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Spring Training is for REALTORS too - Real Estate and Technology ...

Dominic BrownTo be at your best, take a lesson from baseball and prepare for excellence in the game of real estate.

"What if you excelled (in your real estate business) and could demand the highest fees from your clients because you help them succeed in their real estate needs?" asks Sean Carpenter at Inman Next.

The best baseball players are said to be "five-tool" players who excel in:

1.?? Running for speed

2.?? Arm strength

3.?? Fielding

4.?? Hitting for average

5.?? Hitting for power

Could you be a "five-tool" agent? ??"When things get challenging, how often do we say, "It's time to get back to the basics"?" asks Carpenter. ?"If the basics work so well, why must we always get back to them? ?We should just keep doing the things that help us become successful.

Baseball players are good at hitting, fielding, throwing, catching and running. What are the basics you need to be successful in real estate?"

1.?? Prospecting:? Lead generation is the most important aspect of your business.? To cultivate business growth, you need to focus on business-development activities, every day.

2.?? Personal Marketing:? Using all types of media including social media, direct mail, website, signage, etc. to create "top of the mind" awareness of you and your brand. "When people see one of your yard signs, what do they think?" asks Carpenter.?

3.?? Property Marketing:? Strive to deliver "maximum exposure" for all properties.

4.?? Transaction Service:? "From start to finish, are you providing truly remarkable service to each and every client you work with?: asks Carpenter

5.?? Client Follow-up:? The goal is to build lifetime relationships with your clients.? "It costs more to build a new relationship than it does to maintain an old one." says Carpenter.??

Another lesson learned from baseball is to practice, practice, practice.? Don't be caught off-guard the next time opportunity strikes.? Practice your "3 minute elevator speech" for when you meet someone new.? Practice your listing presentation and offer presentation.? "The difference in a skilled, smooth delivery versus sounding like a rookie could be what helps you secure that next listing." says Carpenter. "And having an almost subconscious reply to that next objection just might be the home run you need to score the deal."

Make sure you are at the top of your game because it's your turn at bat.

Read the full story at Inman Next.

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