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Logitech G500s Laser Gaming Mouse Impressions - MTV Multiplayer


Over the last several months I've gotten back into PC gaming, and as such, I've been on the market for some peripherals to replace my aging gear. Fortunately, the good people over at Logitech have provided several new PC periphs for all your gaming needs. Having whipped up hundreds of computer accessories, ranging from keyboards?to mice to speakers, since the 8o's Logitech is no stranger to the gaming scene and odds are that you've come across one of their devices at some point. Logitech's G Series, the latest batch of higher-end gaming peripherals, touch on their "Science wins" branding focusing on unique materials and mathematically precise functionality in hopes of improving your game. Enter the G500s Laser Gaming Mouse, probably the last gaming mouse you'll ever need.

I've spent a little over a week with the G500s and I've gotta say thay I'm pretty impressed. The G500s is feature heavy with many practical bells and whistles for total control of your gaming habits. A quick look at the perks include ultra-slick pads for effortless gliding, a bottom-loaded cartiridge for adding weight, buttons for on-the-fly adjustable DPI sensitivity, dual-mode scroll wheel, and special hydrophodic coating for sweaty hands there's not much else you would need. Additionally, all the buttons can be reconfigured for personallized commands. It's a neat package that stands above many other mice of the same price range.

I've taken a real liking to the feel of the G500s as it comfortably fits my hands. Often, mice tend to be a little short on surface area, but Logitech provides just the right amount of bulk to allow you to rest your hand without cramping. There's also a slight resting spot for your thumb, too, that helps alleviate any stress for those extended sessions. All around, it's a mouse that feels like an extension of your hand rather than a awkward device that's oo small.


The other feature more discerning users will enjoy is the adjustable weights. I tend to lean towards maximum heft as I play with slightly heavy handed and found that weightier mice just feel "right." The G500s can add up to 27 grams to provide making the traditional feather light mouse into a dense lardy biscuit of a peripheral. If you lean the other way, then the G500s still feels solid without having that "too-light-so-it-must-be-cheap" feeling. Adding/removing weight is relatively painless -- with the press of a button a cartridge pops out and the small metal tabs into the holes and then pop back in. The cart stuck a few times but a simple shake dislodged it from its housing.

Real performance rest squarely on the lightning fast USB report rate and with 1000 reports a second you'll pretty much never experience a drop in the signal even during the most intense gaming events. You're also able to fine tune tracking at the touch of a button -- anywhere from 200 DPI to 8200 DPI. By the nature of its design, the G500s is probably best for shooters and RTSs, where responsiveness matters most. The buttons are quick to press without feeling too sensitive and all the secondary and tertiary buttons are within a comfortable reach. Coupled with the slick pads on the bottom and you'll have an A+ pro-level gaming mouse.

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