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The Nations

Cre' Est is the founding nation of the continent for which it was named. It is ruled by a monarchy in which the King and Queen hold absolute power, and the most common religious view is that of Theocrata, or the belief in a single omnipotent God. Cre' Est has an abundance of forested areas and wide open plains with rolling hills. It is also famous for being the central location of the Great Mountain Range which nearly cuts the continent into two halves. Cre' Est itself is on the western side of this mountain range, and the range extends throughout its southern border where the infamous Roda Valley lies hidden away by a near impenetrable wall of earth. There are only two entrances into this valley, and both are very small and well hidden by the Assassins who reside within. Cre' Est has a single large lake called Lake Bo just outside Roda Valley which is famous as a fishing spot, as well as having some of the most beautiful and vibrant wildlife on the continent.

On the business side of things, Cre' Est makes its greatest living off of farming and hunting. The well populated wildlife makes for excellent trade in fur and meat, and the natural resources such as lumber and stone from the mountains all provide a wealth of materials for Cre' Est to harvest for trade. When it comes to fish, Lake Bo can only provide so much and is more used for sport than anything else, and so it relies on its western neighbor for aquatic goods. When it comes to social customs, Cre' Est recognizes first and foremost the accomplishments of its scholars and military figures. Women are held in high regard, but not so much so that their voices hold sway over the voice of a man. While they are not always forced to be subservient, they never the less must fight to make their voices heard.

Triveila is the aquatic nation and sits on the northwestern most edge of the continent and is ruled as an Aristocracy. The current reigning family is known as the Oorodan Family, and they have ruled Triveila for over three hundred years which is the longest amount of time any single family has held power in the nation throughout its history. The primary religion is Goddecca, as the Gods/Goddesses of the sea, sky and land are all very important to Triveilan life. Famous for its pristine beaches and abundance of sea life, Triveila is the place to be if one wishes to make a living on the sea. Overseas trade, underwater recreation, fishing. When it comes to an aquatic lifestyle, if you name it Triveila is sure to have it. Triveila is also famous for its watercolor artwork and pottery, as there are natural clay deposits on the few small mountain ranges and hillsides which cover the southern edge of the nation.

Triveila's claim to fame is of course its abundance of sea life and food. Harvesting meats, plants, animal teeth, bones, scales and hides, Triveila's most lucrative trade comes from the sea. Possessing the largest ports of any nation, Triveila also holds dominance over sea trade among the five nations as well, and as such it sees the most foreign visits and income among any nation. Triveilan women enjoy the luxury of having complete equality with the men of their nation, and enjoy the benefits of recreation, politics, public events and happenings, and even owning their own trade businesses on the sea.

In Veilbrand, the name of the game is precious metals. It lies southwest of Cre' Est and sits below Triveila geographically. Having the most heavily mountainous geography of any nation, Veilbrand makes its living from gold, silver, opals, bronze, iron, and other such metals and gems which they harvest from the rich mines and deposits which its mountains carry. On the religious side of things, Veilbrand is primarily Theocrata, believing in a single God. Politically, they are an Aristocracy, and are governed currently by the Seilfahn Family who have ruled it for over eighty years and counting. Veilbrand is also famous for its metallic art, with numerous artists rendering statues, monuments, weapons and jewelry out of precious metals such as gold and silver. For many women, this is the place to be to find that one perfect diamond necklace you've always wanted.

However, for women living in Veilbrand, life is far from free. Being considered lower than men in every way, women in Veilbrand are kept under the thumb of the ruling man of the household. If that is the father, brother, grandfather or husband, it doesn't matter. Men come first. All artists, politicians, miners, traders and scholars are men, as women are not thought of as capable of succeeding in such walks of life. The only thing which women are good for in the eyes of most men from Veilbrand is being at home and birthing children for their husbands, nothing more. Their opinions mean little, and their voices mean even less.

Shaharan is Cre' Ests greatest and most competitive sister nation and is a governed by a monarchy with a ruling King and Queen. Its primary religion is Atheocrata, or believing in no Gods/Goddesses. Shaharan lies on the eastern side of the Great Mountain Range and is famous for having both the largest and most hostile desert on the continent, the Malyian Desert, which lies in the dead center of the nation. Almost all which borders it is either rolling hills, very sparsely forested areas, or mountains. Because of the rather harsh landscape, the people who have come to live there are tough and capable and don't back down from much of anything. Living in Shaharan means that you know life is hard, but that if you can conquer the land, you've got yourself a future. True to form, the Shaharan military contains some of the most aggressive and intensely trained soldiers of any nation. While they don't have the numbers of their sister nation Cre' Est, they make up for it in sheer toughness and tenacity. A good example was the continental war during which only 3,000 Shaharanian soldiers fought nearly 8,000 Cre' Itian soldiers to a standstill before a retreat was ordered on both sides.

Women in Shaharan enjoy the same luxuries as their sister nation in Cre' Est in that they have a voice and are seen as near equals to their male counterparts. The only difference is that women in the military are seen as complete equals, while those who are not in the military are seen as slightly less than equal. Overall, life for a woman in Shaharan is fair but demanding, as living on what is easily considered the most hostile geography on the continent is no easy task.

Gweynura is the smallest nation and lies south of Shaharan on the eastern side of the continent, but is easily half the size of its northern neighbor. Gweynura has something of a rough imbalance in its geographical features. It has a single forest called Dhalla Forest, two large lakes (Wei'l Lien and Paarth), a small desert (Xippa), and a few hundred miles of rolling hills with the occasional volcano along the western edge nearest to the Great Mountain Range. Gweynura is ruled by an Aristocracy, the current ruling family being the Yirdrasil Family. The primary religion is Theocrata, believing in a single Goddess (yes, that's right, Goddess). Gweynura's most lucrative trade item is its volcanic rock such as pumice and obsidian. On the militaristic side of things, Gweynura's military is all about adaptation rather than brute force or strict planning. Some of the smartest military soldiers come from this nation, and easily the most adaptable given any situation. When it comes to social customs, women are bottom of the barrel in the same way they are in Veilbrand and do not enjoy any of the same luxuries as men such as art, politics, public events, etc,.


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