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Mamaa: Reflection of Ethnomathematics February, 20th 2013.

Rachma Hanan Tiasto


International Mathematics Education


Life is fluid, flexible and soft. Life is fluid and relative. Today you get zero point to know that zero point should not be obtained from integral, calculus, differential and etc. but from ethnomathematics you can get zero point. This proves that in the social sciences if you are not diligent to read, it will be difficult to get a good mark or score.

The element of ethnomathematics is innovative. Get zero point was fair because everything need process not instant. But everything need signs. If a person has no sign, there is no manners, there is no culture, there is no science. Signs in here is the guidelines to want to read. Then don?t ever rely on gambling or speculation. Because if you only memorized the science and not understand, it will be useless.

Ethnomathematics is mathematical contextual in ethnicity. Like street math of Theresia Nunes from San Paulo, Brazil.

Question :

1.????? Hildegradis

How teacher do implement innovative learning methods without having collided with a system- oriented education with a national exam?

Answer :

That should be innovative is yourself, which traditionally is yourself, which is your own authoritarian, democratic is yourself. And so mathematics is yourself, my students. So I will not give ethnomathematics because ethnomathematics is myself. Then each instance or use the online reference for reference. Problems got fortune that one or more of each if it endeavor.

Mathemathics should not be enforced, so please read the references or the articles on my blog. If I associate with the ideology before, mathematics is your activities, students.

So here teacher facilitate students to implement mathematics activities, here I also do ethnomathematics activities and also apllies to all sciences.

This means, whether in teaching to be seen by the minister, there should be CCTV or by the school principal. So if given two hours lesson, then use it to show who you are and based on may articles, you are the student recognition.

Education system that is not conductive to innovative, it is a test for teachers or people who have a strong vision and mission. How liberating education as an investment or education as needed. Just ask elementary school students, junior high school if they think the investment? Of course not. People who think about it are the parents, the owners of capital and etc.

2.????? Nawangwulan

What should be used to evaluate student learning outcomes, if only the national exam cause failure in these areas or in the city? In fact one can not at school graduating students. It's called complications. Our society is experiencing complications. Experiencing an anomalous situation since our society mismanagement. Why are mismanagement? ?Because the leader not think about how Indonesia next 100 years. The first president was temted to become president for his entire life, the second was temted by his children and grandchildren and etc.

President Obama when his inauguration and speech ? Hei my brother, there is still a lots of stars that you will find and they waiting you to get name?. With this speech, he directly invites people to continue to move forward. That is the difference with Indonesia. Now the condition of Indonesia is complicated. The teacher Teachers can not be trusted. Instead of teachers, officials or ministers could not be trusted. We become confused. So now we need a revolution. Required buzz from national figures who know about education, psychology and dare to continue to move forward.?

The destruction of this nation because they do not have a vision as to what Indonesia 100 years. As a result, we are struck by the progress of other nations, capitalism. Usually people who suffer are the people who live on the border or in the suburbs. We are in the estuary between Australia and Asia. This resulted in us confused or do not have a concept for building country.? Especially with the inconsistent leadership and legislative.

So the ideal school graduation should be submitted to the mechanism. Now this impressed all corruption because corrupt otherwise deemed fair.

3.????? Dyah Purboningsih

????????? What is the basic concept of ethnomathematics?

????????? What is the purpose of ethomathematics?


????????? The basic concept of ethnomathematics is contextual based on ethnicity.

????????? The purpose of the study is you can use mathematics contextually for innovative learning. Ethnomathematics self just for innovative teacher.

4.????? Venti Indiani

What is street math ?


Street math, theresia Nunes performed by observing researching ang publishing. On the street of San Paulo, Brazil apparently there are traders who use mathematics in their own way with fast and accurate result in the calculation. This is be expressed by using a case study.


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