Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Importance of a Bike Helmet

Accidents can happen anywhere in the most bizarre ways. Collisions with other vehicles are a major cause of accidents when cycling. Bike helmets may not cover these entirely but they certainly will protect you from head injury that can be caused by falls. Most people believe that there is no need for a bike helmet, unless you are racing or a kid. There is no legislation in UK that makes it compulsory by law to wear bike helmets and it becomes a case of personal preference, to wear them. Whichever you favour, prevention is always better than cure. Sometimes a bike helmet has the capacity to protect you from life threatening head injuries, and owning a good bike helmet can encourage you to wear it.

Bike helmets come in various shapes and sizes. Buying a good looking helmet will naturally influence you to wear it.

Not all bike helmets are the traditional shape, and especially designed helmets for kids and women are available too. For example the popular Giro bike helmet has women?s commuting helmets in its Venus range. The Gore helmet cap comes in a round shape and is easy to wear. Whichever the brand or helmet you choose; it should contain the properties of a good bike helmet. A proper fitting bike helmet is the key to get the best out of its intended purpose. A helmet that reaches halfway down the forehead and covers the back of your head well is a perfect fit. Make sure the front part does not obstruct your vision by falling on to your eyes. A snugly fitting helmet should not be too lose or too tight. It should not be movable more than an inch in any direction.

People with long hair can buy helmets that have a ponytail port.

The strap under the chin should fit securely without being too tight or loose. When you open your mouth wide, you should be able to feel the helmet push down on your head. You can try out different bike helmets to see which fits you better. The cool looks are important but not just as important as a comfortable fit. You must be able to look up and see the front of your helmet and if not that means it is tilted far too back. Check for air vents to keep your head cool but too many of them mean less padding. A Giro bike helmet is a popular choice that has the right amount of vents and padding. Go for brighter colours so they are visible to motorists and other road users.



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