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Recent Court Case Highlights Factoring Industry


The factoring companies are watched when using response to the case with Allia Rahmans request to trade structured settlement payments to get along with her latter a lots of education costs. Inside December 2011 ruling, Judge David Eliot inside Queens County Top court in New York denied Allia Rahmans request.*

Tuition Funds Denied

Rahman needed cash to shell out tuition to get along with her latter a lots of college, but she?d no assets devoid of use of credit. However, she did have a structured settlement and contacted a factoring company she saw advertised in news reports.

After she prefered sell her payments for the company, the transaction required court approval pursuant to New Yorks Structured Settlement Protection Act, which states that this judge must get the transaction to get the superior desire for the annuitant.

Judge Eliot may not approve the transaction and cited the superior 17.8% monthly interest which Rahman was ?selling her to certainly guaranteed payments for a fraction using value.? Further, he proposed until this New York Legislature consider a cap on factoring company rates.

The Business to get Settlement Payments

This case has drawn love the factoring industry and generated some anti-factoring commentary as well. Industry professionals have concerns that only the whites inside dilemma has discussed. Rahmans tuition need was legitimate; she wasnt about to sell her settlement payments for a reason counter to her interests. Also, the principle purpose of her settlement will not be a worry in the event nor achieved it appear there were any contemplation on what she will continue her education.

In Whose Interest?

All factoring transactions are be be subject to state Structured Settlement Protection Acts. The companies and professionals inside factoring industry are going to complete raising the annuitant make certain the needs are met, before proceeding on the court.

When mentioned the Rahman case, which was while on an number of $ 12,500 with a discount rate of 17.8%, Cam Mears of Strategic Capital, a leading structured settlement buyer, said, While using the information provided problem papers, AND assuming selling her payments was the best option, Strategic Capital would?ve offered Rahman now more, at a significantly lower discount rate.

Mears loved convey that Strategic Capital preps referrals from attorneys and structured settlement professionals and takes desire to never persuade folks to trade their structured settlements if it?s hardly with their interests. She noted until this company also takes efforts and advise clients of alternatives and efforts to preserve as high of the dwelling as is feasible while meeting the clients needs.

Working on the Client

The factoring industry may help those that have legitimate needs by collecting settlement payments. Whilst the main settlement was build on the recipients benefit and was that can last long-term, circumstances change. Even without guidance off their attorney or broker when a client asks about selling structured settlement payments, a client may not secure the best favorable transaction and remain denied problem. When using industry image threatened, reputable factoring companies work with both the clients interests.


To gather additional information, contact Cam Mears toll-free at (866) 256-0088 or visit Strategic Capitals website at

About Strategic Capital

Strategic Capital Corporation is a specialty finance company with a target purchasing future payments like structured settlements, annuity payments, and lottery winnings. Currently, this business has successfully originated over $ 1.5 billion down the road payments.

*The public information for this purpose article can be acquired online as: Few J.G. Wentworth Originations, LLC v Rahman. 2011 NY Slip Op 33363(U). December 14, 2011. Top court, Queens County. Docket Number: 21636/2011. Judge: David Elliot. Republished from New York State Unified Court. Search E-Courts ( for virtually every additional information just for this case.

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