Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Access To Timely Mental Health a Big Problem in Ottawa, Canada

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Certainly we don't have a perfect mental health system in the US. I pray and hope that it never gets to something like this.

The pressures of everyday life have definitely shot up depression cases, so we definitely need to have a mental health system that works.

I suffered from depresseion, severe depression, for many years? I know how demoralizing it can be when everythng seems hopeless.?


"By Shelley Page, Ottawa Citizen June 4, 2012 In Ottawa, the city that's been diagnosed as the "depression capital of Canada," the wait time to be assessed for a mood disorder at the city's marquee mental health treatment centre has now grown to one ?"

If you struggle with depression, please get help asap. ?My heart goes out to the people in Canada who are suffering and cannot get timely help.?sad


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