Saturday, June 8, 2013

Christopher Meloni splits his pants on 'Fallon'


2 hours ago

Christopher Meloni got into a sticky situation on Thursday night when he suffered a wardrobe malfunction during an appearance on ?Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.?

The man behind "Law & Order: SVU's" beloved Det. Stabler, who was visiting "Late Night" to promote his upcoming movie ?Man of Steel,? agreed to play Sticky Balls with his host. The game, which Fallon has played with former guests including Channing Tatum and Elijah Wood, is a form of dodgeball in which Fallon and his guest don Velcro suits and attempt to peg each other with foam balls and get them to stick to the other man?s suit -- sometimes in rather private areas.

Thursday's game got so intense that Meloni didn?t even seem to notice that he had split his pants midgame! The actor, who starred on "True Blood" last season pummeled Fallon with balls and ended up winning by a landslide. Afterward, he proudly showed off his split pants to the crowd.

Before the game, the Emmy-nominated actor traded ?stitches? stories with Fallon during the interview portion of the show. Meloni regaled the audience with the tale of how he once had to get stitches after being bit on the head by a St. Bernard as child. Fallon revealed he recently required stitches after accidentally cutting himself while making salsa.

Meloni 2, Fallon 0. Game, set, match.


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