't owned phones before, or people in existing markets who previously couldn't use consumer devices. The business market is a real target of opportunity, especially as BlackBerry loses ground. IT departments are increasingly amenable to you keeping your work stuff on your own phone -- known as bring your own device (BYOD), but security is still paramount.

    Samsung, for one, is also working on a business-focussed system, called Knox.

    Do you use your phone for work, or do you still have to have two phones? Has BYOD made your life easier, or are you a slave to the office even when you're not there? Tell me your thoughts or separate your personal opinions from your business ideas on our Facebook page.


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    Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    Video: Pros Focus on Commodities & Currencies

    Sorry, Readability was unable to parse this page for content.


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    Homebrew 8-bit computer packs in 16 cores, multitasks like a champ

    DNP 16core homebrew computer built out of ATMegas, multitasks beautifully

    It looks like Jake Eisenmann has done it again. A couple of years after the hobbyist hacker built his first 8-bit computer, he's cobbled together yet another one, but this time with a whopping 16 cores. Appropriately dubbed the DUO Mega, the multicore wonder is made with 16 ATMega328p microcontrollers, each connected to an 8-bit data bus and designed to interpret a custom bytecode that runs the software. Compiled inside a nondescript plastic bin, the machine is also comprised of 16MHz crystal oscillators attached to each of the aforementioned cores, three Arduino UNO boards, 32kb of SRAM, 512kb of flash memory, eight breadboards, an Ethernet shield, a VGA out port and a multitude of components that combine to look like that mess of wires seen above. Because of all that processing power, this relatively primitive machine multitasks beautifully and can perform complicated calculations at an impressive clip. To get a demo of what this marvelous feat of DIY computing can do, have a peek at Eisenmann's video, complete with an 8-bit soundtrack, after the break.

    Filed under:


    Via: Hackaday

    Source: DUO Mega


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    'That 70s Show' actress arrested in Southern Calif

    BURBANK, Calif. (AP) ? "That '70s Show" actress Lisa Robin Kelly has been arrested in Southern California on suspicion of drunken driving.

    The California Highway Patrol says officers noticed signs of possible intoxication when they helped move the 43-year-old actress' stalled car off Interstate 5 in Burbank late Saturday.

    The CHP said that after an investigation, officers arrested and booked her on suspicion of DUI. Kelly was released on $5,000 bail.

    An email to her agent was not immediately returned.

    It was not her first brush with the law. Kelly and her husband Robert Joseph Gilliam were arrested last November in connection to a disturbance at their home in the Charlotte, N.C., suburb of Mooresville.

    Kelly portrayed Laurie Forman, sister of Topher Grace's lead character Eric, on the FOX series, which ended in 2006.


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    AOL Reader beta now live on the web

    AOL Reader

    New RSS reader hopes to scoop up Google Reader refugees — no mobile apps yet though

    As promised last week, starting today you can request an invite to the new AOL Reader, the internet giant's entry into the world of RSS. A week ahead of the planned Google Reader shutdown date, AOL's hoping to scoop up new user accounts by targeting Reader refugees. Using an existing AOL account, or single sign-in through Google, Twitter or Facebook, the AOL Reader beta is open to anyone and everyone — a simple email address verification is the only barrier to entry.

    read more



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