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The Impact of Social Media Marketing in Kenya |My Business Tricks

The Impact of Social Media Marketing in Kenya :Overview of Social Media in Kenya

Social media is a more interactive method than traditional ways and is thus a more effective way of marketing. ?Social media enables one to interact with customers worldwide at any time and for free. This makes it a cheap way for organizations to implement marketing strategies.?

A corporate message spreads faster in social media than when it is done by the company. Social media marketing is mainly driven by word of mouth. It is an effective way of marketing as social media is easily accessible by anyone with access to internet. It ensures improved communication for companies and thus improves customer service and increases brand awareness. Several social media platforms play a crucial role in marketing as discussed below.

Mobile phones

A great number of mobile phones have capabilities of social networking making individuals to be notified on any happenings in real-time. This enables organizations to update their followers on the social networks on their products and their uses. Connection of cell phones to social sites also improves advertisement of products. Individuals are also able to access company online services and websites by use of smart phones.

Social networking blogs and websites

Social networking websites allow individual to create business relationships by interacting with one another. Customers can interact with companies through their websites. These blogs and websites allow customers to increase awareness of a certain product by re-posting comments on their own sites. The fact that companies interact with individual followers instills a feeling of loyalty to customers. Social sites also enable marketers to detect the product which customers have an interest in through the comments and questions posted.


??????????? Social media enables companies to promote their services and products at an individual level. It is thus an effective method of marketing as most people have an access to internet.

Source: http://www.mybusinesstricks.com/2013/05/the-impact-of-social-media-marketing-in.html

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