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growing your business with a newsletterOne of the first things I do when I wake up is check my email. ?I?d imagine I?m not the only person that does this. ?So, you should definitely focus on growing your business with a newsletter.



Let?s start with the basics: what is a newsletter? ?It?s a publication that?s regularly sent to an audience, specifically subscribers. ?The process is someone will see content, maybe a blog post, that you have up somewhere. ?After reading your valuable post, they sign up to subscribe. ?That way, when you create an email newsletter, they will receive it.

growing your business with a newsletter


According to a Hubspot post,

40% of B2B marketers rated the leads generated by email marketing (house list) as high quality.

If we stop and think about it, that makes sense. ?People have to subscribe to a newsletter. ?So, based on something they saw about your business, they decided they want to be in touch with your brand!

Glad you asked! ?There are some huge business benefits from using a newsletter and email marketing. ?Let me back up a bit:

Email marketing?is a process of soliciting business prospects via email. It is essentially the same as direct mail?except that instead of sending mail through the postal service, messages are sent electronically via email.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, time is a limited resource. ?Having a newsletter cuts down on the amount of time spent on marketing. ?With physical newsletters, they have to be designed, created, and distributed. ?That means waiting for copies to come in or physically going to get them, which takes time. ?You can handle the entire digital newsletter process in just a few hours!

growing your business with a newsletter


In addition to time, money can be a limited resource too. ?Well, utilizing a newsletter cuts down on overheard costs. ?Growing your business with a newsletter?.this is great. ?You?re killing two birds with one stone: marketing & cutting costs! ?Printing costs, phone lines, physical advertising costs are all eliminated with email marketing, in terms of the newsletter.

Whether you have an offline or online business, a newsletter increases sales. ?MarketingSherpa says about 60% of Internet users research a product online before buying. ?In depth research can be done with a newsletter since customers get more deeply involved in the brand, as a result.

Benefits of the newsletter:

  1. Lower marketing time
  2. Less overhead costs
  3. More sales

Now, of course there are a lot more benefits, but these happen to be my favorite! ?So, you have the what & the why. ?The good stuff comes now: ?The HOW! ?(?Growing your business with a newsletter?)

growing your business with a newsletter


Growing your Business with a Newsletter: ?How

The name of the game is consistency. ?So, you definitely have to have a set schedule for doing this. ?That way, your audience knows when to look out for your valuable communication. ?Do your research! ?See what your competition is doing?.Success Leaves Clues! ?Once you have the schedule down, decide on the content. ?What are you going to talk about? ?How will your audience benefit from this?

Growing your business with a newsletter: ?Set your goals and strategize. ?Also, have a measuring tool in place. ?The tool is the easy part. ?Use an email marketing service, like GetResponse. ?They are very affordable, great with the graphics, and highly user friendly!

Email marketing & newsletters have done wonders for my business, and I?m sure you?ll benefit as well. ?Remember the focus: ?Growing your business with a newsletter!

If you found this valuable, please share. ?If you have any additional tips or comments, leave them below!

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