Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Crowdsourcing Launch: Uses LinkedIn To Help You Find People For Microconsulting Projects

askyourusers.comCrowdsourcing and crowdfunding have been two of the biggest trends to affect how businesses -- especially small businesses and sole traders -- raise money, with sites like and in the UK Funding Circle attracting a attention for being a great way of getting backing for projects or business ideas bypassing the traditional and expensive world of bank loans in the process. Now a site is launching that gives this model an additional twist: is a simple service that helps you find people for microconsulting projects lasting no more than 15 minutes -- and it uses your LinkedIn network to help you find them. From the demo that I have seen, the service is basically that simple, but it works very smoothly, and definitely solves a need -- one that Dunne and her co-founder, Chris Bumgarder, essentially stumbled on unintentionally...

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