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Loving greetings to everyone!

I?m really really happy about what I am writing about today simply because it just feels so right. And somewhere I can relate to it extremely closely because of my own life experiences. What inspired me to write this article (other than synchronistic and divine timing) was a series of Abraham Hicks videos i happened to be watching over the last few nights. Using this as an inspiration, I will be talking about Source, relationships, law of attraction and how to be in vibrational alignment to attract the right relationships and MAKE THEM LAST.

First lets talk about what Source is. Source is God, it is the creator, it is the creation, it is pure positive energy and it is the universe. Everything comes from Source and there is Source in everything. As souls, we were all created from Source. We are all parts of this large source, whole within ourselves, assuming polarities. As humans, we are souls that decided to take on an experience in this physical form for the purpose of expansion, understanding and really experiencing our creative potential in physical form. We are as immortal as the universe and Source itself.

So when I say ?through the eyes of source?, I am referring to a perspective of pure positivity and unconditional love. The divine perspective.

Whatever relationships we are in with various people in our lives, we make the mistake of keeping expectations from them. The biggest expectation we have from them is to make us happy. So today I really want to talk about this. If you look at my previous post, you will see me talk about how unhappy I was to see so many people really feeling a sense of loss in relationships. This loss was stemming from feeling let down by others in their lives.

Ask yourself this. How many times in your life have you felt ?LET DOWN?? How many times have you actually blamed someone else for your unhappiness? It?s perfectly normal to do this and all of us, including myself, have done this over and over again. In fact I feel this is a necessary experience we all need to have in order to really grow.

But the growth comes from learning through these experiences that no one in your entire life is in charge of pleasing you. It is the cold hard truth. It is simply NOT anyone?s job to change for you or to please you. Their job is to be their OWN source of happiness just like your job is to be your own source of happiness.
So this feeling of being ?let down? itself stems from putting your happiness in the hands of someone else, which is the same as ?conditional love?. Conditional love is saying ?I will only love you if you do and act the way that pleases me?. And conditional love is, in NO WAY, aligned with source.

Being aligned with Source, on the other hand, is practicing unconditional love. This is when you STOP letting other people?s actions and ideas affect how you feel about them. Our job is to love everyone regardless. I know there are a lot of people out there who harm others and do things that simply seem unacceptable. But karma has its own role to play in all of this where it ensures that they get back what they give. But as far as WE, as individuals, can ? we must practice loving unconditionally. The tiny things that other people in our lives do that piss us off and upset us ? we must learn to move past all of that and realize that it is simply NOT their job to make us happy.

In fact, Abraham Hicks has used ?falling in love? as a phrase that beautifully explains how it feels to truly be aligned with source. When we are ?in love?, we are completely aligned with source using another person as an object, which is perfectly fine. But the growth really comes from understanding how to reach this feeling without the need for having a person to help us get there. This can best be done by being in love with the IDEA of a situation or person or thing that we want.

Doesn?t it feel so nice to just think about the IDEA of a person who resonates with you so much that the connection is almost jaw-dropping? Isn?t it so nice to just THINK about a person who you are yourself around ALL THE TIME? Doesn?t it feel so nice to just THINK about such a connection? Stay in this feeling. It is what causes the physical manifestation to occur.

So if there is anyone in your life who you feel is ?letting you down?, the first step is to stop feeling like it is somebody else?s job to please you. Stop feeling ?let down? and just start loving unconditionally. Of course this is easier said than done, and this is only because we have trained ourselves all our lives to blame others and focus on the things they do that we do not like. Loving unconditionally just means ACCEPTING everyone and loving them no matter who they are and just allowing them to be themselves, not trying to change them to fit better with you.

I know that this a very hard concept to grasp and God knows it took me long enough to really understand it, much less incorporate it in my own life. But now that I do, I assure you, I have seen fabulous results. I am SO happy with my friends and my bonds with them have become so much stronger than I ever imagined. My relationship with my parents is SO much better than it used to be. All of this only because I stopped loving them conditionally and started loving them unconditionally. And as the LOA works ? what you give, you get back. So if you practice unconditional love, that is exactly what you will get, tenfold.

In terms of romantic relationships, marriages, friendships, partnerships etc, many times they break and we feel a discord with our partners. Many times, this only happens because they do something that displeases us. We put our happiness in their hands and literally tell them ?I will sit here and expect things from you and it is your job to please me and make me happy.? They would respond to this by saying ?I NEVER promised you this. It is NOT my job to only do the thing that pleases you. We are together because we connected at a vibrational level. But your happiness is in YOUR hands. It is NOT my job to keep you happy. If you are not happy within yourself, nothing I do is ever going to be enough.?

The way many of these relationships last a long time is because all the parties involved have a mutual vibrational understanding between them that they are merely enjoying each other?s company and growing together. They each should understand that their happiness is their own responsibility and that no outsider can ever instill in them what they can only instill in themselves.

So the minute you STOP expecting others to make you happy, and decide to be happy REGARDLESS, this is when the relationship becomes truly magical and magnificent. And this is when you attract all the right people into your life.

Hope this helped, as it was intended to :)

Have a lovely a week ahead!

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