Sunday, April 15, 2012

StopTheHacker Web-Malware Scanning

You've installed antivirus protection for your company's PCs and set it to scan regularly, right? StopTheHacker Web-Malware Scanning (from $10/month) extends similar protection to your company's website. Depending on the level of service you choose, it will check whether your site has been blacklisted, detect known Web-based malware, detect as-yet-unknown Web threats, protect your corporate Facebook page, and even fix found threats automatically.

This is important stuff. A hack attack on your company website can be devastating. Customers won't thank you for infesting their PCs with drive-by downloads. Google and others may blacklist your site, marking it as dangerous in search results; getting off the blacklist can take time. Peter Jensen, CEO of StopTheHacker, states that at any given time 2.5 to 5 percent of all websites are infested with malware, and 75 percent are vulnerable to malware attack.

Levels of Service
StopTheHacker offers a free service that does nothing but keep track of blacklists and warn you any time your site gets blacklisted. Of course, once you've been blacklisted you're already in trouble, but knowing it happened is better than sailing along in blissful ignorance.

At the basic $10 per month protection level, StopTheHacker regularly checks all pages on your site for known viruses and Web-based malware. If the scan finds that a threat has been injected into your website's code it reports on the source of the problem, right down to the offending lines of code. You also get a "StopTheHacker Trust Seal" to display on your site.

The $20 per month Professional subscription adds advanced detection of threats that aren't already known, using artificial intelligence techniques. At this level you can request automatic cleaning of any found malware?very handy if your small business doesn't have an in-house Web designer. You'll also get protection for the corporate Facebook wall.

The one additional service you'll get by going for the $50 per month Business level is a scan for vulnerabilities. Besides scanning for known and unknown threats, StopTheHacker will analyze your website for apps and components that are out of date and therefore insecure. Finally, at the $100/month Enterprise level, experts from StopTheHacker will perform annual security audit on your site, spending a day consulting with your webmasters.

The $20 per month subscription appears to offer the most bang for the buck, and indeed, StopTheHacker identifies it as "most popular."

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