Sunday, March 3, 2013

Surgeon gets airborne shoutout for fixing pelvis

By David Jeannot,

MIAMI -- Despite a terrible Valentine's Day experience in the Cayman Islands, Daniel Donagher is in great spirits.

"Yeah it's good to be alive you know," he said.

On Feb. 14, he was airlifted from The Grand Cayman Islands to Fort Lauderdale after he broke his pelvis from sliding off a horse.

"My doctor you know searched for the best guy, came up with Dr. Daniel Chan, put me back together couple days later I'm home," he said.

Donagher was so grateful for his care he paid for a plane sign that ?reads "Dr. Daniel Chan is the man! Thanks Memorial staff. Don."

"Well it's always a nice gesture from a patient but obviously totally unnecessary, but Don's an interesting guy," said Chan, an orthopedic surgeon at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Fla.

Chan said Donagher came in in stable condition but needed surgery to restore his alignment and stability of his pelvis so he could walk again.

"When I came out of surgery and I woke up, I was like Dr. Chan you're the man. I mean, I was screaming. I mean it's good to be alive. Until you're in this position you just don't know," he said.

Chan said that after about six to eight weeks of rest and therapy, Donagher will be walking like normal again.

Bu as for his Valentine's Day, Donagher said: "It was my one day of the year, you know my big day of the year and now wife said no rain check either."?



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